Chapter 1993 - Where's the sleeping straw man (2)

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Chapter 1993: Where’s the sleeping straw man (2)

“Wait a minute! Let me explain!”

Tian Peng’s expression became very ugly. He felt that he had been tricked again.

One had to know that the power of the joint attack of the 100000 people was not to be underestimated!

Once the war started, even the canopy great country did not have the confidence to win! Moreover, once the war started, the canopy great country wouldn’t be able to defend themselves!

However, before Tian Peng could explain, the aircraft in the sky once again fired laser attacks at the people on the ground!

It was an Azure Dragon-grade flying device, and its attack was extremely powerful. Many people were injured on the spot.

“F * ck … Mu chenfeng, that idiot. What the hell is he doing …”

Tian Peng’s face turned green as he fiercely looked up at the sky. He wanted to fly up and beat up mu chenfeng, who was flying the aircraft!

Obviously, the first attack of the aircraft had angered everyone!

The second attack completely cut off Tian Peng’s chance to explain himself!

“Everyone, hear my order! Don’t be fooled by Chen Zhufeng’s second senior brother! He was here to help Chen Zhufeng! Everyone, attack with all your might! No mercy! Kill!”

Quot; die! Quot; Jiang Zhaoyan roared and slashed at the aircraft in the air with his Green Dragon Star Moon saber.

“F * ck! What’s wrong with mu chenfeng?”

Tian Peng’s face turned green. He couldn’t understand why his loyal dog mu chenfeng would ruin his plans at such a crucial time.

The loyal dogs that had eaten the heavenly dog biscuit were all 100% loyal!

However, Tian Peng did not expect that mu chenfeng had become Chen Xiaobei’s loyal dog after eating his high-grade heavenly dog biscuit!

Mu chenfeng stayed by Tian Peng’s side to be a spy and help Chen Xiaobei in the dark!

Of course, Tian Peng didn’t know about this!

Moreover, Tian Peng did not have time to think too much.

After all, mu chenfeng and the clay Bodhisattva were on the flying device.

To Tian Peng, these two people were loyal dogs of great value. He couldn’t let them die like this!

Since this battle could not be avoided, Tian Peng could only fight!

Tian Peng also slashed out Qing Xuan Tian che. The blade Qi rose three hundred meters and blocked Jiang Zhaoyan’s attack.

The aircraft in the sky escaped and quickly turned around to escape, not daring to stay in the sky above the battlefield.

At the same time, the hundreds of arrays around him were all activated.

Terrifying true essence shot up into the sky like a splendid fireworks party.

Each of these magnificent ‘fireworks’ were deadly. They were aimed at Chen Xiaobei and Tian Peng!

Of course, most of the powerful attacks were aimed at the canopy.

After all, in everyone’s eyes, the canopy great country was much more dangerous than Chen Xiaobei because he had the Qing Xuan Tian che.

“Second senior! Was this the legendary ‘fate makes fools of people’? You’ve come to kill me, but in the end, you have to fight alongside me!”

Chen Xiaobei grinned and looked at Tian Peng.

“Bah! I will not fight alongside you!”

Tian Peng clenched the Qing Xuan Tian che and charged at Chen Xiaobei, ” “I’ll kill you first, and then these idiots around me will naturally stop!

“Second senior! You better think carefully! Are you really not going to fight alongside me?” Quot; what? ” Chen Xiaobei frowned. Quot; without my help, you can’t win against these people! Quot;

Tian Peng slashed out with killing intent, ” “Kid, have you been scared silly? I told you, as long as I kill you, the people around me will naturally stop … Stop … Where is he?”

Before he finished his words, Tian Peng’s face was filled with shock.

“Where are they? F … F * ck … Chen Xiaobei! You scammer!”

Tian Peng’s face darkened. His eyes were as wide as a bull’s, and his mouth was so wide that a fist could fit in.

In an instant, Chen Xiaobei disappeared from the battlefield. Tian Peng was identified as Chen Xiaobei’s second Shixiong by the enemy.

The main point was that Tian Peng did not want to return Qing Xuan Tian che, but they could not take out Chen Xiaobei’s head.

Without a doubt, Tian Peng was destined to take on all the attacks of his enemies.

In the blink of an eye, a vast amount of true essence had already landed on Tian Peng’s head.

Hundreds of streaks of vital essence criss-crossed like a net and covered Tian Peng without leaving any blind spots.

It was imperative to face the attack head-on!

“F * ck! Don’t think that I will admit defeat!”

Tian Peng gritted his teeth and clenched the Qing Xuan Tian che with both hands. He suddenly activated the power of a five-star earth-god.

A ray of green light rose up against the sky and suddenly cut through the sky Net formed by a large amount of vital essence in the sky with a destructive force!

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After all, Qing Xuan Tian che was a five-star earth-god instrument. Its power was not to be taken lightly!

Of course! That true energy Sky Net was not the enemy’s full attack! The stronger attacks were all hidden behind the heavenly net!

“Woof! Buzzzzzz! Yi …”

In the next moment, Jiang Zhaoyan, ishiqi heigui, and a small number of the strongest core members of the two forces all waved their earth-god instruments and attacked second senior brother!

This small group of core members did not have a large number, only a dozen or so!

However, each of them had extremely high cultivation and more importantly, they all had earth-god instruments in their hands!

Jiang Zhaoyan was at the forefront, and the Green Dragon Star Moon saber in his hand suddenly struck.

The Green Dragon Dharma power condensed instantly. One claw grabbed the stars, and the other grabbed the moon! He was like a Celestial Dragon from another world, erupting with an unimaginably huge combat power!

The power of Qing Xuan Tian Che’s blade Qi had been greatly reduced after it had cut through the sky Net.

It was also a five-star earth-god instrument, but the power of the green Dragon Dharma was at its peak. It crushed qingxuan and tianche’s saber Qi in an instant.

At that moment, the power of the green Dragon was greatly reduced.

However, the dozen experts behind Jiang Zhaoyan were no longer in their way. They raised their earth-god instruments and attacked the canopy.

“You dog thief! Go to hell! My Shiqi family’s Qing Xuan Tian che will be taken back by my own hands!”

Holding a four-star earth-god grade Pitchfork in his hand, shisaki kuizui took the lead and charged at Tian Peng!

The steel fork burst into a Crimson Dharma image, its power covering the sky and earth, terrifying beyond compare.

“Hmph! Trash like you don’t have the right to kill me!”

Tian Peng’s eyes narrowed and he waved the Qing Xuan Tian che towards ishiqi hei GUI.

However, this time, Tian Peng only waved his sword and did not activate the power of the five-star earth-god instrument.

“What?” “Why didn’t you activate your earth-god Power?” Ishizaki kuigui asked in surprise.

Tian Peng’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he laughed.”I am an earth immortal!”