Chapter 1980

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Chapter 1980: Secret technique of possession (3)

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Xuanyuan tuohai’s fingers had just touched the secret compartment when his blood dripped onto red-hot steel, making a sizzling sound.

Immediately after, the ancient devil nation characters on the secret compartment began to shine with a dark red spiritual light.

With a wave of energy fluctuations, the secret compartment opened on its own.

“Master! Your guess was right! I do have the bloodline of the Demon King! I’ve successfully opened the secret compartment!”

Xuanyuan tuohai couldn’t be more excited and said impatiently, ” “Master! Quickly come and take a look! What’s in the secret compartment?”

He saw a Halo the size of a bowl in the secret compartment.

It was just a Halo, without a physical body.

On the surface of the ring, there was a dark red fluorescent light that slowly flickered. Other than that, there was nothing else special about it.

“This should be the infinite soul ring!”

Quot; why don’t you drop your blood on it? ” Chen Xiaobei said. Quot; this might be your personal magical treasure! Quot;

“Exclusive magic treasure? This is great! When I was a slave, even in my dreams, I wanted to own a magic treasure that belonged to me!”

Xuanyuan tuohai’s eyes brightened. He quickly squeezed his finger and dripped his blood on the infinite soul ring.

The moment the infinite soul ring touched Xuanyuan tuohai’s blood, it let out an extremely shrill demonic roar.

That voice was sinister and evil, making one’s hair stand on end!

“Master … Master, save me …” He cried.

In the next moment, Xuanyuan tuohai also let out a cry of fear. His pupils contracted uncontrollably and his body trembled violently.

A dark red demonic Qi emerged from the infinite soul ring!

It was like a demonic palm that grabbed Xuanyuan tuohai tightly. At the same time, more dark red demonic Qi rushed into Xuanyuan tuohai’s body.

“Tuo hai? What’s wrong with you?”

Chen Xiaobei was shocked and immediately became nervous. Quot; “The infinite soul ring belongs to the demon race’s Saint King, so it should have recognized you as its master …”

“It … It didn’t recognize me as its master … It’s trying to devour me …”

Xuanyuan tuohai trembled violently and wailed, ” Quot; I feel … It’s drilling into my mind … It wants to swallow my soul and occupy my body … Save me … Master … Save me … Quot;

“Devouring souls? Take over the body? This … Could this be the possession of an evil spirit?” Chen Xiaobei took out the seven treasures fragrance pouch from his collar and threw it at the infinite soul ring.

The seven treasures fragrance pouch contained a spiritual item of Buddhism, the cleansing Bodhi, which was the best counter to evil ghosts!

Chen Xiaobei held the seven treasures fragrance pouch and slammed it down. The infinite soul ring let out a cry of fear.

Then, the dark red demonic Qi gushed out of Xuanyuan tuohai’s body and quickly returned to the infinite soul ring.

Xuanyuan tuohai panted heavily and said, ” Quot; so scary … I feel like my body was almost taken away … My demon blood is boiling, and I almost turned into a true demon … Quot;

“It seems like your bloodline is not just the inheritor of the Demon King!” Chen Xiaobei thought. It’s very likely to be a seed planted by the Demon King!”

Xuanyuan tuohai was scared out of his wits and shook his head in confusion.”Master, I don’t understand what you mean …”

“The Demon King might have used some sort of secret technique to pass his bloodline to you!” It will allow you to possess the body of a demon!”

“When the time is right, the Demon King will take over your body! This way, the Demon King can use your body to come back to the world and set off endless slaughter and disaster!”

Quot; master … Quot; when Xuanyuan taohai heard this, he asked in fear, ” “You mean, the evil spirit that the Demon King transformed into is inside the infinite soul ring?”

“But, the things in the infinite soul ring might not necessarily be evil spirits!” It’s also possible that the Demon King used a secret technique to create a clone!”

“After all, the probability of you finding the infinite soul ring alone is very low! If the Demon King keeps his soul in the soul ring, he might never meet you in his entire life!”

“Therefore, I suspect that the Demon King used a secret technique to create clones that are scattered in different places! If any of the clones takes over your body, the Demon King can return to the human world!”

Chen Xiaobei’s speculation was very reasonable.

The Demon King was so shrewd that he naturally wouldn’t hang himself on a single tree!

“I don’t want my body to be taken away … Master, what should I do?” Xuanyuan tuohai asked nervously.

Quot; you Can’t Touch This infinite soul ring! I’m the only one who can take it! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said.

Xuanyuan taohai nodded repeatedly. Master, please take it away … Quickly take it away … I don’t want the Demon King to take my body away …”

“Step back!” Chen Xiaobei held the seven treasures fragrance pouch tightly in one hand and reached for the infinite soul ring with the other.

The moment Chen Xiaobei touched the soul ring, he could feel a strong spiritual energy.

“Heavens! It’s a damaged peak earth-god instrument!” Chen Xiaobei’s face changed. He could not believe that this was the result.

Quot; how … How is this possible?! Quot; Xuanyuan tuohai also couldn’t believe it, his eyes almost popping out.

Quot; a peak earth-god instrument is the most powerful one below a heaven-God instrument! Quot;

“Even in the earth-god Realm, a peak earth-god instrument is a top-notch Dharma Treasure!” Xuanyuan tuohai exclaimed.

“Yup! A peak earth-god instrument is definitely powerful enough!”

Quot; it’s a pity that the infinite soul ring is already damaged. If I want to use its full power, I’ll have to repair it first! Quot; Chen Xiaobei sighed.

“Repair? This is going to be difficult!”

Xuanyuan taohai frowned and said,”a peak earth-god instrument is made of a peak nine-star earth-god item!” Even in the earth-god Realm, items of this level were extremely rare treasures! It’s impossible to get it under the earth-god Realm!”

Quot; that’s impossible! Quot; Chen Xiaobei nodded. Quot; it’s impossible to completely repair the infinite soul ring! However, I might have a way to temporarily restore it to the power of a one-star earth-god instrument!”

“Restore it to a one-star earth-god instrument? This … This can’t be possible, right?” Xuanyuan tuohai was stunned and couldn’t believe it. Quot; “Could it be that shizun also knows how to forge artifacts? Do you have any suitable materials in your hands?”

Quot; I don’t know! Quot; Chen Xiaobei shook his head. Quot; I’m not very good at crafting weapons. I don’t have any suitable materials with me! Quot;

“Ah?” “Then how are you going to repair the infinite soul ring?” Xuanyuan tuohai was dumbfounded.

Quot; what a coincidence! Quot; Chen Xiaobei grinned. Quot; I have a secret technique that can be put to good use! Quot;

“What secret skill?” Xuanyuan tuohai was stunned and extremely curious.