Chapter 2004

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Chapter 2004: The protective magical formation (1)

“This is amazing! This … Is this space travel? In the blink of an eye, everything around us has changed!”

The witch of the winter tribe was very surprised. It was obvious that she had never seen a space-traveling magical treasure like the returning bracelet.

“Well, it can be considered a transmigration.” Quot; that’s right! Quot; Chen Xiaobei nodded. Quot; the portal connects two different dimensions. With the returning bracelet, we can travel back and forth freely! Quot;

The witch of winter looked around curiously and asked, ” “What is this place?”

“This is bei Xuan faction! My sect!” Chen Xiaobei replied.

The returning bracelet’s point of origin had been set in bei Xuan faction. Through the portal, Chen Xiaobei had arrived at his room in bei Xuan faction from the underground devil nation.

As long as Chen Xiaobei opened the portal at the starting point, he would be able to return to the underground devil Kingdom.

Three days was enough for Chen Xiaobei to go back and forth.

As long as he could complete the plan before the last batch of children was sent, Chen Xiaobei would be able to turn the tables on the enemy’s plot.

Of course, Chen Xiaobei was running out of time.

That was why Chen Xiaobei did not inform anyone in the faction and immediately rushed to the portal.

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From the Qin family’s main city to the Black Tortoise Royal City, then from the Black Tortoise Royal City to the blood Emperor star field’s main planet, and finally to the westernmost planet of the star field!

Then, Chen Xiaobei activated another Azure Dragon spacecraft and continued to fly towards the West.

The previous few teleportations had not taken much time.

The interstellar flight would take half a day.

After all, the air pressure in space was close to zero. Without a spacesuit, humans would not be able to breathe at all. Their blood pressure would also be abnormal, and their internal organs would be affected. It was impossible for them to survive.

Therefore, Chen Xiaobei could not use the somersault cloud. Otherwise, he would be much faster than the Azure Dragon spacecraft!

Of course, Chen Xiaobei did not waste his time during the half-day flight.

To reverse the enemy’s scheme, he still needed some secret arrangements!

During the flight, Chen Xiaobei had already contacted the relevant people and made the necessary arrangements!

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that everything was ready, except for the crucial element!

This east wind was the blood ancestor’s blood!

“We’re here! The legendary Black mist is right in front of us!”

Chen Xiaobei slowed down and took out the map of the fog.

The limitless nine-floor Pagoda was placed to the side.

The demon Soul of the witch of winter floated out, and her beautiful eyes carefully observed the front. She said in surprise, ” “That should be a universe black hole, right?”

There was a huge cloud of black fog in front of the aircraft.

The fog was spinning like a void Whirlpool in the universe!

From the perspective of an ordinary person, it was a universe black hole that could devour everything!

“No! That’s not a black hole!”

Quot; no! Quot; Chen Xiaobei shook his head and said, ” it’s just a fog! Quot; As long as we follow the map in my hand, we can safely pass through the fog and arrive at an asteroid hidden behind the fog!”

“But I have a feeling that there’s a great danger hidden in this fog!” Lin Dong witch said with a frown. It’s definitely not as simple as it looks!”

“Your feeling is right!”

Quot; yes! Quot; Chen Xiaobei nodded and said, ” I heard that there is a very powerful demonic beast hidden in the mist! If they deviated from the route on the map, they would suffer a fatal attack!

“What … What kind of magical beast is that?” The witch of winter was a little worried.

Quot; I don’t know what it is … Because I heard it from someone else. Quot;

“I heard that those demonic beasts are extremely fast!” Chen Xiaobei said. His strength was also extremely strong! The main point was that there were a lot of them! If they attack, even a giant space carrier will be reduced to nothing!”

Quot; this … Quot; the witch of winter frowned and said, ” “Is this map reliable? What if there’s an accident? wouldn’t you die Here?”

Quot; are you concerned about me? ” Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“Bah! Who’s concerned about you!” Lin Dong witch’s face turned cold, and she said angrily, ” “I’m just worried that if you die, no one will be able to stop that shameless plot!”

“Have you forgotten our bet?” “Gentle!” Chen Xiaobei smiled.

Lin Dong witch was stunned for a moment, then she said gently, ” “Xiaobei … Brother … Let’s not go there! That would be too risky …”

Chen Xiaobei pointed at a spot on the map and said, ” “This map should be real! Look at where I’m pointing, there’s a floating boulder! If you look at the fog, it’s a perfect match! This is the entrance!”

“This might just be a coincidence …”

Quot; the asteroid is always moving, ” the witch of winter said, frowning. Quot; the mist and floating rocks around it are also moving at all times. It can’t be so accurate! Quot;

“If I’m not wrong, the mist and the floating rock are actually a giant protective array!”

“And the map that I have is most likely based on the formation!” The formation is always in operation. No matter how the small planet moves, the floating rock in the center of the formation will not change its position!”

“This is just your guess!” Quot; there’s no evidence at the moment, ” Lin Dong witch said worriedly. Quot; what if you’re wrong? wouldn’t you be sending yourself to your death for nothing? ”

“Do you remember when this map was stored in the Wuji nine-floor Pagoda?”

Quot; that’s right! Quot; the witch of Lin Dong nodded. Quot; tens of millions of years ago, His Majesty the Holy King used 10000 ‘Black Tide Ravens’ to exchange for an earth-god instrument from a four-star earth-god and brought back this map! Quot;

“This is the evidence!”

Quot; it’s the blood ancestor! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said, ” the planet behind the fog is the legacy site of a four-star earth-god level blood ancestor! This blood ancestor’s life might be coming to an end, so he left behind his life’s work in the ruins to pass on to the fated ones in the future!”

Quot; in order to protect the heritage Site, this blood ancestor made a deal with your race’s Holy King in exchange for 10000 ‘Black Tide demonic crows’. He used them to set up an array to protect the heritage Site! Quot;

Quot; the Holy King of your race must have secretly recorded the route during the trade and drawn this map so that he could secretly enter the ruins to obtain the inheritance in the future! Quot;

“Who would have thought? Your Saint King didn’t even have the time to act before he was annihilated and died! The map is stored in the nine-floor tower, and no one will know the secret within!”

Chen Xiaobei was able to deduce the whole story from the little clues he had.

Lin Dong witch was stunned and shocked, ” “Your brain is really too smart! The timing of the incident is exactly the same as your speculation, so there shouldn’t be any mistakes!”

“Don’t praise me, I’ll be proud!”

Chen Xiaobei grinned and accelerated the aircraft. Quot; “Let’s go in now!”