Chapter 1975

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Chapter 1975: Seeing through the conspiracy (1)

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As soon as the black blade was drawn, demonic Qi soared to the sky!

The 300-meter-long demonic Dragon emerged from the dark demonic Qi and attacked the Vermilion Bird with the force of a mountain!

In the next moment, the Black Dragon and the Vermilion Bird clashed in mid-air.

The Vermilion bird’s body glowed with a golden light. It was dazzling and resplendent.

Every time it flapped its wings and swung its sharp claws, it would bring forth a sky full of golden flames.

The clouds in the sky were torn apart, and the earth and stones on the ground were swept up. It was as if the world was trembling.

The Black Dragon’s body was covered in dark demonic Qi. It was ferocious and domineering, as if an ancient demon had descended.

With every attack, demonic Qi would cover the sky and bring endless darkness, as if the end of the world was coming.

The Dragon’s edge and the Golden folding fan were both three-star earth-god instruments.

Although the Dragon’s edge was a late-stage three-star …

However, Chen Xiaobei had deliberately suppressed 30% of his power so that the Black Dragon and the Vermilion Bird looked evenly matched.

The reason why he did not use all his strength was because Chen Xiaobei felt that something was off.

Quot; first of all, if the spirit testing talisman is hot, it means that Mu Chen has eaten the heavenly court dog food! Quot;

‘In the human world, the only people who have heavenly dog biscuit are second senior brother and me. In other words, mu chenfeng has already become second brother’s loyal dog!”

Quot; last night, second senior brother saw the spiritual bursting flames King Sword. He only sent mu chenfeng here. What’s the difference between that and suicide? ”

“Could it be that second brother is plotting something again? Are you trying to use mu chenfeng to scheme against me?”

Chen Xiaobei’s brows were furrowed as he quickly thought of all the suspicious points.

Obviously, Chen Xiaobei was very smart. He had already sensed the conspiracy.

Mu chenfeng was here under Tian Peng’s orders. He was here to pretend to be Chen Xiaobei’s loyal dog.

This was because, before he obtained the spirit testing talisman, Chen Xiaobei did not know that mu chenfeng was already a loyal dog of the canopy great country.

So, as long as mu chenfeng pretended to be defeated, Chen Xiaobei would make sure that he won over.

However, mu chenfeng had already eaten Tian Peng’s dog food. If he ate Chen Xiaobei’s dog food, it would no longer have any effect!

This way, mu chenfeng could pretend to be loyal to Chen Xiaobei and hide beside him, ready to give Chen Xiaobei a fatal blow at any time!

Without a doubt, this plot was very powerful! It was also very fatal!

If the plan succeeded, it would be like planting a time bomb next to Chen Xiaobei, which could take his life at any time.

Unfortunately, Man proposes, God disposes!

Tian Peng would never have thought that Chen Xiaobei would ask Xiao Tianquan about it.

The heart testing talisman was heating up, and Chen Xiaobei was on full alert.

Mu chenfeng had come to challenge Chen Xiaobei, but Chen Xiaobei was not trying his best and did not say anything.

“Chen Zhufeng! I really didn’t expect this! You actually dare to come to devil earth!”

Mu chenfeng roared excitedly,”last time at the Qin family, you made me lose all my face!” This time, I, mu chenfeng, will definitely kill you and make you pay the price with your life for your arrogance!”

“You want to kill me?”

Quot; hehe! Even the clay Buddha was struck by lightning, and you still dare to come to me? how brave of you! Quot; Chen Xiaobei chuckled.

“Don’t you f * cking act cool here!”

“That was just a coincidence. Being struck by lightning had nothing to do with you! I only realized later that I really shouldn’t have been afraid of you! You’ve made me lose all my face!”

“Oh, is that really just a coincidence?”

Quot; you know nothing about my power! Quot; Chen Xiaobei smiled. Quot; you know nothing about it! Quot;

“Then let me see your true power!” Mu chenfeng provoked arrogantly. I can’t wait!”

Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and thought, ” “I can’t wait to see what you’re up to!”

Quot; boom boom boom … Boom boom boom … Quot;

As soon as Chen Xiaobei finished his sentence, Black Lightning appeared on the dark Demon dragon’s claws.

Three heavenly tribulations! Nirvana Black Lightning!

This was the special ability of the Dragon’s edge!

The twisted bolts of ink lightning were like sentient lightning pythons.

With every attack from the Black Dragon, the black Lightning Python would charge into the Vermilion bird’s body to weaken its power.

At the same time, 30% of the power of the Dragon’s edge, which he had restrained, burst out.

The Vermilion Bird phenomenon was instantly suppressed by the demonic Dragon phenomenon and began to retreat.

Mu chenfeng cried out in surprise, Quot; your black blade has such a heaven-defying ability … I’m no match for it … I admit defeat … I admit defeat … Quot;

“You’re admitting defeat so easily?” Chen Xiaobei’s brows twitched, and he was getting more and more interested.

“Please don’t kill me … I really admit defeat …” He begged.

Mu Chen knelt on the ground with a thud. He put down his golden folding fan and begged, ” Quot; please don’t kill me … As long as you spare my life … I’m willing to be your slave and do whatever you want … Quot;

Chen Xiaobei was amused. Quot; “Your acting skills are terrible! I didn’t even say I was going to kill you!”

“What?” Mu chenfeng’s expression froze for a moment as he began to sweat.

One must know that mu chenfeng’s purpose for this trip was to deliberately admit defeat.

If Chen Xiaobei was suspicious and canopy great company’s plan was ruined, they would be in deep trouble.

Thinking of this, mu chenfeng became extremely nervous. Cold sweat poured down like rain.

However, even if Mu Chen had a hundred million brains, he would never have thought that Chen Xiaobei had seen through everything.

However, Chen Xiaobei did not expose him. Instead, he smiled and said, ” “It’s not a bad suggestion to be a slave! You’re really willing to do it?”

“I’m willing! I’m willing!”

“If you don’t trust me, you can use some means to control me!” Mu chenfeng nodded his head desperately. I can accept it!”

“Your acting skills are truly terrible!” Chen Xiaobei smiled but did not say anything. He had seen through the canopy great country’s scheme.

Mu chenfeng wanted to be a spy by Chen Xiaobei’s side.

However, even if Mu Chen had a billion brains, he would never have thought that Chen Xiaobei had already refined a high-grade heavenly dog biscuit!

Chen Xiaobei took out a piece of high-grade heavenly dog biscuit and put on a harmless smile.

Mu chenfeng obediently listened, his mouth wide open.

“Master … Are you my new master …”

As soon as the high-grade heavenly dog biscuit entered his mouth, the effects of the ordinary heavenly dog biscuit that mu chenfeng had eaten before were immediately covered.

Mu chenfeng’s expression was dull as he mechanically repeated the same question, ” “Are you my new master … Are you my new master …”

“Right! From now on, you’re my loyal dog!”

Chen Xiaobei grinned and said, ” “Second senior, you’ve worked so hard to scheme! You wanted to send a spy to my side, but did you ever think that this spy would be sent back by me to be a Counter Spy?”