Chapter 1978

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Chapter 1978: Burrowing through the mountain (1)

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In the underground devil Kingdom.

Nbsp; ” master, although we have found heaven dominating faction’s excavation area, how do we find the secret buried underground? ”

Xuanyuan tuohai asked in confusion, ” “You must know that the area of this area is comparable to a large city! Heaven dominating faction has been digging for tens of millions of years and has dug ten thousand meters deep, but they still haven’t touched the ground!”

“Don’t worry, I have my ways!”

Quot; let’s find a place where there’s no one around. I’ll find out soon enough if what we’re looking for is actually underground! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said.

Quot; yes … Quot; Xuanyuan tuohai nodded in embarrassment. His eyes were filled with shock.

After all, for thousands of years, countless forces and countless slaves had tried their best to dig out the secret, but they had not been able to find it.

But for Chen Xiaobei, it was as easy as breathing.

Even though Xuanyuan tuohai trusted Chen Xiaobei completely.

However, no matter how hard Xuanyuan tuohai racked his brain, he could not think of a way for Chen Xiaobei to solve the problem that had left countless forces helpless.

Chen Xiaobei controlled the somersault cloud and landed in the residential area of heaven dominating faction’s slaves.

At this time, the slaves were all working outside, and there was no one in the residential area. It was the safest, and there was no need to worry about being discovered.

“Tuo hai, you guard the side, don’t disturb me!”

Quot; let’s go! Quot; Chen Xiaobei ordered, then sat down cross-legged and activated the blood patriarch’s power.

Chen Xiaobei slowly closed his eyes.

Without a sound, Chen Xiaobei’s ‘soul’ rose up hundreds of meters into the air.

It was like a small ball of fire, flickering and not easy to detect.

The effect of this special ability was similar to the primordial spirit domain of an earth immortal.

Within a large area, Chen Xiaobei could sense any movement or valuable treasure.

This range was equivalent to an earth immortal’s essence soul domain!

However, the range of the blood patriarch’s special ability was much wider than that of an earth level deity’s essence soul.

The primordial spirit domain of a one-star earth-god was about a hundred meters in radius.

However, before that, Chen Xiaobei could use his blood clan’s special ability to easily cover the entire Epang Palace!

This range had even exceeded the primordial spirit domain of a nine-star earth-god!

It could be said to be extremely huge!

Now, Chen Xiaobei could use this ability to sense the situation in the entire heaven dominating faction’s excavation area!

Whether it was the situation on the ground or underground, Chen Xiaobei could sense everything clearly.

Of course, there was no free lunch in the world. Although the master’s ability was powerful, the corresponding consumption was not small!

Using his special ability once would consume 300 years of Chen Xiaobei’s lifespan!

[ding Yingying’s cultivation base: early stage of God-Ascension cultivation base. Lifespan: [3500 years, physique: 1300000, combat power: 1000000!

Luckily, Chen Xiaobei still had a lot of life left. It was enough to find the ultimate Treasury.

Not long after, Chen Xiaobei opened his eyes.

Quot; how … How is this possible?! Quot;

Xuanyuan tuohai was dumbfounded and could not believe his ears.”Master, you’re so fast! Did you really find it?”

“I did find something.”

Quot; what a pity! Quot; Chen Xiaobei frowned. Quot; that’s not the Treasury! Quot;

“Not a treasure vault? What is that thing?”

Nbsp; Xuanyuan tuohai was very curious. Quot; heaven dominating faction has been digging in this area. There must be an important secret down there! Quot;

Quot; alright! Quot; Chen Xiaobei nodded. Quot; come with me. The secret might be related to you! Quot;

Xuanyuan tuohai was dumbfounded. Quot; “We’re not pangolin! Even if we do, we won’t be able to go underground without at least three to five years!”

Quot; of course! Quot; Chen Xiaobei grinned. Quot; I’m not targeting anyone when it comes to mountain-piercing and burrowing. There’s no one below the heavenly realm who can compare to me! Quot;

“What? Quot; this … This this this … Quot; Xuanyuan taohai was dumbfounded. Master, you’re too arrogant … Are you more powerful than a nine-star earth-god? ”

Quot; a nine-star earth-god is nothing but a younger brother in front of a heaven-immortal instrument! Quot; Chen Xiaobei grinned and took out the earth escape Holy gourd from his infinite space ring.

“A heaven … Heaven immortal artifact? I’m not dreaming right?” Xuanyuan tuohai’s eyes were as wide as a bull’s.

“Of course this isn’t a dream!” Quot; let’s go! Quot; Chen Xiaobei grinned. Quot; I’ll show you off and fly you! Quot;

“Ah?” Xuanyuan tuohai was stunned. Before he could react, Chen Xiaobei grabbed his wrist and threw him to the ground.

The ground under his feet was hard and cold, and it would hurt if he hit his head.

However, in the next moment, something miraculous happened.

Chen Xiaobei and Xuanyuan tuohai plunged into the ground. It was as if they had jumped into water, and they only felt a little resistance.

They didn’t feel any pain at all. The two of them were perfectly fine, and they directly burrowed into the cold and hard ground, leaving no traces behind.

The earth and rocks were like clouds, Chen Xiaobei and Xuanyuan tuohai passed through them without any delay.

Quot; it’s so magical … Is this banner really a heaven-immortal artifact? I feel like it’s really flying … Quot;

Xuanyuan tuohai was extremely excited. Quot; “It’s Flying Underground! If I didn’t experience it myself, I wouldn’t believe it even if you beat me to death!”

“It’s indeed magical!”

Quot; it’s like flying! It’s even faster than the somersault cloud! We’ll be able to reach our destination in no time! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said excitedly.

The faster earth escape immortal Gu could travel underground, the more times it could be used within three hours.

After a period of time.

Chen Xiaobei and Xuanyuan tuohai suddenly went through the stone wall and landed in an open underground space.

“Master … What … What is this place … It’s so strange …”

Xuanyuan taohai swallowed his saliva and looked around with a glint in his eyes. He could not help but breathe rapidly and feel his limbs turn cold.

It was an extremely eerie space!

The four walls were carved with dense demonic embossed!

Every few steps, there would be a skull that was glowing in green light, which was extremely strange!

“You shouldn’t be afraid of this place!”

Chen Xiaobei pointed to the front and said, ” “Look, what’s that!”