Chapter 1989

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Chapter 1989: No demons to be eliminated (2)

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“That’s right! It’s the same old trick!”

Quot; yes! Quot; the spirit Flame King continued, ” for thousands of years, generations have passed! The earliest innumerable tribulation aristocrats, as well as their earth-god supporters, have basically all died of old age!”

Quot; from then on, their offspring will inherit the position of the aristocrats and continue to rule the four continents of apocalypse Starfield!

Quot; the aristocrats of the later generations have been passed down from generation to generation. Even though they still have a large number of believers, their number has been greatly reduced compared to tens of millions of years ago! Quot;

Quot; the main point is that the people today are no longer the people from tens of millions of years ago. Although their beliefs have been passed down, most people’s beliefs have changed! Quot;

Quot; the number of believers of the aristocrats and the earth-god Realm behind them is decreasing year by year, and their luck has also fallen to a new low! Quot;

Quot; so, this time, they want to use the fear of the people to gather the people again, just like they did tens of thousands of years ago. They want to gain more believers than they did in the past! Quot;

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The spiritual Flame King’s explanation was very detailed, and it completely exposed a shocking conspiracy!

Chen Xiaobei was shocked, but he remained calm. Quot; “You’ve always been sealed, how do you know so much about the future?”

Quot; of course! Quot; Spirit Flame King said. Quot; in the underground devil Kingdom, about a million slaves die every year! Quot; Some of them are more or less knowledgeable. When the dark Souls descend to the ground, I often chat with them, so I naturally know the general situation outside!”

Chen Xiaobei asked, ” “What else do you know?”

Quot; I also know that in recent years,’demonic cultivators’ have appeared in apocalypse Starfield and disturbed the peace of the human race! There’s even a legend of the birth of a demon child in the earth-god Realm!”

“This is all part of the conspiracy!” The spiritual Flame King said in a deep voice. It was to plant the seeds of fear in the hearts of the people! To make the false conspiracy seem even more real!”

Quot; the birth of the demonic sect’s demonic man and son is not enough to scare the people. What’s their next plan? ” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“Young master is wise! Of course, there’s a conspiracy behind it!”

Nbsp; ” for thousands of years, heaven dominating faction, demonic sect, and imperial cities all had ways to dig underground, ” Spirit Flame King said. Quot; but they wanted to dig slowly, all for this final plot! Quot;

“Be more specific!” Chen Xiaobei said.

“I wonder if young master has heard of it?”

Quot; recently, the demonic sect has started to capture young boys and girls, ” the spirit Flame King said in a deep voice. Quot; they want children under the age of seven. And they need 8100 of them! Quot;

Quot; yes! Quot; Chen Xiaobei nodded. Quot; I heard that the demonic sect is going to cut off the children’s flesh and blood and turn them into the 8100 formation eyes of the seven ultimate Holy Infant demonic formation! Quot;

“That’s not the seven absolute Holy Infant demonic formation …”

Quot; yes! Quot; the spirit Flame King said seriously. Quot; in fact, it is the ancient heavenly demon spell formation that is buried under the excavation area of the demonic sect! Quot; With 8,100 children as sacrifices and the entire spirit vein burned, you can unleash power infinitely close to the level of a heaven immortal!”

“What? Heaven … Heaven immortal … What are they trying to do?” Chen Xiaobei was so shocked that his back was drenched in cold sweat. He could not imagine what was going to happen next.

“They? Of course, it’s to make the people afraid!”

Quot; the ancient sky demon formation will be activated, ” the spirit Flame King said. Quot; it will kill all 800 million slaves in the underground demon Kingdom! Quot;

Quot; this … Quot; Chen Xiaobei’s heart trembled. It was as if he had been struck by lightning. He was completely stunned and could not speak.

Quot; the news of the tragic death of 800 million slaves will be sent back to apocalypse Starfield as soon as possible! Quot;

Quot; then, ” the spirit Flame King continued, ” all the people in apocalypse Starfield will know that the Son of the Demon King will lead the demon race back to the human world and Destroy All Humans! Quot;

Quot; then, fear will spread to every corner of apocalypse Starfield like an infectious disease! To make everyone fall into extreme panic!”

Quot; at this time, the apocalyptic aristocrats of the four royal cities will join hands and stand up, just like they did tens of millions of years ago. They will exterminate the evil and protect the people! Quot;

Quot; why? ” the spirit Flame King paused and continued, ” didn’t you ask why the human race didn’t destroy our souls thousands of years ago? ” Instead, it’s the yin souls that are sealing us?”

“Now that the answer is out, it’s to ‘capture’ our souls and make them disappear in front of the people! At that time, we’ll capture the prophesied evil demon’s sons and execute them together!”

“The demons have been completely exterminated, and the human race has regained its peace! The aristocrats and their backers would become the Saviors of the world once again! He was once again worshipped by the world! We’ve gained a huge number of believers again!”

The spiritual Flame King’s tone became heavy, and he said, ” “This is their entire scheme! He sacrificed his own kind to deceive his believers! It’s the same old trick from thousands of years ago!”

Quot; the human heart … Is indeed the scariest thing in the world … Quot; Chen Xiaobei sighed and said, ” “Fortunately, I know everything now. I must stop this conspiracy!”

“If young master can do this, it will naturally be a good deed for the benefit of the human race! We four Shakyamuni can also temporarily protect our souls from destruction! Ling Yan, thank you!” The spiritual Flame King said solemnly.

“I’ll go and subdue the other three Shakyamuni now! Let those people who want to get rid of the devil have no devil to get rid of!” With a thought, the infinite soul ring disappeared into Chen Xiaobei’s palm.

“Tuo hai! Let’s go!” Quot; let’s go! Quot; Chen Xiaobei shouted and released the somersault cloud.

“AI! It’s coming!” Xuanyuan taohai hurriedly ran over.

“Master! You were so cool just now! He had easily subdued the spiritual Flame King! I can’t be more carefree!”

Xuanyuan taohai eagerly came over and chuckled. Quot; “You don’t know this, but the Imperial Guards and the slaves worship you to the core! You even flattered me! I’m so happy!”

“Quickly come up! Otherwise, you won’t be able to leave!” Chen Xiaobei pulled Xuanyuan tuohai up the somersault cloud.

Quot; stop … Stop them … Don’t let them escape … Quot;

From afar, mu Yandong, who was half-dead, shouted with all his might, ordering the others to stop him.

However, with the speed of a two-star earth-god, Chen Xiaobei and Xuanyuan tuohai had already disappeared from mu Yandong’s sight before he could finish his sentence.

Quot; it’s over … We’re in big trouble … Quot; mu Yandong knew about the conspiracy, and naturally, he knew the consequences of the spirit Flame King’s disappearance.

Quot; quick … Inform my father … The meeting between the four kings must be carried out immediately … Quick … Quot; mu Yandong coughed up a mouthful of blood, his entire being listless.

On the other hand, Chen Xiaobei had already brought Xuanyuan tuohai to the excavation site of Black Tortoise Imperial City.

One of the Shakyamuni of the devil nation, fiendish water King, was sealed here!