Chapter 2001 - Gambling demoness (2)

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Chapter 2001: Gambling demoness (2)

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to start a war with you!”

Quot; we demons worship martial strength, ” Lin Dong witch said. Quot; there are special restrictions in the limitless nine-floor Pagoda. Only those who have reached the one fire god-refining realm can open the space on the first floor! Quot;

Quot; that’s strange! The limitless nine-floor Pagoda is a demon! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said. Isn’t it up to you to decide whether the space will open or not?”

Quot; no! Quot; Lin Dong witch shook her head and said, ” that’s a restriction added by the Saint Demon King later on! Quot; The purpose was to urge the inheritor of the nine-floor Pagoda to cultivate hard! In the Saint Demon King’s words, trash doesn’t have the right to enjoy the wealth and resources of our race!”

Quot; what? ” Chen Xiaobei frowned. Quot; so, even if you don’t stop me, I still have to reach one fire god-refining level to open the first floor of the tower? ”

“Although you are outstanding in all aspects, if you can’t even reach the level of one fire god-refining, you are still trash in my eyes!” Lin Dong witch said in a deep voice. It’s a waste to hand wealth and resources to trash!”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said, ” “Sister, don’t be so mean! Even trash can be turned around. It’s too early to kill them now!”

“Counterattack?” Quot; I’ll wait for you to counterattack, ” the witch of winter said indifferently. Quot; then come and talk to me again! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei frowned,’you’re such a fickle woman! You just praised me, and now you’re looking down on me!”

“I’ve said it before, our demon race reveres force and worships the strong!”

Quot; trash will always be looked down upon, ” the witch of the winter said indifferently. Quot; when you become strong enough, I’ll take you seriously even without you saying it! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and said, ” “If I become stronger, will you fall in love with me?”

“Fried chicken? I think you’re more like trash!”

“You little brat, it’s fine if your cultivation is low!” Lin Dong witch said in disdain. And a dead lecher! You pretentious prick!”

Chen Xiaobei laughed,’the demonic saintess is really different! When it comes to scolding people, you’re really good at it!”

“You’re too shameless! You can still laugh after being scolded by me like this?”

“Oh!” The witch of winter said disdainfully. I almost forgot that you are a human! Shameless human!”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said, ” “I can still laugh because I have the ability to prove that everything you said is wrong! I’m laughing at you!”

“Did I say something wrong?”

Lin Dong witch’s expression changed slightly, and she asked, ” “What did I say wrong? Aren’t you a lecher? Aren’t you just acting cool? Aren’t you a good-for-nothing?”

“First of all, you may be very pretty, but my wife is no worse than you! My female confidants are all peerless beauties! To me, beauty is just fleeting clouds!”

Quot; this … Quot; the winter Witch was taken aback. She had to admit that Chen Xiaobei’s self-control was pretty good.

In front of the winter Witch, an ordinary man’s bones would go soft and his tongue would be tied. It was impossible for him to remain calm and composed.

This showed that Chen Xiaobei was really a man who could walk through flowers without being touched by a single leaf!

He had seen all the top beauties, and their beauty was as fleeting as the clouds!

Lecherous? It didn’t exist!

Quot; second, I’ve always been an honest person. I’ve never been pretentious! Quot; Chen Xiaobei continued. To my friends, every word I say is the truth!”

Hearing this, the witch of winter immediately retorted, ” “Hmph! You’re clearly a good-for-nothing, yet you say you want to become super powerful? If this isn’t posturing, what is it?”

“Do you dare to make a bet with me?” Chen Xiaobei smiled.

“What are we betting on?” The witch of winter frowned and asked.

Quot; in ten minutes, I will be able to reach the one fire spirit-refining stage! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said.

Lin Dong witch’s expression darkened, and she said disdainfully, ” “Do you think I’m an idiot? We’re communicating spiritually, and I can sense that you only have one million combat power! Five hundred thousand in ten minutes? You don’t even need a draft to show off!”

“I’m asking you, do you dare to bet with me!” Chen Xiaobei said.

“I dare! What’s there to be afraid of!”

“There’s no suspense in this kind of bet!” The witch of winter said disdainfully. If you can win, you’ll have to wait until the sun rises from the North!”

Chen Xiaobei grinned and said, ” “Let’s bet on three things. The loser will do three things for the winner unconditionally! No matter what it is, it must be carried out and can not be refused!”

The witch of winter squinted her eyes and asked suspiciously, ” “You humans have always been shameless. What if you go back on your word?”

“Heh, if I were a shameless person, I wouldn’t waste my breath on you! I will find a way to erase your demonic soul!”

“If you lose your life, you’ll become a dead soul of the limitless demon race!” This way, I can absorb you into the infinite soul ring and make you my slave, doing whatever I want!”

Quot; this … Quot; Lin Dong witch’s beautiful eyes narrowed, revealing a trace of panic.

Obviously, Chen Xiaobei’s idea could easily get rid of the witch of winter and take the limitless nine-floor Pagoda for himself.

However, his conscience made him give up on the easy way. Instead, he turned to the difficult negotiation with the witch.

A person with a conscience would not do anything shameless!

“Alright … I believe you won’t go back on your word!” Quot; yes! Quot; the witch of the winter nodded and said, ” the bet is in effect! Quot;

“I was afraid that you would go back on your word!” Chen Xiaobei grinned. You’re a girl, if you go back on your word, I can’t do anything to you!”

The witch of winter raised her head and said arrogantly, ” “I’m the most just and selfless Holy maiden of the limitless demon race! My integrity is related to the glory of my race! Even if I die, I won’t renege on my debt! Moreover, do you even have a chance of winning?”

Quot; dream? dream? dream? dream? dream? dream? dream? dream? dream? dream? dream? dream? dream? dream? dream? dream? ”

Quot; 500000 combat power in ten minutes? ” the witch of winter said disdainfully. Quot; This is called a dream? This is the Daydream of a lunatic!”

“You little mouth! She was as cute as a cherry! But the words you say are as sharp as a knife!”

Quot; I don’t know! Quot; Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows. Quot; when I win, the first thing I want you to do is to be gentle when you talk to me! Quot;

“Wake up! Stop dreaming!”

Quot; if it’s really as easy as you say to improve cultivation, ” Lin Dong witch said disdainfully. Quot; at your age, you should be at least a great overarching golden immortal! Quot;

“As long as I have enough resources, I can become a great overarching golden celestial in ten minutes!” Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said.

“You … You are definitely the most pretentious person I have ever seen in my life! There’s no other!”

“I’ve thought about it too!” The witch of winter said unhappily. When you lose, I’ll have you carve the words “pretentious d * ck” on your forehead!”

“Lose? It doesn’t exist!” Chen Xiaobei grinned and took out two cultivation cheats from his infinite space ring!