Chapter 1990

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Chapter 1990: Four Swords formation (3)

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Quot; this is the excavation area of Black Tortoise capital city! Quot;

Quot; let’s keep a low profile, ” Xuanyuan tuohai whispered. Quot; mu Yandong must have held a grudge against us just now. We can’t afford to offend the people of Black Tortoise capital city, right? ”

Quot; we’ll have to ask the spiritual Flame King! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei summoned the infinite soul ring from his palm and asked, ” “Spirit Flame! We’ve already arrived! How can I unseal the fiendish water King?”

Quot; I’m not sure … Quot; Spirit Flame King said, ” Quot; for thousands of years, I’ve only figured out a way to break my own seal. As for how to save fiendwater King, I’ll have to ask him face to face! Quot;

Nbsp; ” what’s that? ” Chen Xiaobei asked again, ” does fiendwater King have a weapon similar to spiritual bursting flames sword? ”

“Explosive flame spiritual King Sword!” The spiritual Flame King said. Killing sunflower water King Sword! Furious Thunder King Sword! Dark gold fantasy King Sword! These are the Natal swords of the four Shakyamuni!”

“Four Swords as one can defeat a six-star earth-god! With the four Swords as one and the formation map of the infinite sword formation, I can fight against a seven-star earth-god!”

Chen Xiaobei was taken aback. This was too much of a coincidence!

It must be noted that sect leader Tongtian’s most powerful Dharma Treasure was the formation map of the four immortal-killing swords and the immortal-killing sword formation!

Once the four celestial slaying swords formed a formation, the four heavenly path Saints had to join forces to break the formation!

When the four immortal-killing swords and the immortal-killing formation map were still around, sect leader Tongtian was invincible under Dao ancestor Hongjun!

Unfortunately, the tribe of severity was defeated in the third cultivation tribulation. All of sect leader Tongtian’s treasures were taken away, except for the broken Qingping sword.

Chen Xiaobei was determined to help the prime of Tongtian regain his former glory in the fourth measureless cataclysm.

Of course, this was a story for later.

Coincidentally, Chen Xiaobei found out that there were also Four Swords and a formation in the demonic tribe. Chen Xiaobei had a good impression of them.

Quot; I now have the flame burst Spirit King Sword. Quot;

“Where can I find the other three demonic swords?” Chen Xiaobei asked. I also want the formation map of the infinite sword formation! This way, I’ll have my own ‘little fairy slaying sword formation’. Just thinking about it makes me feel pretty good!”

“I’m afraid we won’t be able to find these things for a while …”

The spiritual Flame King sighed. Quot; the battle was very intense back then. The explosive flame spiritual King Sword was sent flying during the battle. It fell into the demonic spirit volcano by chance. That’s why it’s still here! Quot; The other three demonic swords should have fallen into the hands of the enemy …”

“Where’s the infinite sword formation?” Chen Xiaobei asked again.

“The formation diagram was preserved by His Majesty the Saint King!”

Quot; if the ‘limitless nine-floor Pagoda’ has not been dug out by the enemy, ” Spirit Flame King said. Quot; the formation map should be there! Quot;

“The limitless nine-layered Pagoda? What is that?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“That’s the Treasury of our limitless demon nation! It’s also a very special earth-god instrument!”

Quot; let’s find a way to unseal the three Guardian Kings first, ” the spirit Flame King said. Quot; after that, we’ll take you to the Wuji nine-floor Pagoda! Quot;

Quot; yes! Quot; Chen Xiaobei nodded. Quot; let’s go and ask the fiendwater King how we can help him! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei then took out the earth escape Holy gourd.

With a thought, he brought Xuanyuan tuohai into the earth and went straight underground.

The spiritual Flame King had a certain level of spiritual perception, and the general direction could not be wrong.

After going several tens of thousands of meters underground, there were obvious spiritual fluctuations in the surroundings. He could sense the existence of a sealing array.

“Human! This King feels the aura of a human … Damn human … Who gave you the guts to come near this King …”

Suddenly, a fierce voice came from the ground, full of hostility.

“Fiendish water! It’s me!” The spiritual Flame King said in a deep voice.

Quot; you … You’re the spiritual Flame King?! Quot; “What are you doing with a human?!” Fiendwater King exclaimed. Are you crazy?!”

“Childe Zhufeng is not an ordinary person,” Spirit Flame King said seriously. He will save us! He will also stop the scheme of the aristocrats!”

“What? Will he stop those despicable aristocrats?”

“No!” Fiendwater King couldn’t believe it. I don’t believe it! The human heart was even more vicious than the fiercest magical beast! I will never believe in humans!”

“It’s not up to you not to believe!”

“Childe Zhufeng has already taken control of the infinite soul ring!” The spirit Flame King said solemnly. Seeing a soul ring was like seeing His Majesty the Holy King himself! The limitless demon race must listen to Childe Chen’s orders! Unless you have forgotten the teachings of our ancestors and his Majesty the Holy King!”

Fiendish water King was instantly at a loss for words. He paused for a moment and then said seriously, ” “Of course I won’t forget the ancestral teachings, and I definitely won’t forget Your Majesty! However, this brat is not His Majesty the Holy King!”

“The young man beside him is Xuanyuan tuohai!”

Quot; he is the legendary ‘demon’ in the earth-god Realm, ” the spirit Flame King continued. Quot; in fact, he has really inherited the Holy King’s bloodline! Let’s call him the ‘Holy Son’! ”

Fiendwater King was stunned for a moment, then he shouted devoutly, ” “Your subordinate greets the Holy Son! The original Holy Son is just like the legends, bringing endless slaughter and disaster to mankind!”

“I haven’t finished!”

Quot; the Holy Son is now Childe Chen’s disciple, ” Spirit Flame King continued. Quot; fiendwater, what else do you have to say? ”

Quot; what?! Quot; fiendwater King was shocked. Quot; how can our noble Holy Son have a human as his master? this … This is ridiculous! Quot;

At this moment, Xuanyuan tuohai shouted angrily, ” “My master already has the infinite soul ring. If you don’t accept it, you’re disloyal to the Holy King!”

“Besides, a teacher for a day is a father for life. I will follow master for the rest of my life! If you don’t accept it, then don’t call me Saint!”

“There’s one more important point! Right now, only my master can stop the scheme of the aristocrats! If you don’t accept it, you can just wait for your soul to be destroyed!”

Xuanyuan tuohai’s aura was imposing, and he really had the bearing of a Saint.

As the saying goes, one is marked by the company of Vermillion, and one is marked by company of ink! Following Chen Xiaobei, Xuanyuan tuohai’s courage had grown!

Fiendwater King hesitated for a while and finally compromised, ” “I’m convinced! Greetings, Childe Chen! Seeing Childe Chen was like seeing the Holy King! From now on, I’ll follow Childe Chen’s orders!”

Chen Xiaobei nodded, satisfied. Quot; “I’ll help you unseal now, and then you’ll work for me in the infinite soul ring!”

“Yes, sir!” Fiendwater King was convinced and lost his spirit.

He was underground, and the formation was in the soil and stones. He could find the formation eye and destroy it directly to remove the seal.

The evil water King’s soul did not resist at all. After it left the seal, it entered the infinite soul ring and completely submitted to Chen Xiaobei.

After that, Chen Xiaobei went to the Azure Dragon Imperial City and The White Tiger Imperial City.

Using the same method, Chen Xiaobei managed to subdue both the wildthunder King and Fantasy Gold King.

At this moment, his phone rang. It was menglu.