Chapter 1996 - You're not qualified (1)

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Chapter 1996: You’re not qualified (1)

Jiang Zhaoyan looked as if he had seen a ghost. He turned around but didn’t see anyone.

100,000 pairs of eyes were watching, but they didn’t see anyone.

Did he really see a ghost?

“Didn’t you want to find me? Now I’m here on my own! Are you satisfied?”

At this moment, an indifferent voice suddenly came from the void, giving everyone a big fright.

An ink-colored ghost mask appeared out of thin air.

Chen Xiaobei’s face was revealed when the mask was taken off. His expression was calm, but his dark eyes were filled with murderous intent.

At this moment, the explosive flame Spirit King Sword pierced through Jiang Zhaoyan’s dantian from behind, which was equivalent to directly crippling the old man’s cultivation.

Chen Xiaobei only needed to think about it and Jiang Zhaoyan would be dead.

Chen Xiaobei did not abandon canopy and run away by himself. Instead, he had been hiding around the area, wearing the Nightstalker outfit, ready to help!

Quot; Chen … Chen Zhufeng … You’re so despicable … You’re ten thousand times more cunning than a Fox … Quot;

Jiang Zhaoyan’s body trembled as he spat out a mouthful of blood. His tone was filled with endless hatred. He wished he could fight Chen Xiaobei to the death.

Unfortunately, his cultivation had been destroyed and he had no spirituality. Even though Jiang Zhaoyan had two earth-god instruments, he couldn’t use them.

Jiang Zhaoyan could do nothing but wait for his death.

“Heh, you just said it yourself, all’s fair in war!”

Quot; you failed not because I’m cunning, but because you’re too stupid! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said.

Quot; you … I … Quot; Jiang Zhaoyan was instantly speechless.

Ten seconds ago, Jiang Zhaoyan had used the same words to humiliate Tian Peng.

Jiang Zhaoyan’s face turned green at Chen Xiaobei’s return of the favor.

Seeing this scene, Tian Peng didn’t say anything but he felt extremely satisfied and relieved.

“Don’t kill me … Please don’t kill me …” He begged.

Jiang Zhaoyan’s body trembled and his face turned ugly. He said in a sad voice, ” “I’m the highest leader of the Azure Dragon Capital city … Kill me … You’ll be hunted down endlessly …”

“So, are you threatening me?” Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows in disdain.

“Right! I’m just threatening you …”

Jiang Zhaoyan gritted his teeth and said,”if you think the Azure Dragon Imperial City is not powerful enough, there’s still Grand Elder Nangong Kurong and the Lord of the earth-god Realm!” If you dare to touch me … The people from the earth-god Realm will come and you will die …”

Before Chen Xiaobei could say anything, Tian Peng said, ” “Young master Chen! Don’t kill him! Otherwise, we’ll be in big trouble!”

“Oh?” Quot; second Shixiong? ” Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and smiled. Quot; are you concerned about me? ”

“Bah! Who … Who’s concerned about you …”

Tian Peng’s face turned green. Quot; now, everyone thinks that I’m your second senior. If you get into trouble, I’ll definitely be in trouble! Quot;

Hearing this, Jiang Zhaoyan smugly laughed. Quot; “Chen Zhufeng! Did you see that? Your second senior brother is a wise man! Listen to him and don’t kill me. It’s good for both of us!”

“The Lord you just mentioned, is it the demon Lord of the demonic sect?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“Ah?” “I can’t tell you!” Jiang Zhaoyan was stunned.

It was obvious that Jiang Zhaoyan, like Ishizaki Tianhong, knew the important secrets of the demonic sect.

However, they had all been cursed by the demon. As long as they mentioned the secret, their hearts would burst and they would die.

Chen Xiaobei understood what she meant and said, ” “Since you can’t tell me, you have no value!”

“Yup! I have no value to you! So, just let me go!” Jiang Zhaoyan quickly said.

“Who said I’m going to let you go?”

Chen Xiaobei said, ” “I hate being threatened! Anyone who threatens me will either submit or die! There is no third option!”

Quot; hiss … Quot; Jiang Zhaoyan gasped and said in surprise, ” “You’re not afraid of Nangong kuirong? Aren’t you afraid of the exalt?”

“If I’m afraid, why don’t I run away from the devil earth?” Chen Xiaobei asked. Why are you risking your lives to break your scheme?”

Quot; this … Quot; Jiang Zhaoyan was stunned, and cold sweat poured down like rain.

He did not expect Chen Xiaobei to be so overbearing! He was so supercilious!

Jiang Zhaoyan knew very well that Chen Xiaobei was not joking. So, he immediately admitted defeat and said, ” Quot; I don’t want to die … I surrender … I’m willing to be your servant … And be at your beck and call … Quot;

“Do you think I’m a garbage collection point?”

Quot; you! Quot; Chen Xiaobei sneered. Quot; you’re just a useless piece of trash! You don’t have the right to be my servant! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei then exploded the flame Spirit King Sword and split Jiang Zhaoyan’s upper body in half.

In an instant, blood spurted out, and internal organs were thrown into chaos!

He was the highest-ranking leader of the Azure Dragon Imperial City! Nbsp; heaven dominating faction core great elder! A Supreme expert ranked within the top ten of the great heavenly fate ranking!

Just like that, he had ended up with a miserable death without an intact corpse!

The 100,000 onlookers were all deeply shocked by the scene!

All of them were dumbstruck, their pupils contracting uncontrollably, their hearts beating wildly, their bodies turning cold, and fear seeped into their bones!

As the saying goes, to capture the bandits, first capture the king!

With Jiang Zhaoyan’s death, the 100000 people around them completely lost their backbone. Not only did they become a pile of loose sand, but their fighting spirit also collapsed in an instant.

Without waiting for Chen Xiaobei to say anything, the 100000 people turned around and ran for their lives.

In an instant, all 100000 people had run away.

Quot; Chen Xiaobei … You’re too overbearing … Quot;

Tian Peng was also shocked. He frowned, ” “From this moment on, you will attract countless troubles! I’m also destined to be implicated by you …”

“Second senior brother’s heart is as strong as iron, but there are times when you’re afraid?” Chen Xiaobei smiled and picked up the storage bracelet, Green Dragon star and moon saber, and the thousand-machine crossbow from Jiang Zhaoyan’s body.

Quot; I … What am I afraid of?! Quot;

Tian Peng gritted his teeth,”from the moment I decided to descend, I have already put life and death aside!” If I can’t even handle such a small problem, what right do I have to fight for a chance of survival in the immeasurable catastrophe?”

“Since second senior brother is not afraid, what’s the difference whether I kill Jiang Zhaoyan or not?” Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said.

At the same time, Chen Xiaobei took out a few small bottles from Jiang Zhaoyan’s storage bracelet. He opened them and sniffed at them. He found the antidote to the zombie wind ant poison and threw it to Tian Peng.

Tian Peng took some antidote and his complexion gradually recovered, ” “I’m not afraid, and neither are you! But don’t forget, you’re still leading a large group of people from bei Xuan faction! Aren’t they afraid?”

“Oh? Second senior brother, are you concerned about my family and friends?” Chen Xiaobei grinned.