Chapter 1992

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Chapter 1992: Second senior brother, save me (1)

“We have 100000 powerhouses here today!” Ishiqi kuigui said disdainfully. Not to mention your second senior brother! Even if your backer comes, you’ll die without a doubt!”

“Hehe, you guys aren’t qualified to see my backer!”

Quot; I’m fine! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said, ” my second Shixiong can handle these 100000 rotten eggs by himself! Quot;

As soon as he said that, the surrounding 100000 people exploded.

“You little brat! You’re too arrogant! We are the top powerhouses of the major forces, and some of our leaders are among us! You dare to look down on us! Simply looking for death!”

“Little brat! Acting tough will get you struck by lightning! Where is your second senior brother? Call him out! We’ll kill him in minutes!”

“Call your second senior out! Why is he like a turtle hiding in its shell? You can’t even see a shadow?”

“Everyone, stop quarreling!”

Jiang Zhaoyan shouted, his killing intent as sharp as a knife, ” “No matter who this kid’s second senior brother is, we must kill this kid today! I won’t give him a chance to live!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Zhaoyan took out a green saber. His true essence surged, and the spiritual fluctuation reached the strength of a five-star earth-god instrument!

Upon seeing this, the people around them immediately exclaimed, ” “Heavens! What a powerful spiritual fluctuation! This is the most precious treasure of the Jiang family of Green Dragon, the Green Dragon Star Moon saber, a five-star earth-god instrument!”

Chen Xiaobei furrowed his brows and was on full alert.

Jiang Zhaoyan was already a nine-fire god-refining elite, and with the Green Dragon Star Moon saber, he was more than enough to fight Chen Xiaobei!

Moreover, other than Jiang Zhaoyan, there were many other powerful people around, all of them staring at Chen Xiaobei!

If they were to fight face to face, Chen Xiaobei’s chances of winning would be very low!

Sure enough, before he finished his sentence, Ishizaki kuizui also took out a steel fork. His ethereal force was at the level of a four-star earth-god instrument!

“Woof! Buzzzzzz! Yi …”

Then, the 100000 powerhouses around him also drew their weapons one after another.

Among them, there were hundreds of low-tier earth-god instruments!

The rest were all high-rank spirit weapons!

All in all, these magical items posed no threat to Chen Xiaobei.

However, if they were to combine their powers, they would undoubtedly pose a fatal threat to Chen Xiaobei!

“Great elder Jiang is right! It doesn’t matter if this kid has a second senior brother or not. Today is the day he dies!”

Ishiqi kuizui raised his Pitchfork and roared madly, ” “Everyone! Form a battle formation! Set up an inescapable net! We can’t let this kid get away!”

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh … Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh …”

As soon as he finished speaking, the 100000 powerhouses began to move.

With dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people as units, these experts quickly formed hundreds of battle formations.

Terrifying energy fluctuations circulated back and forth between these battle formations.

100,000 experts! A hundred battle formations!

In this situation, Chen Xiaobei’s chances of winning had plummeted even further!

If they were to fight face to face, Chen Xiaobei would not even have a ten percent chance of winning!

“Little brat! Now that things have come to this, are you still not going to kneel down and accept your death?”

Jiang Zhaoyan’s mouth was wide open, his expression as ferocious as a demon’s. He wanted to eat Chen Xiaobei’s flesh and drink his blood.

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said, ” “My second senior brother will come to save me soon! When the time comes, all of you should kneel down and accept your death!”

“Numbing! You still dare to act tough even when you’re about to die!”

Ishiqi kuizui gritted his teeth and roared: “If Qing Xuan Tian che is really in your second senior’s hands! Our Shiqi family will do whatever it takes to fight with your second senior! He can’t save you, he can’t even save himself!”

“Ishiqi Kuros! There’s no need to talk nonsense with this kid!”

Quot; shut up! Quot; Jiang Zhaoyan shouted impatiently, ” take him down directly and cripple his cultivation. Then, torture him slowly. He will definitely tell you where Qing Xuan Tian che is! Quot;

“Great elder Jiang is right!”

Ishiqi kuizui’s eyes narrowed, and he suddenly waved the steel fork in his hand.

The steel fork had been filled with spiritual energy in advance. At this moment, he burned one billion low-grade spiritual energy to activate the power of a four-star earth-god.

The red spiritual light expanded and transformed into a huge steel fork Dharma image, which seemed to be able to Pierce a hole in the sky.

“Stop! Chen Xiaobei’s life! It’s mine!”

At this moment, an angry roar came from the sky.

Everyone looked over and saw a figure jump down from an aircraft hundreds of meters in the air.

As the man fell, he swung the green saber in his hand.

A green saber radiance fell down like a green waterfall and hit the Dharma power of the red Steel fork.

The steel fork Dharma power collapsed instantly. It was clear that there was a huge gap in strength.

Ishiqi kuizui was hit by the huge impact and was sent flying more than ten meters away, knocking down many experts behind him.

“Qing … Qing Xuan Tian che is in that person’s hands!”

In the next moment, 100000 pairs of eyes fell on the newcomer!

It was Tian Peng, the one who held the five-star earth-god instrument Qing Xuan Tian Che!

“Second senior! You’ve come to save me! That’s great! I knew you would come!”

Chen Xiaobei’s face was full of excitement. His Oscar-level acting skills were on full display, and his acting was very real, full of true feelings.

At that moment, most of the people around believed that Tian Peng was Chen Xiaobei’s second Shixiong.

“You little brat! What nonsense are you spouting? Who said I’m here to save you!” Tian Peng’s eyes widened in anger and he was very unhappy.

“Second senior! Don’t be stubborn! Even though I’ve offended you before, I know that you still care about me!”

Quot; you … Quot; Chen Xiaobei grinned. Quot; if you didn’t help me last time, how could I have killed Ishizaki tenhon? ”

“Ishizaki Tianhong? Who is it?” Tian Peng did not understand what Chen Xiaobei was saying.

“Alright! So it’s you!”

At this moment, Ishizaki Kuroki jumped up and pointed at Tian Peng. Quot; “So, it was you and Chen Zhufeng who killed the leader of the ishiqi family! If I don’t take my revenge, I, ishigasaki kuigui, swear that I’m not a human!”

“What nonsense is this?” Tian Peng frowned and said, ” I’m here to kill Chen Zhufeng! I have the same goal as you! They’re not enemies!”

“You’re here to kill Chen Zhufeng? Are you trying to fool a fool? You just saved him!”

“Of course, if you’re really not an enemy, then return Qing Xuan Tian che to me!”

Tian Peng’s brows furrowed and he was obviously reluctant to leave. Quot; “Chen Zhufeng also has a five-star earth-god instrument! I’ll return the Qing Xuan heavenly Jade to you. How can I fight Chen Zhufeng?”

“If you don’t return Qing Xuan Tian Che!” Ishiqi kuizui roared. Then you’re still an enemy! A great enemy that won’t rest until one of us is dead!”

Quot; no, listen to me … Quot; Tian Peng still wanted to explain.

However, at this moment, the aircraft that Tian Peng was on just now fired a laser beam at ishiqi Shei GUI!

Ishiqi Shei GUI and many of the experts around him were caught off guard and were instantly injured by the laser beams. They screamed in pain.

Seeing this, Jiang Zhaoyan immediately roared, ” “There’s nothing more to say! Everyone, listen to my command! Kill Chen Xiaobei and his second Shixiong on the spot! Do not let them go!”

In an instant, 100000 people roared, their power shaking the world!