Chapter 1986

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Chapter 1986: Re-seal (1)

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With a deafening sound, a terrifying demonic flame rushed out of the spiritual bursting flames sword.

Like a sea of fire burning the sky, the entire space was shrouded in Crimson flames.

The temperature rose sharply, causing the earth’s crust and rocks above to begin to melt, turning into liquid lava.

Large drops of lava fell down like a rain of lava. It was a shocking sight.

Chen Xiaobei and mu Yandong quickly retreated, trying their best to stay away from the lava storm.

One had to know that the lava was wrapped in demonic flames and had an extremely high temperature. Even the Nightstalker outfit couldn’t withstand it.

If the lava landed on one’s body, one’s skin and flesh would split open in minutes, leaving one either dead or crippled!

Chen Xiaobei and mu Yandong’s speed of retreat could not be faster than the spiritual bursting flames sword!

The spiritual Flame King roared and launched a fatal attack!

A terrifying dragon-like demonic flame rushed out of the sea of fire!

The full power of a five-star earth-god was unleashed as he attacked mu Yandong without mercy.

“Oh my God … Why did they attack me first …”

Mu Yandong’s tears were already streaming down his face as he hurriedly activated the two three-star earth-god instruments in his hands. He had to defend with all his might.

As the saying goes, to capture the bandits, first capture the king!

Mu Yandong was stronger and he had two three-star earth-god instruments. The spirit Flame King would naturally choose to kill mu Yandong first.

With a loud explosion, the dragon-like demonic flames shot forward, crossing a distance of a thousand meters before slamming into mu Yandong.

Mu Yandong spurted out a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying. Like a shooting star, he landed a hundred meters away.

A huge crater the size of a basketball court was created by mu Yandong’s body!

One could only imagine how terrifying the power of the demonic flame was!

“Ugh … Cough, cough, cough …”

Mu Yandong lay in the crater, coughing up blood. His face was as white as a sheet, and he was on his last breath.

Who dared to think about it!

Mu Yandong, who had four million health points, had more than half of his bones and tendons broken. His internal organs were all shattered, and he was suffering from severe internal bleeding!

A heaven’s chosen ranked fifth on the minor heavenly fate ranking couldn’t even stand up!

What was even more unbelievable was that the two three-star earth-god instruments had both shattered into pieces!

Of course, if it weren’t for the protection of these two earth-god instruments, mu Yandong would have been blown to pieces by now!

The outcome was decided in an instant. The spirit Flame King had an overwhelming advantage over mu Yandong!

In the distance, the hundreds of thousands of people who were watching the battle instantly turned ashen. Their hearts turned cold, and howls of despair rose and fell in the crowd.

Quot; that’s really a five-star earth-god instrument … The Crown Prince has lost … We’re dead … Quot;

“It’s over … It’s completely over! If even the first Prince can’t withstand the enemy’s attack, the rest of us will be fish on the chopping board, waiting to be slaughtered!”

“Let’s run … Let’s run … We’ll only die if we stay …”

“Stop dreaming! With our speed, there’s no way we can escape the enemy’s grasp. We’re only left with a dead end, without a doubt …”

Without a doubt, the power of the flame spiritual King Sword had shocked everyone.

Fear was like a sharp knife, deeply stabbing into people’s souls! Despair was like a drill that ruthlessly carved into people’s bones!

For a moment, there were hundreds of thousands of people at the scene, but no one moved.

Not only did he not dare to fight, but he also did not even have the courage to escape!

Like hundreds of thousands of statues, they were completely frozen in place.

To put it bluntly, he was waiting for death!

“Everyone, don’t panic! My master is still here! He must have a way to save us!”

Xuanyuan tuohai clenched his fists tightly. Even though he could not hide his fear, he still trusted Chen Xiaobei unconditionally.

“You still dare to mention your master?”

Quot; what? ” mu Chenyu said angrily, ” if it wasn’t for your master, why would we have released the spiritual Flame King? ” In the end! It’s all your master’s fault!”

The hundreds of thousands of people around him felt the same anger. They wanted to rush up and kill Chen Xiaobei to vent their anger.

“No! My master would not harm anyone! He ordered the slaves to retreat in advance to protect everyone!”

“That’s right!” Xuanyuan tuohai gritted his teeth. The spirit Flame King was released by my master! But I believe that master will have a way to deal with the spiritual Flame King! We will definitely protect everyone from harm!”

As soon as he said that, the surrounding people started cursing even more.

“Are you blind? Our first Prince has been completely defeated! Your master is useless!”

“Our first Prince is a heaven’s chosen who is ranked fifth on the minor heavenly fate ranking! Your master is not even a fart, and you want to settle the spiritual Flame King? Simply daydreaming!”

“Little brat! Open your eyes wide and look! The spiritual Flame King made his move again! If your master isn’t instantly killed, I’ll live stream my castration!”

There was no doubt that in the eyes of the hundreds of thousands of people, the first Prince of Vermillion Bird, mu Yandong, was an extremely powerful existence. Chen Xiaobei could not even be compared to mu Yandong.

Everyone thought that once the spiritual Flame King attacked, Chen Xiaobei would be killed in an instant.

“Master! I believe in you! You’ve already shown me too many shocking and miraculous things! This time will not be an exception!”

Of all of them, only Xuanyuan tuohai held fast to his faith and trusted Chen Xiaobei.

At the center of the excavation site.

Spirit Flame dynasty saw Chen Xiaobei approaching and asked, ” “Little brat! Why aren’t you running? Could it be that he had already accepted his fate? Are you waiting for me to kill you?”

“I’m only retreating from the lava Rain’s range. I have no intention of escaping!”

Chen Xiaobei stood there and said calmly, ” “In fact, I already knew that you wouldn’t keep your promise! And I’ve already prepared a way to deal with you!”

“What? You want to deal with me?”

“You must be dreaming!” The spiritual Flame King said disdainfully. In terms of strength, you’re inferior to that person just now! To me, all of you are nothing but ants! I can crush you all with just a finger!”

“If that’s the case, then there’s no need for any more nonsense!”

Chen Xiaobei said, ” “I saved you from the seal, but you repaid my kindness with ingratitude! Today, I’ll seal you again so that you’ll be trapped forever and never be able to unseal yourself!”

“What? You? Seal me? Hahaha …”

Quot; hahaha! Quot; the spirit Flame King laughed disdainfully, ” this is the stupidest joke I’ve ever heard! Quot; What right do you have to seal me? With? What? Is it?”

“The devil Kingdom will last for ten thousand generations, and the Saint Soul will live forever! The dead souls of the demon race are all slaves!”

Quot; kill! Quot; Chen Xiaobei shouted as a dark red halo appeared on his palm.