Chapter 1999 - The witch of the winter (4)

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Chapter 1999: The witch of the winter (4)

Chen Xiaobei rode on the somersault cloud, and under the guidance of the Four Guardian Kings, he went to another deserted area.

According to the Four Guardian Kings, the limitless nine-floor Pagoda was the Treasury of the limitless demon nation.

During the great battle back then, the boundless nine-floor Pagoda was not found by the human race and was still buried deep underground.

As long as he obtained the limitless nine-floor Pagoda, it would be equivalent to having all the wealth and resources of the ancient devil nation during its peak.

With this wealth and resources, they could even compete with the four royal cities of the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and black Tortoise.

When he reached his destination, Chen Xiaobei immediately took out his earth escape Holy gourd and went deep underground.

Fortunately, the earth escape immortal Gu’s Mountain-penetrating speed was even faster than the somersault cloud, so it didn’t waste too much time.

80,000 meters below the ground, there was a huge and majestic underground Palace!

In the underground palace, there were demonic embossed and stone statues of various sizes. They looked like the terracotta soldiers of the demonic tribe. It was an eye-opener for Chen Xiaobei.

“The males of the demon race all have horns on their heads, claws like those of ferocious beasts, wings of flesh on their backs, and long tails below their waists …”

Chen Xiaobei looked around and his eyes lit up. Quot; “However, the female demons are very different! All of them had pretty faces and extremely good figures! No wonder people like to describe women with devilish figures!”

“Of course! We demon men worship strength and fighting. Therefore, our muscles are like rocks, and our claws are like beasts!”

Quot; as for us, the women of the demon race, ” the spirit Flame King said with great interest. Quot; we are good at charm. Our faces are delicate, and our bodies are hot. Any one of them can make the human race drool! Quot;

Quot; it’s a pity that there are only embossed and statues here. I can’t really appreciate the beauty of the demon! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said with a smile.

“This isn’t difficult!”

“The weapon spirit of the limitless nine-floor Pagoda is the witch of winter!” The spirit of the spirit Flame King said. As long as young master controls the limitless nine floor Pagoda, you can see her appearance!”

“Artifact Spirit? The witch of the winter?” Chen Xiaobei was confused.

Quot; Holy maiden! Quot; the spirit Flame King said with a look of yearning, ” the witch of Lin Dong is the first generation Saint of our limitless demon race! Quot; She’s also the most beautiful woman in our limitless demon race!”

“Beauty is not the main point!” Quot; what do you mean? ” Chen Xiaobei asked. Quot; what do you mean by weapon spirit? ”

“Artifact Spirit! As the name suggests, it is the soul of a magic tool!”

Quot; at first, ” the spirit Flame King said, ” the limitless nine-floor Pagoda was a weapon demon without an owner! Quot;

“Monster tool? What is this?” Chen Xiaobei asked again.

“All things in the world have spirituality and can give birth to ‘demon spirits’, and magic artifacts are no exception!”

Quot; it’s a spiritual artifact, ” Spirit Flame King said. Quot; as the ‘demon spirit’ grows, it will gradually develop ‘spiritual intelligence’, which is a low-level intelligence! Quot;

“When a ‘demon spirit’ grows to its peak state, by chance, heaven and earth will naturally send down a minor Heavenly Tribulation! As long as the Tribulation is successful, the ‘demon spirit’ of the magical treasure can complete its advancement and completely transform into a ‘Demon Soul’! ”

Quot; of course! Quot; the spirit Flame King said seriously, ” as long as there is a ‘soul’ in the world, it is equivalent to having a ‘life’! He would be able to think on his own, just like humans! Free time! He could even cultivate cultivation techniques! You can use magic treasures!”

Chen Xiaobei nodded and said, ” this is a demon! I’ve seen tree demons and poisonous demons before! And the tool demon you’re talking about is a tool demon!”

“Right! When the boundless nine-layered Pagoda appeared, it was already a great demon!”

Quot; yes! Quot; the spirit Flame King said, ” in order to subdue it, the Lin Dong witch used a secret technique of the demon race to merge her soul with the demon Soul of the limitless nine-floor Pagoda. Finally, a new Demon Soul of the limitless nine-floor Pagoda was produced! Quot;

Quot; the secret technique preserved the consciousness of the witch of winter, allowing her to control the limitless nine-floor Pagoda as a weapon spirit! Quot;

Quot; that’s right! Quot; spiritual Flame King said solemnly. Quot; that’s why the limitless nine-floor Pagoda has become the ultimate treasure of our limitless demon clan! Quot; The entire clan’s wealth and resources will be placed in the tower, and the witch of winter will manage them!”

Chen Xiaobei was taken aback and said, ” Quot; in that case, even if the Saint Demon King wants to use the resources in the Treasury, he’ll have to ask the Lin Dong witch first? ”

“There’s no need for that.”

Quot; no! Quot; the spirit Flame King shook his head and said, ” in most cases, the Lin Dong demoness would not ask the Saint Demon King to use his resources! Quot; Only under special circumstances would she discuss with the Saint Demon King before using the resources!”

“At the end of the day, the leadership of the limitless nine floor Pagoda is still in the hands of the witch of winter!” If she doesn’t give us the resources, even the Saint Demon King won’t be able to take them out!”

“Yes, you can say that!”

Quot; yes! Quot; the spirit Flame King said. Quot; the witch of winter used her soul to conquer the limitless nine-floor Pagoda. In the eyes of our people, she is the most just and selfless Saint! If she feels that it’s unreasonable, or that it will harm the interests of the clan, she has the right to not give up the resources. Even the Saint Demon King has to give in!”

Quot; what?! Quot; Chen Xiaobei frowned. Quot; so, I have to listen to her when I want to use the resources? ”

Quot; well … It’s like this … Quot; spiritual Flame King said embarrassedly.

Quot; this is so embarrassing … Quot; Chen Xiaobei’s head hurt.”My wife doesn’t even care about my money, and you’re letting an outsider manage me?”

Quot; you can try, ” the spirit Flame King said. Quot; if you can win the heart of the witch of winter, things will be easier … Quot;

“What? You want me to capture the heart of a Demon Soul? Are you kidding me?” Chen Xiaobei was sweating.

Quot; it’s not impossible, ” Spirit Flame King said. Quot; after all, demons have the same intelligence as humans. They have emotions and desires! Quot;

“Seven emotions and six desires, your sister!”

Quot; you want me to fall in love with a magical item? ” Chen Xiaobei said.

“For the wealth and resources in the limitless nine floor Pagoda, young master has to try no matter what!”

Quot; what’s more, ” the spirit Flame King said seriously. Quot; you still want to save all the human children! Quot; If you can’t handle the witch of winter, how are you going to continue with your plan?”

Chen Xiaobei gritted his teeth and said, ” “You’re right! No matter what! I must save all the children! I’m going all out!”

Chen Xiaobei made up his mind and rushed to the deepest part of the underground palace.

He saw a black platform with a palm-sized Black Pagoda on it.

“This is the limitless nine floor Pagoda?”

Chen Xiaobei walked over, picked up the tower, and started spiritual communication. Quot; “Come on! The witch of winter! I’m going to make you kneel under my pants … F * ck … So … So beautiful …”

Chen Xiaobei was stunned.

A beautiful figure appeared in his mind, and Chen Xiaobei was instantly mesmerized.