Chapter 1982

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Chapter 1982: The Vermillion Bird region (1)

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“Oh? Other than the spirit Flame King, the devil Kingdom has three more Guardian Kings!”

Nbsp; ” Oh? ” Chen Xiaobei asked, ” then do you know if the other three Guardian Kings are still alive? ”

“They should all be dead …”

“Tens of millions of years ago, the four continents and the earth immortal world’s Almighty exterminated the boundless demon nation!” Xuanyuan tuohai said. Even the strongest, Wuji Saint King, died in battle, so there’s even less of a chance for the Four Guardian Kings to survive!”

“They all died in battle?” Chen Xiaobei said, ” Quot; whatever, let’s go find the spirit Flame King first. We should be able to get more clues from him! Quot;

Quot; but how do we find the spirit Flame King? ” Xuanyuan tuohai asked doubtfully.

Chen Xiaobei used his spiritual energy to communicate with the spiritual bursting flames spiritual King Sword.

“Young master! You’ve used the explosive flame Spirit King Sword, right? When will you come and save me … As long as you release me from the seal … I will immediately remove the spiritual connection between me and the bursting flames Spirit King Sword and give it to the young master!”

Soon, the spirit Flame King’s voice was heard in Chen Xiaobei’s mind. He was very excited.

Chen Xiaobei did not hold back and said, ” “Immediately point me in the right direction, I’ll go find you now!”

“Good, good, good … This is great!”

The spiritual Flame King was so excited that he said, ” “I’m at the core of the area that the Vermillion Bird Royal City is responsible for excavating! Hurry up and come over, I’ll teach you how to break the seal!”

Quot; what are you doing here? ” Chen Xiaobei asked. Quot; why are you in the excavation site of the Vermillion Bird Royal City? ” How did the Vermillion Bird Royal City know that there must be a secret at that location?”

Nbsp; one had to know that heaven dominating faction, demonic sect, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Vermillion Bird all had their own excavation areas.

For tens of millions of years, the excavation operation of these six forces had not been able to reap much harvest.

However, these six forces never changed their excavation areas. It was as if they all knew that they would definitely be able to dig out something of vital importance in their respective areas!

There must be an undisguisable secret behind this!

“Young master! Your question can’t be explained in a few words! You’d better come and help me break the seal!”

Quot; no problem! Quot; the spiritual Flame King said impatiently. Quot; as long as you help me break the seal, all problems will be solved! Quot; I’ll tell you all the secrets I know!”

Chen Xiaobei said, ” “Originally, you were not qualified to negotiate with me! However, I’m in a good mood today, so I’ll let you out first and then slowly ask you!”

Quot; yes! Quot; the spirit Flame King quickly agreed. Quot; Okay, okay, okay! Quot; Please come over quickly! I’ll be waiting for you!”

He would return to the surface first, then use the somersault cloud to bring Xuanyuan tuohai to the region where the Vermillion Bird Royal City was located.

The underground devil Kingdom was huge, and it would take some time to get there.

Along the way, Xuanyuan tuohai couldn’t hide his worry and said, ” “Master! You can’t just agree to the spirit Flame King’s request because you’re in a good mood!”

“Why can’t I?” Chen Xiaobei retorted.

“Because, the legendary Spirit Flame King is a super Demon King at the earth Fairy level! They are extremely powerful!”

Xuanyuan tuohai said nervously, ” “For thousands of years, although the spiritual Flame King has been sealed, his strength can only be higher! If you let him out rashly, it’s very likely that you’ll let the Tiger back into the mountain to harm yourself!”

Chen Xiaobei was not worried at all. He smiled and said, ” “You’re quite vigilant, kid! However, you don’t have to worry at all. I’ve got the spiritual Flame King in my hands!”

“What? You’re sure you can defeat the spirit Flame King?”

Xuanyuan taohai swallowed his saliva and exclaimed in shock, ” Quot; master, you’re too arrogant … It’s said that the spirit Flame King defeated more than a dozen earth level deities in the war that year. This is no joke … Quot;

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said, ” Quot; I can defeat hundreds and thousands of humans of the same level by myself. It’s no big deal. Quot;

Quot; this … Quot; Xuanyuan tuohai was speechless. He felt like he and Chen Xiaobei were from two different worlds. The gap between them was too big.

After a while, Chen Xiaobei and Xuanyuan tuohai arrived at the royal city of Vermillion Bird.

Xuanyuan tuohai was very nervous. He followed closely behind Chen Xiaobei and mumbled, ” “Can’t we just sneak in? We’ll definitely be discovered if we walk in like this …”

It was obvious that Xuanyuan tuohai was a slave of the Wang family of Vermilion Bird and was afraid of the Wang family. Naturally, he was afraid of the Vermilion Bird Royal City that the Wang family ruled.

“Raise your head! Chest out! Show me your imposing manner!”

Quot; you’re no longer the Wang family’s servant. You’re now a disciple of bei Xuan faction! You don’t have to be afraid of anyone! Quot;

Quot; this … Quot; Xuanyuan taohai gulped. He felt that Chen Xiaobei’s tone was too arrogant.

After all, the Vermillion Bird Royal City was the most powerful force on the Vermillion Bird continent in apocalypse Starfield!

The members of the Vermillion Bird Royal City were all aristocrats that no one dared to offend!

However, Chen Xiaobei was standing right in the Vermillion bird’s territory, and he said that he did not need to be afraid of anyone!

He couldn’t be more arrogant in this state!

Xuanyuan tuohai was secretly worried for Chen Xiaobei!

Suddenly, two Vermillion bird’s soldiers rushed over with sabers in their hands and blocked Chen Xiaobei and Xuanyuan tuohai’s path.

Xuanyuan tuohai’s heart was in his throat as he muttered, ” “I knew it … It’ll definitely cause trouble … There’s still time to escape now …”

Chen Xiaobei ignored Xuanyuan tuohai and took a step forward. Quot; “I don’t want to talk nonsense with the small fry. Call the manager out!”

“Numbing! Who are you calling a small fry?”

The two soldiers were very unhappy. They gritted their teeth and threatened, ” “Kneel down immediately and apologize to us! Otherwise, we’ll make sure you die without an intact corpse … Hiss …”

Before he could finish his sentence, the two soldiers gasped at the same time. Their faces turned as pale as paper, and their bodies trembled.

At that moment, the two soldiers could clearly feel a terrifying pressure erupting from Chen Xiaobei’s body.

He was like an unparalleled tyrant who could cause rivers of blood to flow in his anger! Mountains of corpses!

The pupils of the two soldiers contracted uncontrollably. Their mental states were crushed by the pressure, and they even had an illusion, as if they were surrounded by countless butcher knives and would be cut into pieces at any time!

“We … We’ll go and invite the fifth Prince …”

The two soldiers were so scared that they ran away. They did not even have the courage to stay in front of Chen Xiaobei for another second.