Chapter 2000 - Out of conscience (1)

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Chapter 2000: Out of conscience (1)

It was a woman who was extremely beautiful.

The contours of her face were exquisite, and she had a classical charm to her.

Her eyes were beautiful, her eyelashes were long, and her eyes were shining like stars.

Her lips were thin and glistening like rubies. At first glance, they were almost transparent and extremely attractive.

Her long hair was actually white, and her hair fluttered in the wind, like a Snow Lotus in full bloom, so beautiful that it was suffocating.

Her figure was extremely hot, like a perfect goddess that had walked out of a comic. It was almost impossible to see her in reality.

For a woman like her, not to mention men, even women would be mesmerized by her stunning appearance.

“Who are you? How dare you break into the Wuji underground Palace! Put down the nine-layered Pagoda immediately! Otherwise! Die!”

The white-haired woman’s brows furrowed slightly, and her eyes revealed anger.

“It’s so good-looking … It’s so good-looking even when you’re angry …”

Chen Xiaobei was stunned. The white-haired woman’s voice and smile were in his mind. It was so real, as if he could touch her.

“Shameless lecher! I told you to put down the limitless nine-layered Pagoda! Otherwise, I’ll kill you!”

The white-haired woman was furious, and her eyes widened.

“How did I become a pervert when I complimented you for your good looks?” Chen Xiaobei composed himself and said, ” “Do I have to be cold to you before you’ll be happy?”

The white-haired woman’s expression changed slightly as she muttered, ” “This kid’s self-control is not bad! If it was someone else, they wouldn’t be able to calm down so quickly!”

“Thanks for the compliment!” Quot; I’m trying to communicate with you spiritually. You’re in my mind right now. I can hear you even if you’re whispering! Quot; Chen Xiaobei grinned.

The white-haired woman was stunned again. She said angrily, ” “Put down the limitless nine-layered Pagoda! You are not qualified to communicate with my spirit!”

Chen Xiaobei maintained his smile and said, ” “The witch of winter! The most beautiful woman in the history of the limitless demon race! The most just and selfless Holy maiden! I thought you’d be a cold and emotionless Queen, but I didn’t expect you to be so willful!”

Quot; who … Who are you … Quot; the witch of winter was shocked and asked in disbelief, ” “Who are you? If you’re not of my race, you can’t possibly know my identity!”

“I’m afraid you won’t believe what I’m saying. I’ll let someone else tell you!” Chen Xiaobei activated the infinite soul ring.

The next moment, the four demon kings ‘Dharma forms appeared in Chen Xiaobei’s mind at the same time, standing opposite of the witch of winter.

“The four discipline Kings of the limitless demon race pay their respects to the limitless Saint!”

The four Demon King Dharma laksa knelt down on one knee and saluted reverently and modestly.

Quot; it’s you!? Quot;

Lin Dong witch was shocked,’how did the four of you appear in this kid’s spirit realm? What did he do to you?”

“The devil Kingdom will last for ten thousand generations, and the Saint Soul will live forever! The dead souls of the demon race are all slaves!”

The Four Guardian Kings said in unison,”this young master is the new owner of the infinite soul ring!” He was also the master of the limitless Saint! The four of us are already willing to submit and be slaves forever!”

“What? This … How is this possible?”

The witch of winter was shocked, and she could not believe her ears.”This lecher is in control of the infinite soul ring? And he even found the limitless Saint? Is what you guys said true?”

“It’s absolutely true!” The Four Guardian Kings nodded heavily and said with certainty.

Quot; this … This … Quot; the witch of winter was stunned and speechless for a long time.

Chen Xiaobei was the first to speak, ” “Don’t worry, I have no ill intentions! The Four Guardian Kings are loyal to me, and I will ensure that their souls live forever! Since the limitless Saint is my disciple, I will protect him and train him well!”

“Hmph! You said it better than you sang it!”

Lin Dong witch said coldly,”you’ve been talking all this time, but you’re just trying to get the wealth and resources in the limitless nine floor Pagoda!” Don’t think you’re so great!”

“I didn’t say I was great!”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and admitted, ” “Originally, my goal in coming to devil earth was to find the treasures in the core of the demonic remains! I didn’t want to do anything else. I just accidentally stumbled upon the human race’s scheme and followed the vine to find the melon, which led me to this point!”

“A scheme?” Lin Dong witch’s face turned cold, and she said seriously, ” “Despicable human, what are you up to now?”

Chen Xiaobei did not answer.

Quot; the ruler of the human race is going to kill 8000 human children to activate the infinite sky demon formation! Quot; the spirit Flame King explained. After that, directly kill the 800 million human slaves in the devil Kingdom!”

“What?” “Are the human rulers crazy?” Lin Dong witch asked in surprise. What’s the point of doing this?”

“The meaning is … To frame! You’re framed!”

The death of 8000 children and 800 million slaves will be on the head of the limitless demon clan! At that time, the rulers of the human race will be able to ‘exterminate demons and defend the Dao’ and gain a huge number of believers!”

“Despicable! He’s simply too despicable and shameless!”

“The limitless demon race has been exterminated!” Lin Dong witch said angrily. He absolutely couldn’t bear such a tainted reputation! I can’t let this happen! I definitely can’t!”

“Don’t worry, Holy maiden!”

Quot; the souls of our Four Guardian Kings have been absorbed into Childe Chen’s infinite soul ring, ” the spirit Flame King said. Quot; there’s no demon left to kill the rulers of the human race! Quot;

The witch of winter frowned and said,’the rulers of the human race have always been despicable! It’s very likely that they’re using other evil spirits as demons to deceive the human race!”

Quot; yes! Quot; the spirit Flame King continued, ” the infinite sky demon formation has been completely dismantled by Childe Chen! Quot; In fact, more than half of the human race’s scheme has already been destroyed!”

The witch of winter looked at Chen Xiaobei and asked, ” “You’re also a human! Why do you want to help our demon race? Why did you destroy the plans of the humans!”

“Because of conscience!”

Nbsp; ” I don’t deny that the human rulers are despicable, ” Chen Xiaobei said. Quot; but you have to admit that most humans are kind and innocent! Quot;

“Especially this time, the innocent children and the slaves who stand aloof from worldly affairs, who did they offend? I won’t agree to let them die a tragic death!”

The winter Witch fell silent again. She looked at Chen Xiaobei with a complicated expression on her face.

“I can give up on wealth and resources!”

Quot; of course! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said, ” but I must get a map of the blood pool of the blood patriarch! Quot; If you don’t agree, I’ll take it by force!”

“You’re not afraid that I’ll kill you?” The witch of winter frowned slightly and said coldly.

“You’re a demon!” Chen Xiaobei said. If I’m not wrong, your demonic soul has been severely injured, and your strength is almost equal to zero! Otherwise, with your strength, you would have left this place long ago!”

Lin Dong witch’s brows relaxed, and she said indifferently, ” “You’re strong-willed! He had courage! You have guts! He had a conscience! And intelligence! I can give you the resources of the first level of the limitless nine level Pagoda! The map you want is also inside! However, the prerequisite is that you must have sufficient strength!”

“Power?” Chen Xiaobei frowned in confusion.