Chapter 1987

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Chapter 1987: The secret of the demonic race (2)

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“Heavens … How … How could the infinite soul ring be in your hands … That’s the life artifact of our demon race’s Saint King …”

Quot; ah! Quot; the spiritual Flame King screamed like a mouse that had seen a Tiger. His eyes were filled with fear.

Chen Xiaobei did not answer. Instead, he took out a million low-grade spiritual stones, crushed them, and absorbed all the spiritual Qi into the infinite soul ring.

Millions of spiritual energy were instantly burned out, and the special ability of the infinite soul ring was completely activated.

The soul ring floated above Chen Xiaobei’s palm, slowly rotating and expanding. A small demon King Dharma form appeared.

The infinite soul ring contained a seventh of the demon race’s Saint King’s soul.

The small Dharma power that had appeared was naturally the limitless Saint Demon King’s Dharma power.

The spiritual Flame King seemed to be greatly frightened. His mind trembled, and the explosive flame spiritual King Sword fell to the ground.

Quot; I … I am the South town’s Spirit Flame King … I … I pay my respects to Your Majesty, the Holy King … Quot;

The spirit Flame King seemed to be very reluctant, but his body seemed to be unable to control itself as it knelt on the ground and kowtowed to the limitless Saint Demon King’s Dharma power.

One had to know that the limitless Saint Demon King was the spiritual totem of all the members of the demon nation. He was the highest belief of the entire demon race!

When the spirit Flame King saw the limitless Saint Demon King, it was like an insect seeing a twelve-winged Golden Cicada. The fear came from the bottom of its heart, and it could not help but surrender. It was an instinctive behavior!

Following Chen Xiaobei’s command, the Infinity Saint Demon King’s Dharma form suddenly extended its demonic claw!

The demonic claw expanded in the wind and caught the spiritual Flame King like an adult holding a little chick!

The spiritual Flame King had died in battle tens of millions of years ago!

At this moment, the spirit Flame King was just a ghost in the form of a spirit body!

The limitless Saint Demon King’s claws exerted force and directly pulled the spirit Flame King into The Limitless Soul ring!

Immediately after, the sea of fire around them began to gradually dissipate, and the temperature slowly dropped.

After a while, the entire space returned to peace, and the threat of the spiritual Flame King was completely removed.

Seeing this, the hundreds of thousands of people in the distance were all stunned.

A few seconds ago, they were still mocking Chen Xiaobei, thinking that Chen Xiaobei had harmed everyone. They even wanted to surround Chen Xiaobei and kill him!

But now, they were looking at Chen Xiaobei in awe, as if they were looking at a God.

Quot; the spirit Flame King has disappeared … This … This can’t be my hallucination, right … Quot;

Mu Chenyu’s eyes were wide open and his mouth was wide open. He was still in shock as he said, ” “Childe Chen, Who are you? He really subdued the spiritual Flame King?”

The thousands of Imperial Guards were even more dumbfounded as they trembled in fear, ” “Childe Zhufeng is a God! He actually subdued the spirit Flame King in an instant … We really didn’t know that he was a great man …”

The hundreds of thousands of slaves were the most shocked, and their exclamations rose and fell.”Childe Zhufeng, are you a God? He didn’t harm us, he protected all of us! Long live Childe Chen … Long live Childe Chen Chen …”

Seeing this, Xuanyuan tuohai said proudly, ” “Facts speak louder than words! I told you! My master will definitely not let you down! Now you believe me!”

Xuanyuan tuohai’s voice was filled with excitement, his chin held high. To be able to stand in the crowd as Chen Xiaobei’s disciple, it was a great honor!

Chen Xiaobei walked over slowly and picked up the spiritual bursting flames King Sword with one hand and the infinite soul ring with the other.

“Remove the spiritual connection!”

Chen Xiaobei ordered.

The voice of the spiritual Flame King came from the infinite soul ring.

In the next moment, the spiritual Flame King removed the spiritual connection between him and the spiritual bursting flames spiritual King Sword.

Obviously, the special ability of the infinite soul ring was Soul Absorption and soul Control!

The devil Kingdom existed for ten thousand generations, and the Saint Soul was eternal!

The dead souls of the demon race were all slaves!

The dark Souls of the demon race that were absorbed into the infinite soul ring would be under absolute control. They would be like slaves and completely obey the soul ring’s master!

Quot; the spiritual bursting flames King Sword will still belong to me in the end! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei connected his spiritual energy with the spiritual energy of the spiritual bursting flames spiritual King Sword and became its new owner.

Quot; five-star earth-god instrument, officially in my possession! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei grinned, but quickly frowned and said, ” Quot; the energy in the spiritual bursting flames King Sword has been exhausted … From now on, every time I activate its power, I have to burn up ten billion spiritual stones … It’s really expensive … Quot;

Chen Xiaobei kept the spiritual bursting flames sword and looked at the crater in the distance.

At this moment, many people had already rushed over to save mu Yandong. At the very least, he had managed to keep his life.

Chen Xiaobei ignored him, lifted the infinite soul ring and asked, ” “Tell me, what secrets do you know?”

This was because Wuji Saint Demon King’s soul was only one-seventh of its original size, and it didn’t have a complete consciousness.

So, Chen Xiaobei could only ask the recently captured spiritual Flame King about the secret of the limitless demon nation.

Quot; yes! Quot; the spirit Flame King said. Quot; countless years ago, we, the limitless demon clan, used to live in the ‘demonic realm’, which was independent of the Three Realms! Quot;

“Devil World?” Chen Xiaobei recalled a conversation he had with Monkey King.

In the heavenly realm, there was a forbidden area that even ordinary Immortals did not dare to step into. It was the ancient desolate land!

Chen Xiaobei’s primordial Witch King combat enhancement training manual and witch dragon blood were both found in the ruins of the ancient land by the prime of Tongtian.

At the end of the ancient desolate land was the demonic realm, where the Rahu demonic race lived!

During the first measureless cultivation tribulation, ancestor of devil luohou tried to become a Sage, but Hongjun did not agree.

Luo Yi harbored a grudge and drained the hundreds of millions of spiritual veins in the West in an attempt to defeat the Dao ancestor and control the heavenly path alone. However, in the end, Luo Yi was killed by the Dao ancestor.

Since then, the devil clan had completely declined and hid in the devil realm, never daring to come out again.

Right now, the fourth immeasurable catastrophe was coming. Some heavenly path sages had already predicted that the luohou demon race might make a comeback.

Because of this, sect leader Tongtian and the other heavenly path sages had gone deep into the ancient Barrens time and time again, trying to go to the end of the ancient Barrens and seal the exit of the demon world!

“I really didn’t expect that the devil race had already appeared in the human world!”

Chen Xiaobei’s brows were furrowed and his expression was serious. Quot; “It looks like the heavenly Dao Saints” calculations were completely correct! The demons will definitely make a big move in this Eon!”

“Young master? What are you talking about? I don’t understand what you’re saying.” Spiritual Flame King asked in confusion.

It was obvious that the limitless demon race was only a small branch of the demon world, so it was naturally impossible for them to know about the immeasurable calamity.

“You don’t need to understand!”

“Continue to tell me the secret of the limitless demon nation!” Chen Xiaobei said. The more detailed, the better!”