Chapter 1991

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Chapter 1991: A Great Tribulation is bound to come (4)

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Quot; little menglu, why are you calling? ”

Chen Xiaobei grinned as the image of the angel-faced girl from the heavenly wings clan appeared in his mind.

“Young master Chen, bad news!”

On the other end of the phone, menglu’s voice was very nervous, and she said very softly, ” “Everyone outside is saying that you killed the fourth core elder! Right now, the ishiqi family has already gathered together, and they’re going to use all their power to find you and take revenge!”

“Fourth elder? Are you talking about Ishizaki Tianhong?”

Chen Xiaobei was taken aback, but he said nonchalantly, ” “I did kill him. Whoever wants revenge, just come.”

“Heavens! This is actually real!”

Menglu couldn’t help but scream,”Childe Chen … You … How did you kill fourth elder?” This is too much!”

“Amazumi Ishizaki sent yuuda and 81 enduring fires to kill me!” “In the end, tenhon Ishizaki personally brought Qing Xuan tenche to kill me!” If I don’t kill him, do you expect him to kill me?”

Quot; this … Quot; menglu was stunned and said in disbelief, ” “But why did fourth elder want to kill you?”

“I can’t explain this in a few words.”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said, ” “If you believe me, then you don’t have to ask anymore! If you don’t believe me, there’s no use in me explaining!”

Menglu said firmly, ” I saw it with my own eyes. Young master Chen saved people a few times! Quot; Young master Chen would never kill the innocent!”

Chen Xiaobei smiled and said gently, ” “Thank you for your trust! Take care of yourself, don’t worry about me!”

“How can I not be worried?”

Monroe said nervously, ” the Shiqi family is one of the most powerful families in the Azure Dragon continent. They have sent all their experts. They are definitely a force to be reckoned with! Quot; Moreover, I’ve also heard that the great elder will also bring people to assist in the battle! At that time, you’ll be dead!”

“Great elder?” “Jiang Zhaoyan also wants to get involved?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“Jiang Heqing died because of your livestream,” menglu said,”the great elder has long wanted to take revenge!” Nbsp; now that you’ve killed the fourth elder, you are the enemy of the entire heaven dominating faction! The great elder’s revenge is perfectly justified. He will definitely not show mercy!”

Quot; that’s a little troublesome … Quot; Chen Xiaobei frowned.

“What do you mean by a little troublesome?”

Monroe said nervously, ” first elder is a super expert who has refined the God of nine flames. Moreover, first elder also has a five-star earth-god instrument! This is a fatal danger!”

“Isn’t the Qing Xuan Tian che that Ishizaki tenhong has a five-star earth-god instrument?” He was still killed by me!”

Menglu swallowed her saliva and was shocked. Quot; Quot; Childe Chen … Who are you … I feel like you’re not ordinary … As if you’re from a different world! Quot;

“You’re right!” Chen Xiaobei smiled. I’m a Superman from another world! So, you don’t have to worry about me. I have a way to take care of everything!”

“You lied to me! There’s no such thing as Superman in this world.”

Monroe said worriedly, ” but I really can’t help you with this … You’ll have to rely on yourself for everything that comes after! Quot; Young master Chen! You must be careful!”

“I know, I’ll be fine.” Chen Xiaobei smiled, feeling warm inside.

Just as he hung up, Chen Xiaobei received another message.

Mu chenfeng,”master!” The clay Bodhisattva has just predicted that you will face a Great Tribulation today! The canopy great country is preparing to make your Great Tribulation into a death tribulation!

Mu chenfeng replied,”please give me your orders, master!”

“I’ll send you my current location later. Think of a way to let the Ishizaki family know!”

Mu chenfeng thought,”this … Why is this?” Master is in trouble today, so he should be hiding. How could he expose his position?

Chen Xiaobei: ” you don’t have to worry about that. Just do as I say! Quot;

Mu chenfeng replied,”Yes, sir …”

After that, Chen Xiaobei brought Xuanyuan tuohai to a deserted area in the devil earth.

Chen Xiaobei sent the location to mu chenfeng and waited for the enemy to arrive.

Xuanyuan tuohai knew that he would not be of much help if he stayed outside. Instead, he would only cause Chen Xiaobei more trouble. So, he did not insist and followed Chen Xiaobei’s orders.

Time passed bit by bit, and what was supposed to come had finally come.

With Chen Xiaobei as the center, there were hundreds of large space carriers coming from all directions. There were at least 100000 people!

This time, in order to take revenge on Chen Xiaobei, not only did the Shiqi family send out all their powerful fighters, but all the forces under them had also sent people to help!

The main point was that the Azure Dragon Imperial city’s Jiang family had also gotten involved. With Jiang Zhaoyan’s wave of his arm and a call, who on the Azure Dragon continent would dare to not give face? Who would dare not come to help?

In an instant, hundreds of space carriers gathered and completely surrounded the area.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh …”

The space carrier landed at a suitable altitude. Then, people started to land like a storm.

A hundred thousand people surrounded Chen Xiaobei from all directions.

Jiang Zhaoyan and the Shiqi family’s first elder, Shiqi heigui, walked in front, slowly approaching Chen Xiaobei.

“Little brat! Let’s see where else you can run to!”

Jiang Zhaoyan’s eyes were cold and he shouted with a murderous aura, ” Quot; you killed Jiang Shaodian and Jiang Heqing. You must repay these two blood debts with blood! Quot;

“If Jiang Shaodian and Jiang Heqing didn’t want to kill me, I wouldn’t have to do anything to them,” Chen Xiaobei said.

Ishiqi kuizui was burning with rage, as he gritted his teeth and roared, ” “Little bastard! You caused the death of the leader of the ishiqi family, ishigashi! This was an irreconcilable hatred! I’m going to tear you to pieces today!”

Quot; that old bastard! Quot; Chen Xiaobei sneered. Quot; he’s bullying the young! He’s so shameless! Quot; You brought a five-star earth-god instrument to kill me, but you’re not as good as him and you’re going to die. Now you’re blaming me?”

“That’s right!” Ishizaki kuigui roared. And our Shiqi family’s most precious treasure, the Azure heaven incarnate! You must hand it over immediately!”

“I’m sorry, Qing Xuan Tian che is not in my hands.” Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said, ” “Even if you kill me, you won’t be able to get it.”

“Little bastard! What right do you have to be so arrogant!”

Ishiqi kuizui’s eyes were about to spit fire.”I will definitely kill you! However, if you don’t hand over Qing Xuan Tian che, I will make you wish you were dead before you die!”

“I’ll tell you the truth!”

The corner of Chen Xiaobei’s lips curled up into a devilish smile. Quot; “Qing Xuan Tian che is in my second Shixiong’s hands! If you dare to touch a single hair on my head, my second senior brother will kill all of you!”