Chapter 1985

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Chapter 1985: Unsealing of the spirit Flame King (4)

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With a loud explosion, the burning array on the ground started to shake violently.

The blazing demonic flames suddenly soared like a volcanic eruption, directly rising hundreds of meters high.

The demonic flames spread, as if they were going to devour the entire space.

Outside the excavation site.

“What happened?” mu Chenyu was shocked. What a terrifying spiritual fluctuation! Such might was much more majestic than a real volcano!

The thousands of Vermillion Bird Imperial Guards and the hundreds of thousands of slaves were also greatly shocked.

Gasps of shock could be heard from the crowd.

Xuanyuan tuohai swallowed his saliva and was even more nervous than the others. Quot; is this a sign that the spiritual Flame King is going to be unsealed? Can you really deal with the spirit Flame King? if something goes wrong, we’ll all die …”

At the center of the excavation site.

“What … What is going on? What a terrifying spiritual fluctuation … What a terrifying demonic flame …”

Mu Yandong’s jaw dropped, and his face turned as pale as a sheet. He hurriedly took out two three-star earth-god instruments to protect himself.

“This is my last warning to you!” Chen Xiaobei said. Hurry up and back off! Otherwise, your life will be in danger!”

“If you’re not backing down, why should I?” mu Yandong rejected sternly. There are hundreds of thousands of people watching, I can’t lose to you!”

It was obvious that mu Yandong had an extremely high status! He also had the strength to surpass his peers!

This made mu Yandong arrogant and conceited. He would not allow himself to be outdone by Chen Xiaobei.

Moreover, mu Yandong had been disdainful of Chen Xiaobei and had even mocked him.

If he lost to Chen Xiaobei, how could mu Yandong face the hundreds of thousands of spectators?

He had lost all his face as the first Prince of the Vermillion Bird. How would he be able to convince the public in the future?

“Idiot! Do you think that face is more important than your life?” Chen Xiaobei’s brows were furrowed and his face was filled with anxiety.

The terrifying magical formation in front of him had made Chen Xiaobei very uneasy.

Mu Yandong, however, braced himself and said,”you’re clearly just trying to be mysterious!” If it really was a threat to your life, would you still have the guts to stand here?”

Chen Xiaobei ignored mu Yandong completely and focused on his own defense.

In the next moment, the volcano-like power erupted again.

The endless demonic flames dyed the entire space red, and the temperature within a radius of 10000 meters began to rise rapidly.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh …”

Then, the essence of demonic flames condensed at the core of the array and gradually formed a huge demonic shadow!

Horn! Flesh wings! Sharp teeth! Sharp claws! A long tail!

This demonic shadow had all the features of the demonic clan. At the same time, every corner of its body was burning with raging flames!

It was like an evil demon born from fire. Every movement it made exuded a power that could burn everything!

Quot; Spirit Flame King … That … That is the legendary Spirit Flame King … Quot;

Outside, the soldiers and slaves all cried out in alarm.

“According to the legends, the Saint King of the limitless demon nation had four extremely powerful demon kings under his command! The spiritual Flame King is one of them!”

Quot; back then, the spiritual Flame King killed more than a dozen humans of the same level all by himself. He was extremely powerful and ferocious! Quot;

“Then aren’t we dead for sure?”

Everyone was shocked. The legend of the spirit Flame King had made everyone even more afraid.

“Everyone, don’t be nervous!”

Mu Chenyu showed no fear and said, ” “The first Prince has already gone over! As long as he is here, we will not be in danger!”

Many of the Imperial Guards chimed in after hearing this.

“That’s right! The first Prince is very strong, and he has two three-star earth-god instruments. The spirit Flame King is not a three-star earth-god yet!”

“Well said! Even if the spirit Flame King reincarnated, he wouldn’t be a match for a three-star earth-god instrument!”

“As long as the first Prince is here, we can all put our hearts at ease!”

Everyone was filled with confidence in mu Yandong, and the Restless crowd gradually calmed down.

Everyone assumed the posture of watching a good show, waiting for mu Yandong to perform.

“No! You’re all wrong!”

In the crowd, only Xuanyuan tuo Hai’s expression was serious. He shook his head and said, ” “The first Prince of Vermillion Bird will definitely be defeated! If we don’t retreat, we might even die there!”

A single stone caused a thousand ripples, and the surrounding crowd immediately shouted angrily, ” “What nonsense are you talking about? Our first Prince can not be defeated!”

Even mu Chenyu frowned and said,”little brother, you may be one of Childe Chen’s men, but this is the territory of the Vermillion Bird Royal City!” You’re going to cause public anger by speaking ill of my big brother!”

“I’m telling the truth!” Xuanyuan tuohai sighed. Look at the long sword in the hands of the spiritual Flame King! It was a five-star earth-god instrument! Flame burst Spirit King Sword!”

“What? A five-star earth-god instrument?”

In an instant, the surrounding hundreds of thousands of people were like hundreds of thousands of frightened chicks. They all shrank their necks and their faces were full of panic.

At first, the crowd could not understand why Chen Xiaobei wanted the slaves to leave.

At that moment, everyone understood!

If they didn’t retreat in advance, the full power of the five-star earth-god instrument would be unleashed, and all of them would be killed mercilessly!

Everyone was more or less grateful to Chen Xiaobei.

“Big brother! Quickly retreat! There’s danger over there!” Mu Chenyu shouted.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

“Thank you for letting me out! In return, I will burn all of you to ashes!”

At the center of the excavation site, the spiritual Flame King glared at Chen Xiaobei and mu Yandong with a murderous look in his eyes. Then, he turned to look at the hundreds of thousands of people outside the excavation site!

It was obvious! The spiritual Flame King was ready to start a massacre!

In the eyes of the spirit Flame King, Chen Xiaobei and mu Yandong were just appetizers. The hundreds of thousands of people around them were the main course!

Quot; you … Don’t you dare mess around … Let’s talk this out … Quot; mu Yandong’s face was filled with anxiety. His heart was already filled with fear.

He didn’t dare to fight and only hoped that they could talk things out.

On the other hand, Chen Xiaobei was observing the spiritual Flame King’s condition.

At this moment, the spirit Flame King was in a spirit body state!

In other words, the spiritual Flame King had already died in the war back then.

The spirit Flame King in front of him was just a ghost.

Of course, the evil spirit also had combat power, not to mention that the evil spirit of the spiritual Flame King also controlled the spiritual bursting flames King Sword!

“We demons have nothing to say to you humans. Go to hell!”

Quot; die! Quot; the spiritual Flame King roared with killing intent, activating the power of the spiritual Flame King Sword.

A great battle! It was activated with a single touch!