Chapter 1994

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Chapter 1994: Advantages of an earth level deity (3)

“What? You’re an earth immortal?”

Ishiqi kuizui’s expression froze for a moment before he burst out laughing.”Are you a f * cking retard? You look like you’re not even 30 years old. If you’re an earth immortal, I’d be a great principal golden immortal!”

Tian Peng snorted in disdain. His dantian started to operate and burst out the genuine vitality of a peak four-star earth-god!

Ishizaki kuigui instantly screamed in shock, unable to believe his eyes. Quot; you … You’re really a four-star earth-god … And a peak four-star … My God … Am I dreaming? ”

Even though the steel fork in ishiqi Shei GUI’s hand was also a four-star earth-god instrument, he was instantly plunged into despair.

One had to know that a billion low-grade spiritual artifacts had to be burned to activate the maximum power of a four-star earth-god instrument!

Even with the maximum amount of spiritual energy, it could only launch ten attacks at most!

However, a four-star earth-god was different. His vital essence came from his dantian and could be freely withdrawn without any external help!

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As long as his sea of Qi dantian was not exhausted, he would be able to launch a four-star earth-god level attack!

At the earth level deity realm, the dantian was already quite vast and could hold a lot of vital essence. Even if he used hundreds or thousands of moves in a row, it would not be exhausted!

This was the difference between an earth-god instrument and an earth-god!

Simply put, Tian Peng only needed ten moves to exhaust a four-star earth-god instrument full of spiritual energy and win without a fight!

From this, it could be seen that in the competition of the same level, earth-god instruments were easily crushed by earth-god instruments!

It was because of this that countless experts desperately pursued their own cultivation, only then would they pursue the level of their Dharma Treasures!

As long as one’s cultivation was high enough, they could suppress all Dharma Treasures!

The current situation also confirmed this point. The moment he found out about Tian Peng’s cultivation level, ishiqi Shei GUI fell into despair!

Moreover, Tian Peng was a peak four-star and his ethereal force could definitely suppress ishiqi Shei’s steel fork!

Before the attack had even moved, the outcome had already been decided!

“Ninefangs! Shatter the mountain!”

Tian Peng roared and his own vital essence formed a huge nine-toothed rake in front of Qing Xuan Tian Che!

Rakes were originally a tool used by farmers in the human world.

The full name of this rake was upper treasure Qin golden rake!

In terms of grade, the nine-toothed rake was even better than Monkey King’s golden-hooped rod!

Of course, Shen Gongbao wouldn’t let Tian Peng bring the nine-toothed rake down to earth.

What had appeared now was only the Dharma form of the rake and not the actual body. Otherwise, the entire devil earth continent would have been split into pieces!

Furthermore, the Dharma was more than enough to deal with ishiqi kuizui!

With a loud explosion, the nine-toothed rake Dharma idol destroyed the steel fork’s attack without any suspense.

Tian Peng stepped on the ground and his body turned into a Phantom. In an instant, he crossed the battlefield and appeared in front of ishiqi Shei GUI.

Quot; don’t … Don’t kill me … Please … I won’t do it again … Please don’t kill me … Quot; shisaki kuigui screamed hysterically, almost peeing in his pants.

“You want to kill me, but you’re telling me not to kill you? How can there be such a logic in the world?”

Tian Peng’s eyes were filled with anger and killing intent. Without hesitation, he waved the Qing Xuan Tian che and chopped down on ishiqi hei GUI’s head.

Qing Xuan Tian Che’s sharp blade and the power of the canopy split hei GUI’s body in half.

Quot; Oh my God … It’s … It’s so scary … Chen Zhufeng’s second senior brother is really an earth level deity … And he’s a peak four-star earth level deity … Quot;

Quot; what kind of power is Chen Zhufeng’s backing? he has such a young earth level deity as his senior brother … Quot;

Quot; only the top forces in the earth-god Realm can have such a super genius as a disciple … Their backing must be extremely terrifying … Quot;

Quot; we’ve offended Chen Zhufeng and his second senior brother … We’re dead meat … Quot;

All of a sudden, the surrounding 100000 people all cried out in fear, and despair spread rapidly among the crowd.

“Who else wants to kill me? Just come out!”

Tian Peng held the Qing Xuan Tian che in one hand and picked up the four star steel fork in the other. He swept his gaze across the entire scene, not putting anyone in his eyes.

At this moment, everyone’s hearts were deeply shocked. Out of the vast 100000 people, not a single one dared to voice out their challenge.

They were like a hundred thousand cowardly tortoises who didn’t even dare to breathe.

“Everyone, calm down! Listen to me!”

However, at this moment, Jiang Zhaoyan stood up and shouted, ” “Chen Zhufeng and his second senior brother have an extraordinary backer! If we let them go, it’s the same as letting a Tiger return to the mountain. Sooner or later, we’ll be retaliated against!”

As soon as he said that, the surrounding hundred thousand people’s faces changed dramatically, and their pupils shrank.

In their eyes, Tian Peng was only Chen Xiaobei’s second Shixiong and he was already a peak four-star earth-god.

What about Chen Xiaobei’s eldest Shixiong? Where was Chen Xiaobei’s uncle-master and shizun? Just how terrifying were these people of higher seniority?

When they thought of this, the hearts of the 100000 people were filled with fear. They were afraid of revenge from the bottom of their hearts.

“If we don’t want revenge! There’s only one way!”

Jiang Zhaoyan held his Green Dragon Star Moon saber tightly and shouted, ” “Kill Chen Zhufeng and his second senior brother! Only by killing them will we not be retaliated against! If we let the Tiger return to the mountain, we will only die!”

As soon as he said that, the surrounding 100000 people all came to a sudden realization. Their fearful eyes gradually became determined and revealed a strong will to fight.

“Great elder Jiang is right! We have no way out! I can only fight to the end!”

“Everyone, don’t panic! We have so many people! And the Green Dragon Star Moon saber of Grand Elder Jiang! I’m completely capable of fighting him!”

“Right! Let’s work together and kill Chen Zhufeng’s second senior brother! As long as this guy is dead, Chen Zhufeng won’t be able to do anything!”

“Fight! We are not afraid of him! Fight him to the end!”

Everyone’s morale was raised, and their fighting spirit gradually boiled. Cries for battle rose and fell.

“What a bunch of idiots who aren’t afraid of death!”

Tian Peng’s eyes focused and locked onto Jiang Zhaoyan. He charged out.”To capture the bandits, first capture the king! I’ll kill you first, old thing, and see how the minions around here can still run!”

Tian Peng’s hands shot out and the five star earth level deity power of Qing Xuan Tian che burst out. The four star steel fork turned into a nine-toothed rake!

The two Dharma laksanas attacked at the same time and suddenly smashed down on Jiang Zhaoyan’s head.