Chapter 1988

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Chapter 1988: The ultimate conspiracy (1)

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Quot; our limitless demon clan is only a small branch of the demon Realm. Because of our low status in the demon Realm, we’ve always wanted to leave! Quot;

Quot; it’s a spatial Rift! Quot; the spirit Flame King said. Quot; then, a spatial Rift appeared in our territory! Quot; Thus, our entire clan moved to the current devil earth continent!”

Quot; tens of millions of years ago, the devil earth continent used to have fertile land and lush vegetation. Its environment was no worse than any other continent! Quot;

Quot; however, the so-called righteous sects that lived here at that time couldn’t tolerate the existence of us demons. They kept launching Wars and wanted to kill us all! Quot;

Quot; every war will cause great misery and suffering, and the environment will be greatly damaged … However, the human ruler is determined not to stop the war! Quot;

Quot; as a result, a large number of human deaths and injuries occurred year after year. Coupled with the increasingly harsh environment, it was no longer suitable for human habitation … Therefore, a vast number of humans began to escape from this continent … Quot;

“Those who refused to run and insisted on fighting were all killed by our demon race in the end! We’ll rule this continent and establish the unprecedentedly powerful limitless demon nation!”

“Young master, you should know what happened after that.”

Quot; the boundless demon Kingdom is unprecedentedly powerful. Quot; the spiritual Flame King paused for a moment and continued, ” with the power of a kingdom, we can even compete with the four continents of the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and black Tortoise! Quot;

Quot; however, the people of the four continents called for reinforcements from the earth-god Realm and joined forces to attack our limitless demon nation. They killed all the demons in our country and buried our nation underground, never to see the light of day! Quot;

Speaking of this, the spirit Flame King’s tone was full of hatred and endless anger.

Obviously, there were men, women, old and young among the demon race. Not all demon Venerables were sinners who should be killed.

In that country-destroying war, more than half of the innocents of the demon race were killed! That was why the spiritual Flame King was so angry.

“Yes, I’ve heard of this battle.”

Quot; that’s right! Quot; Chen Xiaobei nodded. Quot; but I don’t understand why the four continents didn’t make a move earlier. Why did they kill you all when the devil nation was not as strong as they used to be? Instead, you’re waiting for the devil nation to be at its strongest before making a move?”

“Because humans are too sinister!”

Quot; what if the four continents joined forces to attack us when we first arrived? ” the spiritual Flame King said angrily. Quot; we wouldn’t even have a chance to stand on our own! Quot;

“However, the four continents just watched from the side, not caring about the life and death of this continent! As a result, this continent was in a state of constant war, and the people were in constant panic and fear!”

“After that, trillions of people fled this continent and went to the other four continents! At the same time, the fear of the demon race was also brought over!”

“Next, our demon race completely ruled this continent and established the limitless demon nation! As a result, the people in the other four continents fell into deep fear!”

“Everyone is afraid that the demons will kill them! They would destroy their homes! It will bring the end of the world!”

“Finally, our limitless demon nation is strong enough to resist the Joint Forces of the four continents! This also caused the fear in the hearts of the people to rise to the peak!”

“At this time, the square continent called for reinforcements from the earth-god Realm! He had completely destroyed the limitless demon nation! It has completely resolved the fear in the hearts of the people!”

“Thus, trillions of citizens saw those who destroyed the devil nation as great heroes, and even saviors! To become their most devout believer!”

The spiritual Flame King’s tone was grave, and the hatred in his heart grew stronger.

Quot; that is to say, the original humans of devil earth and all the Devils in the devil nation have been used as tools by the four great continents! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said. It’s a tool to increase their number of believers!”

Quot; that’s right! Quot; the spirit Flame King said in a deep voice. Quot; back then, the four continents did not have a supreme ruler because of that war! Quot; The four leaders of the human race have each gained a huge number of believers!”

Quot; the four of them received the devout faith and infinite support of the people. That’s why they built the four royal cities of the Azure Dragon, The White Tiger, the Vermillion Bird, and the Black Tortoise, and became the four top forces that ruled apocalypse Starfield! Quot;

Quot; it’s also because of the support of a large number of believers that the square Imperial City has existed for tens of millions of years and has not declined! Quot;

“The members of the four royal cities have also become innumerable tribulation aristocrats! In the eyes of the people, they were like gods! He was high and mighty! It’s inviolable!”

Chen Xiaobei could not help but fall into deep thought.

Men fight for luck, Buddha fights for incense! At the end of the day, they were all fighting for believers!

The rulers of the four continents destroyed the devil nation and gained a large number of believers. Thus, they obtained a prosperous fate that lasted for tens of millions of years!

As long as their destiny did not decline, their rule would not end!

This was the power of a believer! This was what people often called the power of the people’s hearts!

However, the way the rulers of the four continents recruited believers was too sinister.

First, he would let the people of the devil earth fight against the devil race, then continue to let the devil Kingdom grow stronger. He would only destroy the devil Kingdom when the people were most afraid!

This method could indeed gain a large number of believers, but it would greatly damage one’s virtue!

This was because, in this process, too many humans had died in vain. At the same time, a huge number of innocents from the demon race had died.

Therefore, although the rulers of the four continents had a large number of believers, they must be evil people with negative merits in the merit book!

Chen Xiaobei made up his mind. He wanted to fight for followers, but he would do it openly and not through such despicable means!

Karma would come sooner or later!

“Didn’t young master ask me before? Why do all the major powers keep their eyes on the same area in the devil earth and keep digging?”

Quot; that’s because, during the war, it was the ancestors of the four continents who sealed the souls of the Four Guardian Kings of the demon race! Quot; the spirit Flame King continued. Of course, they know where to dig!”

Quot; the heaven dominating faction and the demonic sect are also related to the earth level deities who came down to help us. Therefore, the heaven dominating faction can find Saint King relics in the area they excavate, while the demonic sect can find a terrifying sky demon array in the area they excavate! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei furrowed his brows and looked worried.

“The demons were completely defeated in the Great War back then!”

Quot; why? ” Chen Xiaobei frowned and asked, ” why didn’t the major forces destroy the demonic saint’s soul? ” Instead, it sealed their souls? Why did he keep the sky demon spell formation? Isn’t this just raising a Tiger to cause trouble?”

“That’s right! This is raising a Tiger only to bring disaster upon oneself!”

Quot; of course! Quot; the spirit Flame King said seriously. Quot; if we don’t rear Tigers, why would the people be afraid? ” The people were not afraid? How can those sinister rulers use the same trick again?”

Quot; the same old trick!? Quot; Chen Xiaobei was shocked.