Chapter 1984

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Chapter 1984: The first Prince of Vermillion Bird (3)

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“Brother? You want me to apologize to that kid?”

Mu Chenyu was dumbfounded, and his face turned green. He said awkwardly, ” “Brother … Did you take the wrong medicine …”

It had to be said that mu Chenyu was right! Mu chenfeng had taken the wrong medicine!

However, Mu Chen had been fed with high-grade heavenly dog biscuit, and was now 100% loyal to Chen Xiaobei! I support Chen Xiaobei unconditionally!

“Mu Chenyu! You better listen up!”

“Childe Chen, you’re not an ordinary person!” Mu chenfeng roared. If you don’t want to die, then apologize! And listen to Childe Zhufeng’s orders! Otherwise, even I, as your brother, can’t protect you!”

Mu Chenyu took a deep breath and looked at Chen Xiaobei with a complicated expression.

The surrounding soldiers were also greatly shocked.

No one had expected mu chenfeng to place so much importance on Chen Xiaobei that he would even risk his brother’s life to support Chen Xiaobei.

Quot; my master … Is simply too awesome … Quot; Xuanyuan tuohai was dumbfounded. The shock he felt was no less than the others.

Back in the Wang family’s territory, Chen Xiaobei had already said that Mu Chen was not good enough.

Xuanyuan tuohai had thought that Chen Xiaobei was just acting cool, but now he realized that Chen Xiaobei was not acting cool at all. He was really awesome!

“Brother … Don’t be angry … I’ll do as you say …” She said.

Mu Chenyu was also afraid that Chen Xiaobei was some hidden Big Shot. He quickly admitted, ” Childe Zhufeng … It was my fault for offending you. Please forgive me this once … Quot;

All the soldiers lowered their heads and looked at Chen Xiaobei in awe.

One had to know that mu chenfeng was a character ranked tenth on the minor heavenly fate ranking!

If even mu chenfeng respected Chen Xiaobei so much, how could the others dare to neglect him?

Quot; I’m not going to argue with you! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said. Quot; help me do something right now! Quot;

Mu Chenyu patted his chest and said, ” Childe Zhufeng, just give me your orders. I will do everything within my power. I will do it without a doubt! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei hung up and ordered, ” “Go and withdraw all the slaves from the excavation area!” He ordered.

“Ah? This … Why is this so?” Mu Chenyu was extremely surprised.

Quot; I’m going to do something. It might be dangerous. Take the slaves away so that the innocent won’t be harmed! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said.

“May I ask what you want to do?” Mu Chenyu hesitated.

“Cut the crap, are we retreating or not? One sentence!” “If you can’t make the decision, I’ll call your brother,” Chen Xiaobei said impatiently.

“Don’t! Don’t! If you call my brother again, I’m going to be scolded to death …”

Mu Chenyu shook his head and ordered, ” “Pass on my order. Have all the slaves retreat to the rest area!”

The surrounding soldiers immediately spread out to convey the order.

After some time, all the slaves retreated.

Chen Xiaobei entered the excavation area alone.

Xuanyuan tuohai and mu Chenyu, as well as a large number of Vermillion Bird Imperial Guards, were all at the periphery of the area, watching from afar.

Chen Xiaobei did not let them get close because he could not trust the spiritual Flame King.

If an accident were to happen, it could cause a large number of casualties.

Standing in the middle of the excavation area, Chen Xiaobei took out the spiritual King Sword.

After the spiritual connection, Chen Xiaobei could hear the voice of the spiritual Flame King through the sword, ” “Young master, have you arrived? I can already sense the spirituality of the spiritual bursting flames sword!”

“I’m here. How do I get you out?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

Quot; young master, ” the spiritual Flame King said respectfully. Quot; please let go of the spiritual bursting flames King Sword. Leave the rest to me! Quot;

Quot; hmm … Quot; Chen Xiaobei let go of the sword.

With a burst of energy, the spiritual bursting flames sword left Chen Xiaobei’s hand and floated in the air.

The spiritual Flame King was the owner of the spiritual bursting flames sword, and they had a close spiritual connection.

Spiritual Flame King could remotely control the spiritual bursting flames King Sword with his mind.

Of course, the spiritual Flame King was still in a sealed state, so the remote control was not very effective. The sword was shaking and had no momentum.

After a while, the spiritual Flame King barely managed to control the spiritual bursting flames sword and ignited the blazing flames.

“Woof! Buzzzzzz! Yi …”

Then, the spiritual bursting flames King Sword started to move on the ground.

With each slash, a burning sword mark would be left on the ground.

Nothing could be seen at first, but as time passed, those burning sword marks actually formed a special array!

Quot; what a strong spiritual property … This array is very terrifying! Quot;

Even Chen Xiaobei had to back away, not daring to stand in the center of the formation.

Outside the excavation site.

An arrogant young man in luxurious clothes rushed toward mu Chenyu and shouted, ” “Mu Chenyu! What the hell are you doing! Why did you withdraw all the slaves?”

Mu Chenyu’s expression froze for a moment before he quickly replied, ” Quot; Childe Zhufeng needs to do something. He needs the slaves to stop working … Quot;

The person that mu Chenyu had addressed as ‘big brother’ was naturally the first Prince of the Vermillion Bird Royal City, mu Yandong!

This man had already reached the level of six flames, possessing a combat power of four million, and was ranked fifth on the minor heavenly fate ranking!

As a young man under the age of 30, such strength was enough to make mu Yandong laugh proudly in the pugilistic world!

It was also enough for mu Yandong to look down on anyone of his age!

“Childe Chen? Who was it? I’ve never even heard of it!”

Mu Yandong looked into the distance and said angrily,”that’s just a nameless bastard!” What right do you have to order the slaves of the Vermillion Bird Royal City?”

“Big brother, don’t be impatient …”

“Childe Zhufeng is my brother’s friend. He has an extraordinary status …” Mu Chenyu quickly explained.

Mu Yandong said disdainfully,”when your brother sees me, he still has to call me big brother with respect!” What’s so great about your brother’s friend? Go over immediately and make him stop!”

Quot; this … Quot; mu Chenyu was at a loss for words. He did not dare to talk back or stop Chen Xiaobei.

“It seems that my orders are not effective!”

Mu Yandong’s eyes narrowed as he coldly replied, ” “If you don’t go, I’ll go! I’d like to see what kind of friends mu chenfeng has made!”

With that, mu Yandong leaped up and charged at Chen Xiaobei.

Outside, as long as there were hundreds of thousands of people, their gazes were focused on it.

“Who are you? Don’t come any closer!” Chen Xiaobei noticed that someone was approaching and quickly reminded him.

“I am the first Prince of the Vermillion Bird Royal City!”

“The land you’re standing on now belongs to the Vermillion Bird Royal City!” Mu Yandong said arrogantly. What right do you have to tell me not to come over?”

“There’s danger here!” Chen Xiaobei frowned.

“Heh, if you’re not afraid, why should I be? Eh? Oh my God … What … What is that …”

Mu Yandong’s voice had yet to fade when his expression changed drastically.