Chapter 1974

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Chapter 1974: Spirit testing talisman (4)

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The celestial Hound said,”the method is very simple!” If the canopy great country used normal dog food to control a loyal dog, you only needed to use high grade heavenly dog food to reverse the control!

The celestial Hound thought,”yes, it’s that simple!” I’ve already given you the high-grade heavenly dog food formula. Don’t tell me you haven’t refined it yet?

Chen Xiaobei thought,’I’ve met a pillow when I’m sleepy! I’ve already refined the high-grade heavenly dog biscuit, but I’ve never had the chance to use it! (Hehe)

The celestial Hound thought, this is simple! As long as you catch the loyal dog of the canopy great country, a piece of high-level heavenly dog food can solve all the problems!

Chen Xiaobei: ” by the way, is there any way to determine if a person has ever eaten dog food? ” What if a clay Buddha has never eaten dog food before? then wouldn’t I be wasting a high-quality dog food for nothing?

The celestial Hound replied,”of course I have a way!” You only need a simple spirit testing talisman to test whether the other party has eaten dog food!

Chen Xiaobei, a spiritual talisman? Shen Gongbao strictly prohibits giving me red packets! You can’t send it to me!

The celestial Hound,”don’t worry!” This was a very simple spirit talisman! I’ll send you a picture, and you can draw the talisman yourself!

Chen Xiaobei: Send it to me!

[ the celestial Hound has sent you a picture. ]

Soon, a notification came from the phone. The celestial Hound had sent the picture of a spirit talisman.

The picture was very clear, and all the runes on it could be clearly seen.

Xiao Tianquan: ” this type of talisman pattern for testing the heart talisman isn’t of a high level. Moreover, the combination of the talisman patterns is very simple. You should be able to get it done quickly! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei: ” no problem! Spiritual talismans of this level are a piece of cake to me! Quot;

Celestial Hound,”you just need to draw the talisman and inject a little spiritual energy into it!” Bring it to the person you want to test!

Xiao Tianquan thought,”if the talisman is hot, it means that the person has eaten dog food and is loyal to the current owner!” If the talisman didn’t react, it meant that the person had never eaten dog food.

Chen Xiaobei: I’ll start making talismans now! Let’s chat!

Celestial Hound, wait! I just happen to have something to tell you! (Grinning)

Chen Xiaobei,”what good thing?”

Xiao Tianquan: ” it’ll be the winter solstice in a few days. There’ll be a red envelope snatching session in the group. Remember to come and participate! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei: It’s been a long time since I’ve received red packets! I’ve been looking forward to it! (Hands itching)

Xiao Tianquan,”don’t just focus on snatching red packets!” Did you use all the red packets that you snatched?

Chen Xiaobei: I’ve made the best use of every red packet, it’s like I’m cheating! Otherwise, my journey wouldn’t have been so smooth!

The celestial Hound asked,”have you used the demon Ox King’s ten thousand Beast Battle formation?”

Chen Xiaobei thought,’I haven’t used this yet (shaking my head) but, isn’t this a fragment of the book? Old bull was definitely sending trash red packets to make up for the numbers!

The celestial Hound,”no, no, no!” This was not trash! When the ten thousand Beast Battle formation was used together with the ten thousand Beast Ring, it could allow the spirit beasts to form a battle formation and unleash unimaginable power!

Chen Xiaobei thought,’let the spiritual beasts form a battle formation? This is the first time I’ve heard of this!

Celestial Hound,”yes, different from humans, spirit beasts can’t practice cultivation techniques and can’t form battle formations!” However, the ten thousand Beast Battle formation that the Bull Demon King had created could allow spirit beasts to form battle formations!

Chen Xiaobei: ” then why did you say it was a fragment? ” What was missing?

The celestial Hound, no! The ten thousand Beast Battle formation remnant scroll was actually an improved and upgraded version of the ten thousand Beast Battle formation!

Chen Xiaobei: ” it’s obviously incomplete. Why did you say it’s an improved and upgraded version? ” (Confused face)

[ celestial Hound: because you can freely fill in the missing parts and let the spirit beasts form different battle formations! ]

Celestial Hound,”simply put, the earliest ten thousand Beast Battle formation was just a battle formation!”

Xiao Tianquan: ” the improved and upgraded [ ten thousand Beast Battle formation remnant scroll ]. On one hand, it retains the essence of allowing spirit beasts to form battle formations! Quot;

The celestial Hound,”on the other hand, you can directly integrate the human battle formation that you have mastered!” It allowed the spirit beasts to form different types of battle formations, including attack, defense, and confinement!

Chen Xiaobei: This was amazing! Casually merging into a battle formation, it could change thousands of times, but it was the same! This ‘remnant scroll’ was simply the most perfect battle formation!

The celestial Hound,”that’s right!” Don’t be fooled by the Bull Demon King’s carefree and silly attitude. He’s the best at dealing with spirit beasts!

Chen Xiaobei: When I have the time, I will definitely study the [ ten thousand Beast Battle formation remnant scroll ] properly. Sooner or later, it will become another of my trump cards!

The celestial Hound replied,”en, it’s good that you understand!”

Chen Xiaobei: ” is there anything else you want to remind me of? ”

Celestial Hound, nothing else! Remember to grab red packets during the winter solstice! (Hehe)

Chen Xiaobei: I’m the most active in snatching red packets! (Hehehe)

The special ability of the heart testing talisman was very simple, so it was not difficult to draw it.

Moreover, Chen Xiaobei had the scholar heart, which made it even easier to operate.

In just a few minutes, Chen Xiaobei had successfully completed a spiritual talisman.

Chen Xiaobei then took out a few hundred low-grade spiritual stones and injected spiritual Qi into the talisman.

At this point, the talisman-making process was completed.

“Eh? Was there a mistake somewhere? Why is the newly-made spirit testing talisman already starting to heat up?”

Quot; what? ” Chen Xiaobei was surprised. Quot; the celestial Hound said that if the talisman is hot, it means that there are people nearby who have eaten dog food! But, other than Xuanyuan tuohai, the rest are all dead … Could it be …”

Just as Chen Xiaobei was feeling puzzled, a golden-red flame suddenly burst out from the distance.

The blazing fire soared into the sky, and the Scarlet-golden light was dazzling!

“The Vermilion Bird?”

Chen Xiaobei thought to himself, ” “That person should be mu chenfeng! The heart testing talisman heated up! Could it be that … Mu chenfeng has already become second brother’s loyal dog?”

“Li fire burning the heavens!”

In the distance, mu chenfeng suddenly roared. The three-star earth-god level golden folding fan in his hand was activated to the extreme.

Above the heavens, the Vermilion Bird spread its wings!

The Golden flames spread for hundreds of meters, as if the entire sky was on fire!

The next moment, the Vermilion Bird Dharma form flapped its wings and swooped down toward Chen Xiaobei!

“Strange? Second senior brother knows my trump card. Why did he only send mu chenfeng? Isn’t this just courting death?”

Chen Xiaobei thought that it was strange.

Of course, the three-star earth-god level Vermilion Bird was already right in front of him. Chen Xiaobei could not just stand there and do nothing.