Chapter 2003 - Nine layer space (4)

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Chapter 2003: Nine layer space (4)

“Young master Chen … Can you change the way you address me … I … I really can’t say it …”

The brows of the witch of winter furrowed, and her pretty little face was full of grievance.

One had to know that the Lin Dong witch was the Supreme saintess of the limitless demon race! Normally, all of her clansmen revered her, and even the Saint Demon King had to show her some respect!

Reserved, serious, and proud-these were the traits of the witch of the winter! It was embarrassing enough for her to call him ‘Xiaobei’, and now she had to call him’ brother Xiaobei’!

At the thought of this, the witch of the winter tribe had goosebumps all over her body.

“What’s wrong? Are you trying to be shameless?”

Chen Xiaobei raised his brows and laughed evilly, ” “Who was the one who said that integrity is related to the glory of the entire clan? You’d rather die than renege on your debt?”

Quot; I … I said it … Quot; the witch of winter said, ” “I won’t go back on my word. I just hope you can change the way you address me …”

Quot; you’ve just called me a pretentious d * ck and a little piece of trash. That’s really damaging to my tender heart! Quot; Chen Xiaobei laughed. Only by calling me Xiaobei Gege gently can my broken heart be soothed!”

Quot; I … Quot; the witch of winter almost vomited blood in anger.”I’ve never seen such a rascal like you!”

“There are so many things you haven’t seen!” Quot; Oh? ” Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and smiled. Quot; quickly fulfill your promise! Quot; Don’t be unwilling to admit defeat!”

Quot; I … I … Xiaobei Gege … Quot; the witch of winter finally let go. Her voice was as soft as a mosquito.

Her originally fair little face instantly turned red, and with her long white hair, she actually looked even more beautiful.

Chen Xiaobei grinned and said, ” “Call me that from now on, understand?”

Quot; mm … Quot; the winter Witch lowered her head, too embarrassed to look at Chen Xiaobei.

‘Xiaobei Gege’ had completely ruined the reputation of the witch of winter.

The point was, he had to always use this form of address in the future!

The witch of the winter tribe was filled with regret. She should not have looked down on Chen Xiaobei!

A single misstep could cause a thousand regrets. She would never be able to escape from Chen Xiaobei’s evil clutches!

“I can’t think of the remaining two things for now.”

Quot; let’s not waste any more time. Tell me how to open the first floor of the limitless nine-floor Pagoda, ” Chen Xiaobei said.

The witch of winter composed herself and said, ” Quot; your cultivation has reached the requirement of the first level. As long as I don’t stop you, you can freely take out the resources in the first level, just like how you use a spatial treasure! Quot;

“Like a spatial treasure?” Chen Xiaobei immediately sensed the resources in the first floor, just like how he would check his infinite space ring.

“Heavens! This … This is too terrifying …”

Chen Xiaobei gasped. His pupils contracted and he said in shock, ” Quot; there are a total of 108 one-star earth-god instruments! Quot;

Quot; of course! Quot; Lin Dong witch said proudly. Quot; when our limitless demon Kingdom was at its peak, we were able to fight against the four continents of the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and black Tortoise by ourselves. Our strong foundation is the capital for our strength! Quot;

“This is simply awesome!”

Chen Xiaobei was so excited, ” Quot; if I can refine all 108 earth-god instruments, not only will I be able to make up for the spiritual aura I’ve spent today, but I’ll also earn at least 30% of it! Quot;

“Refine? Why do you want to refine it?”

Quot; these 108 earth-god instruments may only be one-star earth-god instruments, but they are all ancient magic instruments with powerful abilities. Most importantly, they have a lot of room for growth. They are very worthy of being cultivated! Quot;

“An ancient magic tool?”

Chen Xiaobei shook his head. Quot; don’t say that I’m not being humble. I have more treasures that are worth nurturing. I really don’t have the resources to raise so many one-star earth-god instruments! Quot;

“If you can’t train them on your own, you can give them to your disciples!” Quot; you’ve accepted our Holy Son as your disciple, ” Lin Dong witch said. Quot; can’t you leave him some equipment? ”

Chen Xiaobei was surprised. Quot; “I almost forgot about it if you didn’t mention it! I once promised my disciples that anyone who reached the spirit-forging stage would be able to get an earth-god instrument!”

“These one hundred and eight ancient magic devices are special and rare enough. Their special abilities are powerful and worth cultivating! It’s the most suitable reward for my disciples!”

After that, Chen Xiaobei transferred all the earth-god instruments into his infinite space ring, not refining a single one.

When he returned to bei Xuan faction, he would reward his disciples with it. That would be a great honor!

“The limitless nine level Pagoda has a total of nine levels! The higher you go, the richer and higher grade the resources are!”

The witch of winter said calmly, ” “The first level is just the beginning! You don’t have to be so excited!”

Chen Xiaobei was surprised and happy. He asked expectantly, ” “From now on, will I be able to open up a layer of space every time I advance a small realm?”

Quot; no, it’s only after advancing two small realms that I can open up a new layer of space! Quot;

Quot; fire! Quot; the witch of winter explained in detail, ” one fire, three fire, five fire, seven fire, the first four levels can be opened! After breaking through to the one-star earth-god level with nine flames, the fifth level can be opened!”

“When you reach the earth celestial realm, three stars, five stars, seven stars, you can open the sixth, seventh, and eighth levels! The ninth level requires the help of the heavenly Tribulation when a peak earth level deity is going through the Tribulation to break it open!”

Quot; what? ” Chen Xiaobei exclaimed, ” with the help of the power of the heavenly Tribulation?! Quot; That’s too far away … I’ll take a look at what’s left on the first floor first!”

Quot; the first floor is mainly used to store earth-god instruments. Quot;

Quot; the rest of the items, other than the map you want, are almost all one-star earth-god level healing medicine. It’s very effective for the body and soul of those below the earth-god level! Quot; Lin Dong witch said.

“Then I won’t be polite!” Chen Xiaobei then transferred all the medicine into his infinite space ring.

In the end, Chen Xiaobei was left with a map made of white animal skin.

The White animal skin was covered in a layer of gray mist, and the paths on it were crisscrossed like an ant’s nest.

“According to Qin Wuxin, the blood pool of the blood patriarch is on an uninhabited planet! If we want to reach that small planet, we have to pass through the black fog!”

Chen Xiaobei said excitedly, ” “This map must be real! Next, I can rush over to stop Qin Wuxin and snatch the blood of the blood ancestor! There are still three days left, enough time for me to set up a plot to reverse the situation!”

“Only three days left?”

Quot; I’ve heard of that small planet. It’ll take at least ten days to get there from here! Quot; Lin Dong witch said, frowning.

“For others, it would indeed take more than ten days!” Chen Xiaobei smiled and took out the returning bracelet. Quot; “For me, half a day is enough!”

Quot; how … How is this possible?! Quot; The witch of winter couldn’t believe it.

Chen Xiaobei opened the portal.

Lin Dong witch was instantly dumbfounded.