Chapter 1981

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Chapter 1981: The four great demon kings (4)

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“The infinite soul ring is only partially damaged, it’s not completely broken! In its current state, it’s actually not much different from a one-star earth-god instrument!”

Quot; the only difference is that its spirituality has been greatly diminished over the years. It’s much weaker than a one-star earth-god instrument! Quot; As long as its spirit is awakened, it can become a one-star earth-god instrument!”

“Let The Limitless Soul ring’s spirituality recover?”

Xuanyuan tuohai’s face was full of surprise, and he said awkwardly, ” Quot; I’ve never heard of such a thing … This must be more difficult than repairing magical equipment, right? ”

“It’s not difficult at all. It’ll only take a few minutes!”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said, ” Quot; as long as I can awaken the boundless soul ring’s spirituality and take it one step further, I’ll be able to establish a spiritual connection with it. Then, I’ll be able to understand more about the Secrets of the Demon race’s Holy King! Quot;

“Is … Is this really not difficult at all?” Xuanyuan tuohai said in disbelief,”a damaged Dharma Treasure turned into a one-star earth-god instrument in just a few minutes!” This is simply a fantasy … It’s impossible to achieve …”

“Just wait and see!” Chen Xiaobei shrugged and took out the heaven and earth furnace from his infinite space ring.

Chen Xiaobei’s Secret technique was to use the spiritual aura of heaven and earth to revive the infinite soul ring’s spirituality.

Back then, Chen Xiaobei had also used the spiritual aura of heaven and earth to awaken the dragon’s Edge’s spirit and activate the black Thunder of Nirvana!

It was the same logic now.

Although the infinite soul ring was damaged, its body was not broken. As long as the spirituality of the one-star earth-god instrument was restored, the infinite soul ring could restore its power as a one-star earth-god instrument!

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh …”

The heaven and earth furnace had already refined a large amount of resources. With a single thought from Chen Xiaobei, the spiritual aura of heaven and earth flowed out and into the infinite soul ring.

Quot; what … What is this … Quot; Xuanyuan taohai was dumbfounded.

Ever since he met Chen Xiaobei, Xuanyuan tuohai had seen many things that he had never dared to imagine.

Chaos Blood Sword, Blood God’s deity-killing painting, cloud somersault, earth escape immortal puppet, heaven and earth smelt …

Each and every one of these things had a huge impact on Xuanyuan tuohai’s heart, making him respect Chen Xiaobei even more.

She was treating Chen Xiaobei like a god, giving him the most devout faith.

“This is the spiritual aura of heaven and earth. It is an energy of a higher level than spiritual Qi! It has many wondrous uses!” Chen Xiaobei explained.

Xuanyuan taohai was confused by Chen Xiaobei’s words. He felt that Chen Xiaobei was unfathomable, and his admiration for Chen Xiaobei grew.

After a period of time, the spiritual aura of heaven and earth stopped flowing.

Chen Xiaobei grinned and lifted the infinite soul ring.

At the same time, the infinite soul ring began to emit a spiritual energy that was a hundred times stronger than before, actively communicating with Chen Xiaobei.

Seeing this, Xuanyuan tuohai could not help but exclaim, ” Quot; the strength of the spiritual fluctuation has indeed reached the level of a one-star earth-god … This is too unbelievable … Quot;

Chen Xiaobei did not say anything but continued to communicate with the infinite soul ring.

Xuanyuan tuohai was still a little worried and said nervously, ” “Master, can you control it?”

Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and said, ” “The spiritual connection has been established. From now on, the infinite soul ring is my magic treasure!”

Quot; it’s so smooth!? Quot;

Quot; Oh! Quot; Xuanyuan tuohai was both surprised and delighted. Quot; since you’ve already become the owner of the infinite soul ring, why don’t you put in more spiritual aura of heaven and earth and raise its level! Quot;

Quot; no! Quot; Chen Xiaobei shook his head. Quot; the infinite soul ring itself is only equivalent to a one-star earth-god instrument! If he wanted to upgrade it, he had to repair some damaged areas first! Only a stronger body can bear a stronger spirituality!”

Quot; I see … Quot; Xuanyuan taohai was enlightened.”This is just like our cultivation! Only when one’s physique is strong enough can one withstand even more power!”

“Oh? Your comprehension isn’t bad!” Quot; that’s right! Quot; Chen Xiaobei nodded. Quot; that’s right! Quot;

“Thank you for your praise, master!”

Xuanyuan tuohai smiled happily and asked, ” “Since the infinite soul ring is already a one-star earth-god instrument, what is its special ability? Is it powerful?”

“Soul devour! Soul Control!” “This is the power of the infinite soul ring!” Chen Xiaobei said. As long as it’s used well, it can be said to be extremely heaven-defying!”

Hearing this, Xuanyuan taohai said excitedly,’Soul Catcher! Soul Control! Just from the sound of it, it sounds awesome!”

Quot; this is supposed to be your talisman! Don’t you think it’s a pity that I took it? ” Chen Xiaobei said.

Xuanyuan tuohai was stunned and shook his head. Quot; “What’s there to pity? I can’t control this magic treasure at all! The Demon King will devour my soul and steal my body! What’s the difference between that and killing me?”

“Moreover! Master’s kindness to me is as heavy as a mountain! You know that I will bring countless troubles and disasters, but you are still willing to help me!”

Xuanyuan tuohai was very sincere and grateful. He did not mind that Chen Xiaobei had taken the infinite soul ring.

“Alright, since you’ve said so, master won’t be polite with you!”

“Now that I have the infinite soul ring, I have more clues!” We can follow the clues to uncover the mystery surrounding you!”

Xuanyuan taohai hurriedly asked,”what was that thing that backfired on me?” Is it really the Demon King’s clone?”

“It’s not a clone, but the difference isn’t big!” Quot; that’s the soul of the limitless demon nation’s Saint King! Quot; Chen Xiaobei explained. Quot; one seventh of his soul! Quot;

“Soul? One-seventh? There’s such a function?” Xuanyuan tuohai was dumbfounded, his three views were refreshed.

“This is the boundless demon nation’s unique secret technique, the heavenly demon disintegration!”

“One-seventh of the soul in the infinite soul ring was created by this secret technique!” The evil demon bloodline in your body is also the inheritance of this secret technique!”

“Then, How can I change my fate?” Xuanyuan taohai asked hurriedly.

“I’ve told you all the clues I know, but it still can’t solve the problem completely!” “We can ask the other demon kings for more secrets!” Chen Xiaobei said.

“Other demon kings? You also know the devil King?” Xuanyuan tuohai was shocked.

Chen Xiaobei smiled and took out his spiritual bursting flames King Sword. Quot; “This demonic sword will lead us to the spirit Flame King of the limitless demon Kingdom!”

Quot; Spirit Flame King!? Quot;

“I’ve heard of it!” Xuanyuan tuohai was shocked. Under the devil nation’s Saint King, there were four Guardian Kings! Southern spirit Flame! The northern fiend water! Eastern wild Thunder! Western fantasy Gold!”