Chapter 1995

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Chapter 1995: Turn of events (4)

“You want to kill me? It won’t be that easy!”

Jiang Zhaoyan’s eyes narrowed, and he suddenly activated the power of the green Dragon Star Moon saber.

Accompanied by a shocking dragon roar, the Green Dragon Dharma form condensed again. With a claw on the star and a claw on the moon, it suddenly rushed up with the power to overturn the sky and the sea!

In the next moment, the Green Dragon Dharma form and qingxuan tianche’s 300-meter blade Qi clashed head-on.

These two attacks came from five-star earth-god instruments, and they were about the same level, both of them were early five-star.

Therefore, in a head-on confrontation, the Green Dragon Dharma power and the green profound saber Qi were almost equal and were in a stalemate.

“Our trump cards are equally big! But I’m better than you, I have a little Wang!”

Tian Peng let go and used his faith to control Qing Xuan Tian che to fight with the Green Dragon in the air!

The next moment, Tian Peng held his four-star steel fork tightly and went around the area of confrontation to attack Jiang Zhaoyan!

Obviously, as long as the Green Dragon Star Moon saber was entangled, Jiang Zhaoyan would not be Tian Peng’s opponent. He would be killed in one move.

After all, Jiang Zhaoyan was only at the nine-fire god-refining stage and was thousands of miles away from being an earth level deity.

However, in such a situation, Jiang Zhaoyan was not afraid at all. He sneered, ” “You have a small Wang? I have nine!”

Tian Peng was dazed. He felt the terrifying energy coming from all directions.

“Woof! Buzzzzzz! Yi …”

Tian Peng looked over and saw that the 100000 people had formed nine large-scale battle formations and released nine beams of terrifying vital essence that were comparable to four-star earth-god instruments!

They were like nine evil dragons that rolled out of the sea, stirring the world, tearing space, and crushing all obstacles in the world. The power was terrifying and simply shocking.

“F * ck! I’ve underestimated the ants around me …”

Tian Peng’s face turned cold and he frowned. He had to give up on attacking and retreat.

Tian Peng gathered true Qi in one hand and waved the steel fork in the other. He blocked the attacks of the nine Dragons.

Fortunately, Tian Peng was a peak four-star earth-god, otherwise, he would have been killed or disabled by such attacks!

However, before Tian Peng could catch his breath, Jiang Zhaoyan launched a new attack.

The main point was that the nine arrays around him had also launched nine four-star earth-god level attacks at the same time.

Quot; f * ck … If this continues, the true essence in my sea of Qi dantian will be consumed too quickly. I have to use my true essence nine times in one wave of attacks … Sooner or later, they will take it out of my sea of Qi dantian. At that time, I will be dead … Quot;

Tian Peng’s heart trembled as he felt a strong threat.

However, although Tian Peng knew that the battle was not going well, he had no way to change it and could only fight!

Qingxuan tianche blocked the Green Dragon Star Moon saber. They were evenly matched, it was hard to tell who was stronger!

Tian Peng had to use his nine streaks of true essence to defend against the nine battle formations.

Although they could hold on for now, once the dantian dried up, the canopy great country would lose for sure!

It was obvious that Jiang Zhaoyan and the hundred thousand people around him knew the direction of the battle. Without a word, they started to attack the canopy great country!

Tian Peng knew very well that the Zhen Yuan in his dantian was decreasing. More importantly, the spiritual Qi that was injected into Qing Xuan Tian che was also running out.

At that time, Tian Peng wouldn’t even have the chance to inject spiritual Qi again. Defeat would be inevitable!

Tian Peng was focused on defense and was worried about the situation.

Never in his dreams would he have thought that a hidden arrow would be shot from the blind spot of his vision, directly piercing into the flesh of his right shoulder.

The hidden arrow had a hook, and when Tian Peng pulled it out, his skin split open and blood flowed out.

Tian Peng looked at Jiang Zhaoyan with a ferocious expression.

Don’t forget, Jiang Zhaoyan was the highest-ranking leader of the Azure Dragon Imperial City. How could he only have One earth-god instrument?

“Heh, this is a battlefield! It’s not like this is a sports meet! As the saying goes, all’s fair in war! The reason you fell for it is not because I am despicable, but because you are stupid!”

Jiang Zhaoyan’s face was filled with a sinister smile, and he was holding a thousand-mechanism crossbow that was glowing with spiritual light!

The spiritual fluctuation on the crossbow was as high as a four-star earth-god level!

The hidden arrow had been shot by the thousand-contraption crossbow. It carried the power of a four-star earth-god and pierced through the skin of Tian Peng’s right shoulder.

Fortunately, Tian Peng was a peak four-star earth-god, otherwise, his right arm would have been disabled.

“Do you think you can defeat me by shooting an arrow in the dark? How childish …”

Tian Peng was extremely disdainful but before he finished speaking, he fell into extreme fear, ” “Eh? Why is my right arm numb … All the veins in my body are numb … I can’t use my true essence …”

“Hehe, of course I’m clear that I can’t beat you with a single hidden arrow! So, I added some seasoning to the arrow!”

Jiang Zhaoyan smiled sinisterly. Quot; it’s the death Wind ant’s poison. The poisoned person will first feel numb all over. Then, they will feel as if they are being bitten by hundreds of millions of poisonous ants. Finally, their skin and flesh will break and their internal organs will be crushed. Their entire body will turn into a pool of blood! Quot;

Quot; you … Quot; Tian Peng’s face turned ugly and he knelt on the ground powerlessly. His face was filled with anger and unwillingness.

At this moment, the 100000 people around stopped attacking. They all grinned and looked at Tian Peng gloatingly.

They didn’t need to waste their energy to attack. They just needed to wait for the canopy to turn into blood.

Quot; give me the earth-god instrument first. Don’t let it be dirtied by your blood! Quot;

Jiang Zhaoyan smiled evilly and walked over, wanting to take away Qing Xuan Tian che and the four star steel fork.

“You despicable bitch … I, Tian Peng, will not let you go even if I become a ghost …”

Tian Peng’s expression was twisted and he was extremely unwilling.

However, he had completely lost the ability to resist as he was poisoned. He could only watch as the enemy approached.

Quot; hehe, I’ve said it before. It’s not that I’m despicable, but that you’re stupid! Quot;

Jiang Zhaoyan smiled and looked down at Tian Peng. Quot; Quot; of course, if you call Chen Zhufeng out now, I can leave your corpse intact. Otherwise, you’ll be reduced to a puddle of blood and die a horrible death! Quot;

Quot; Chen … Chen … Quot; Tian Peng’s expression changed and his ferocious expression suddenly relaxed. The grievances and unwillingness in his heart were swept away and he revealed a smile.

“What are you laughing at? Could it be that he was scared silly?”

Quot; I don’t care if you tell us or not, ” Jiang Zhaoyan grinned. Quot; we’ll find Chen Zhufeng and cut him into pieces. He won’t have a good life … Ugh … Quot;

Before he could finish his words, a long sword as red as fire suddenly pierced Jiang Zhaoyan’s body from behind, directly penetrating his sea of Qi dantian and then stabbing out from his body.