Chapter 2002 - I'm convinced (3)

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Chapter 2002: I’m convinced (3)

“You can start the timer.”

Chen Xiaobei placed the tower back on the platform.

“Ha, you’re saying it as if it’s true!” The demonic soul of the witch of winter emerged from the small tower. Her eyes were filled with disdain. She did not believe Chen Xiaobei at all.

Chen Xiaobei smiled and said nothing. He was holding a long wooden box in his left hand and a big black bowl in his right hand. He looked very confident.

That’s right, the long wooden box was the sunlight cache, and the big black bowl was the heaven and earth smelt!

With these two Super Cheats in hand, anything was possible!

Chen Xiaobei activated the sunlight cache, and a red light shone out, shrouding Chen Xiaobei and the heaven and earth smelt.

This way, Chen Xiaobei could speed up his cultivation. More importantly, the heaven and earth furnace could speed up the large amount of resources in the furnace!

Then, Chen Xiaobei took out 216 high-grade spiritual stones, which was equivalent to 21.6 billion low-grade spiritual stones.

With Chen Xiaobei’s current cultivation speed, he could use up 100 million low-grade spiritual stones in an hour.

21.6 billion low-grade items would take 216 hours, which was exactly nine days.

Under the acceleration of the sunlight cache, it was exactly nine minutes.

Such a short period of time passed in the blink of an eye.

[ding Yingying’s cultivation base is at the late-stage of God-refinement realm. Lifespan: [2600 years, physique: 1364800, combat power: 1000000!

Originally, 216 hours could only increase 21600 points of cultivation attribute.

However, with the help of the heavenly cultivation Halo, the effect of Chen Xiaobei’s cultivation could be increased by 200%!

Because of this, Chen Xiaobei had increased his physical strength by 64800 points!

This result was equivalent to three times the effect without the support of the heavenly Dao cultivation Halo!

“This is unbelievable …”

The witch of winter had been observing the situation carefully, and she could not help but exclaim,””It’s only been nine minutes, but I can feel that your physical strength has greatly increased! From the exuberance of his essence, Qi, and spirit, it has increased by at least 60000!”

“Your judgment is very accurate.” Chen Xiaobei shrugged and kept the sunlight cache.

Quot; this is too exaggerated … The speed of improvement is simply too fast … Quot;

Lin Dong witch was extremely shocked,’in just nine minutes, his physical strength has increased by 60000! At this rate, in a few years, you can even withstand the attack of a heaven immortal with your body!”

“Now you know how powerful I am?” Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and asked.

“Bah! I’ve given you some face, and you still want to run a business?”

Quot; it’s been nine minutes, ” the witch of winter said disdainfully. Quot; where’s your 500000 combat power? ” The facts have proven that you’re a poser! He’s just a little trash!”

Chen Xiaobei smiled and picked up the heaven and earth smelt. Quot; Quot; the nine minutes just now was just a prelude. 500000 combat power, one minute is enough! Quot;

“I really can’t stand you!”

The witch of winter rubbed her eyebrows and said in disdain, ” “At a time like this, not only are you not repenting, but you’re also acting more and more outrageous! Even if you want to act cool, you should at least use your brain!”

“Heh, you know nothing about external hacks!” Chen Xiaobei’s lips curled into an evil smile.

Chen Xiaobei took a deep breath.

Thousands of seven-colored spiritual lights poured out of the heaven and earth smelt and entered Chen Xiaobei’s mouth and nose. They then followed his blood vessels and gathered in his dantian.

In Chen Xiaobei’s dantian, there was already a primordial Spirit Fire seed.

As the spiritual aura of heaven and earth continuously entered his sea of Qi dantian, the essence Soul Fire seed began to grow in size. It gradually began to tremble like a flame.

At the same time, Chen Xiaobei’s combat power and physical strength began to rise rapidly.

There were two great benefits to using the spiritual aura of heaven and earth to increase one’s cultivation.

First, it could be improved instantly without wasting any time!

The second was that his physical and combat strength attributes could be increased at the same time!

Of course, with these two great benefits, one would naturally have to pay a corresponding price!

The price was that the amount of Heaven Earth spiritual aura consumed to improve his cultivation was much more than the amount consumed to upgrade his magic treasure!

It required a huge amount of spiritual aura to increase 500000 combat power and 500000 physical strength at the same time!

Under normal circumstances, Chen Xiaobei would not have that much spiritual aura.

But this time was different!

Chen Xiaobei had made a lot of money from his trip to devil earth.

The dark red flag of the poison priest! The two Ninja knives of ishiqi kungfeng and ishiqi Chisa! Jiang Shaodian’s Green armor, a Green Shield, and the Green Dragon Mountain-breaking saber! It was Ishizaki Yuuta’s Crimson Moon-slaying sword!

In addition, there were also the storage bracelets of these people, which included all kinds of spirit weapons, spirit items, spirit herbs, and spirit pills. They were all of high grade!

Finally, there was Jiang Zhaoyan’s storage bracelet! After taking the 30000 high-grade spirit stones and the thousand-machine crossbow, there were also a large number of high-grade spirit items and even some low-grade earth-god items!

All of these resources added together could even be compared to a medium-sized treasure vault!

In the last nine minutes, all the resources had been refined, and the amount of heaven and earth spiritual aura that was produced was huge, enough for Chen Xiaobei to use!

As long as the heaven and earth spiritual aura was sufficient, it would naturally be easy to improve!

[ding Yingluo’s cultivation base: spirit-refining with one fire, lifespan: [2600 years, physique: 1864800, combat power: 1500000!

In less than a minute, Chen Xiaobei jumped up in excitement. The primordial Spirit Fire seed in his dantian lit up and turned into a clear primordial Spirit Fire.

This meant that Chen Xiaobei had successfully reached the one fire god-refining level.

Chen Xiaobei released his ethereal force and swept up the tower.

Quot; this … This … How is this possible?! Quot;

The witch of winter was dumbfounded. She could not believe her eyes. Quot; the true essence fluctuations are so strong, it’s the real one fire spirit-refining stage … It hasn’t even been a minute … Am I dreaming … Quot;

“Of course this isn’t a dream!” Quot; you’ve already lost our bet! Quot; Chen Xiaobei grinned. Quot; you’ve already lost! Quot;

Quot; this … Quot; the witch of the winter tribe was so shocked that she did not know what to say.

Just a minute ago, the winter Witch was still looking down on Chen Xiaobei, thinking that he was a poser, a piece of trash!

But at this moment, the facts before her proved that the witch of winter was wrong! He was completely wrong!

The witch of the winter tribe bit her lips and lowered her proud head. Her cheeks were burning, and she felt even more ashamed!

“Are you convinced?” Chen Xiaobei asked with a cheeky smile.

“I … I’m convinced! I’m sincerely convinced!” The witch of winter raised her head and said seriously, ” “I’ll promise you three things, and I won’t go back on my word!”

“As expected of the most just and selfless Holy maiden! How particular!”

Quot; the first thing is that from now on, you have to speak to me in a gentle tone. Call me brother Xiaobei! Quot;

Quot; ah????? ” The witch of winter was stunned, and her face was filled with bewilderment.