Chapter 1976

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Chapter 1976: Reverse undercover (2)

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Mu chenfeng’s face was full of sincerity. He had become a 100% loyal dog to Chen Xiaobei.

Chen Xiaobei did not hold back and said, ” “Give me your earth-god instruments and your storage bracelet.”

Mu chenfeng quickly handed the Golden fan and storage bracelet to Chen Xiaobei.

“Where are the spirit stones? You don’t have an earth-god instrument?”

Chen Xiaobei frowned. There were only some personal items in mu chenfeng’s storage bracelet. There were no spiritual stones or earth-god instruments.

This clearly did not match mu chenfeng’s status as the third Prince of the Vermillion Bird Royal City.

Mu chenfeng explained,”because the canopy great country already knew that you would ask for my resources!” Thus, the spiritual stones and other valuable items were all taken away by Tian Peng!”

“Second senior brother is really smart! You won’t let me take any advantage of you!” Chen Xiaobei grinned and threw the storage bracelet back to mu chenfeng.

The Scarlet Gold fan and the battle blade of the commander of the Vermillion Bird Imperial Guard were thrown into the heaven and earth smelt!

These two items were both treasures of the Vermillion Bird Royal City. Using them would attract too much attention and could easily cause trouble.

He might as well cultivate it into the spiritual aura of heaven and earth to improve his other trump cards.

“Master, do you have any other orders?” Mu chenfeng asked in a respectful manner.

“Where’s Qin Wuxin?” Chen Xiaobei asked. I don’t think he’s been with Tianpeng recently! I haven’t even talked to anyone for a long time!”

It was obvious that Chen Xiaobei had planted the intimate Gu in Qin Wuxin’s body so that he could eavesdrop on his voice.

However, he had not heard any sound during this period of time. This meant that Qin Wuxin must have taken some special action.

Quot; the canopy great country taught Qin Wuxin a ‘blood transformation technique’, ” mu chenfeng said. Quot; Qin Wuxin has already gone to the blood ancestor’s blood pool alone and has started to refine the blood of the blood ancestor in seclusion! Quot;

“What? Qin Wuxin has already started his operation!”

Quot; wait a minute! Quot; Chen Xiaobei was suddenly nervous. Quot; I haven’t found the map yet. Does that mean I won’t be able to stop Qin Wuxin in time? ”

If Chen Xiaobei could not get there before the blood ancestor’s blood was fully digested, Qin Wuxin’s power would increase dramatically, and he would lose control of the soul of Zi Yuan.

Chen Xiaobei’s entire plan would fail!

“Master, don’t be nervous. You still have a chance!”

“Previously, I heard from Tian Peng that with the speed of the ‘blood transformation technique’, it would take at least half a month to refine all of the blood ancestor’s blood. Master should still have five days!” Mu chenfeng said.

Chen Xiaobei let out a sigh of relief and said, ” Quot; I’ll try to find the devil Kingdom’s Treasury today. I should be able to stop Qin Wuxin in the remaining time! Quot;

“Master! Although there’s still enough time, you must not be careless!”

“Before I left, the clay Bodhisattva predicted that you would encounter a great calamity in the next two days. If you don’t handle it well, your life might be threatened!” Mu chenfeng said.

Quot; Great Tribulation!? Quot; Chen Xiaobei was shocked and worried.

After all, the clay Bodhisattva had some skills and was very accurate in predicting calamities and tribulations.

It was a calamity that could threaten his life!

Chen Xiaobei was worried about this!

“Did the clay Bodhisattva say how to resolve the Tribulation?” Chen Xiaobei asked, frowning.

Quot; no! Quot; mu chenfeng shook his head and said, ” the clay Bodhisattva only calculates the things that are harmful to you. He doesn’t calculate anything that is beneficial to you! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei fell into silence. After a while, he sighed.”Forget it! He didn’t have a clue anyway, so there was no point in thinking too much! No matter what kind of tribulation it was, he would just deal with it when the soldiers came, and when the water came, he would cover it with earth! As long as there’s a chance of survival, I’m not afraid!”

“Master is so bold!” “Master, what should I do next?” mu chenfeng asked again. How can I help you?”

“You, return to Tian Peng’s side immediately!”

Quot; yes! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said, ” if you have any important information, let me know immediately! Also, be ready to receive my orders and help me!”

Mu chenfeng nodded and hesitated,”But, after I go back, Tian Peng will definitely suspect me … What should I do …”

“It’s simple.” “Come here, I’ll teach you how to say it …” Chen Xiaobei said.

Devil earth continent.

The highest base in the Vermillion Bird Royal City.

“Master … Master, I’m back …”

Mu chenfeng stumbled into the palace. He was covered in dust and his clothes had burn marks. He looked extremely miserable.

Tian Peng and the clay Bodhisattva were discussing something. When they saw mu chenfeng, their faces changed.

“Why did you come back? My plan didn’t ask you to come back!” Tian Peng shouted.

“Master, please calm down … I was forced to do this …”

Quot; I went to find Chen Xiaobei according to your plan. The moment we met, Chen Xiaobei took out a five-star earth-god instrument and tried to kill me. He had no intention of taking me in as his loyal dog … Quot; mu chenfeng said with a sad face.

Quot; how … How is this possible?! Quot; Quot; you … Quot; Tian Peng said in disbelief, ” with Chen Xiaobei’s personality, he should be able to get you to join him … Quot;

Quot; Chen Xiaobei said that I’m not of much use to him, so there’s no need to waste a piece of dog food to subdue me. If it’s a clay Bodhisattva, Chen Xiaobei will use a piece of dog food to subdue him. Quot; mu chenfeng frowned.

Hearing this, Tian Peng’s face turned green, ” “This Chen Xiaobei! He was really getting more and more arrogant! You don’t even care about the third Prince of the Vermillion Bird Royal City!”

Quot; yes! Quot; the clay Bodhisattva said, ” if there’s a need, I’m willing to get close to Chen Xiaobei and stay by his side as a spy! Quot;

Mu chenfeng almost laughed out loud when he heard that. He was praising Chen Xiaobei’s wit in his heart.

Everything that mu chenfeng had said was taught by Chen Xiaobei.

And the essence of these words was actually a scheme to invite the Emperor into the pot!

If the clay Bodhisattva really fell for Chen Xiaobei’s trick and went to him, Chen Xiaobei would turn him into a high-grade heavenly dog biscuit and take the clay Bodhisattva.

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Tian Peng’s two loyal dogs had become Chen Xiaobei’s loyal dogs.

It couldn’t be more awesome!

However, Tian Peng shook his head and said, ” Chen Xiaobei has good taste! The clay Bodhisattva’s effect could be said to be very great! I can’t leave the clay Bodhisattva for the time being, so I can’t let him be a spy!”

“What should we do with you next?” Quot; Chen Xiaobei is going to face a disaster today and tomorrow, ” mu chenfeng said. Quot; shouldn’t we seize the opportunity? ”

“Do you even need to ask?”

Quot; Chen Xiaobei! Quot; Tian Peng narrowed his eyes and said, ” I was just discussing this with the clay Bodhisattva. Tomorrow will be Chen Xiaobei’s death Day! Quot;

“Can I participate in this plan?” Mu chenfeng asked.

“I can! You have something very important to do!” Tian Peng said seriously.

Mu chenfeng nodded heavily and said,”please give me your orders, master!” I promise to complete the task!”