Chapter 2005 - Secret meeting (2)

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Chapter 2005: Secret meeting (2)

“You should slow down! We’re about to enter the foggy area!”

Even though Chen Xiaobei’s speculation was highly credible, the witch was still worried.

“I know, I’ll be careful.”

Chen Xiaobei focused his mind and followed the map as he walked steadily through the fog.

Chen Xiaobei’s phone rang. It was mu chenfeng.

Chen picked up the call and asked with a frown, ” “Why are you calling at this time? You are not with Tian Peng? Aren’t you afraid of being exposed?”

In the battle of devil earth, Tian Peng had been ambushed by Jiang Zhaoyan’s thousand-mechanism crossbow and had been poisoned.

After the battle, Tian Peng returned to the blood pool to meet up with Qin Wuxin. He would then find a chance to deal with Chen Xiaobei.

By right, mu chenfeng and the clay Bodhisattva should be by Tian Peng’s side taking care of him.

Mu chenfeng’s call was beyond Chen Xiaobei’s expectations.

“Master! Things have changed!”

Chen Xiaobei was surprised. Quot; “The blood ancestor’s blood pool only has a few of you. What does he have to deal with me?”

“I’m not sure about the canopy great country’s specific plan!” “I only know that Tian Peng is snatching red packets with his phone. He won’t let me and the clay Bodhisattva be around!” Mu chenfeng said.

Quot; snatching red packets?! Quot;

“Tianpeng knows that he’s not strong enough to kill me!” Chen Xiaobei said. So, he must have gone to ask Shen gongpao for help to fight with me by snatching red packets!”

“Master, what are you saying? “I don’t understand …” Mu chenfeng was very confused.

“You don’t need to understand! Continue to keep an eye on the situation over there! I’ll think of a way!” Quot; let’s go! Quot; Chen Xiaobei ordered and hung up.

After that, Chen Xiaobei stopped the aircraft.

“Why did you stop? The route is correct, and it’s very safe to follow the map!” The witch of winter said.

Quot; my enemies are ready. They’re waiting for me to fall into their trap! Quot;

Quot; I need to think of a way to go in! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said. Quot; otherwise, I’ll be in big trouble! Quot;

“Do you know what the enemy has prepared?” the witch of winter asked. If you don’t know, how are you going to deal with it?”

“I’m not sure about the enemy’s plan, but I can ask my friend!” Chen Xiaobei picked up his phone.

Quot; what? ” Lin Dong witch was surprised. Quot; your friends aren’t here. How are they going to help you? ” Do you think they’re gods?”

“That’s right! They are Immortals!” Chen Xiaobei shrugged and entered the Brotherhood group.

[Chen Xiaobei: @ celestial Hound, celestial roar!] Are you there? Urgent matter! Quickly return!

Celestial Hound,”God Chen, what’s the matter?”

Chen Xiaobei: “My Spy told me that canopy is snatching red envelopes! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei thought, I suspect that Shen gongpao gave canopy great country some kind of secret weapon to use Against Me! Is it convenient for you to help me investigate? I can only think of a way to deal with it if I know myself and my enemy!

Celestial Hound, what a coincidence! Shen Gongbao, Erlang immortal master, Jade Emperor, Pagoda-bearing Heavenly King, the four of them are having a secret meeting!

Chen Xiaobei: You can’t participate?

Xiao Tianquan replied,”of course not … I’m standing at the door!”

Chen Xiaobei: ” so you’re saying that you can’t find out what kind of secret weapon Shen gongpao gave Tian Peng? ”

Celestial Hound,”no need to check!” At the moment, Shen gongpao could not give out red packets at all! This was because the secret meeting was very mysterious! The Three Realms immortal network was cut off in the meeting room, so the canopy great country couldn’t contact Shen Gongbao at all!

Chen Xiaobei: Even the Three Realms immortal network was cut off? I have a bad feeling that these four guys are definitely up to something!

Celestial Hound,”I guess it’s related to the list of Yin ghosts!” The King of Hell’s work was about to end! Now, all the major forces had gathered together to discuss how to use the least merit to exchange for the most useful earth level deity!

Chen Xiaobei-is there a need to discuss this? As long as he had enough merit points, he could naturally exchange for as many earth Immortals as he could! This was all a boost!

The celestial Hound thought, it’s not that simple! It was impossible to exchange for an unlimited number of earth level deities! Otherwise, a heavenly path Saint would have unlimited merit. A heavenly path Saint could directly exchange for the empty realm!

Xiao Tianquan thought,”in this way, the balance between the various forces will be broken in an instant!” Even the Dao ancestor himself wouldn’t allow such a situation to happen, let alone the heavenly path’s Saints who would fight to the death!

Chen Xiaobei-no wonder! If the number of exchanges was limited, then naturally, the most useful Yin ghosts must be selected from the limited quota to exchange for the earth level deity!

Xiao Tianquan: ” at the moment, the number of spots hasn’t been confirmed yet. It might be officially announced during the red envelope snatching session during the winter solstice! Quot; So, if you want to exchange for it, you have to think about it as soon as possible!

Chen Xiaobei: There were still a few days before the winter solstice! Let’s put this matter aside first!

Chen Xiaobei: ” I need to know what red envelope the canopy great country got. Quot; Otherwise, I won’t be able to advance any further!

Xiao Tianquan,”that red packet, it’s not hard to find!” Tian Peng was working for Shen Gongbao. If he couldn’t get in touch with Shen Gongbao, he would contact the person he trusted the most!

Chen Xiaobei thought,’the people that Shen gongpao trusts the most … Must be the chanism people!’

The celestial Hound,”that’s right!” The clan of enlightenment was the base camp of Shen Gongbao! However, Tian Peng didn’t dare to contact those who were older than Shen Gongbao!

[ which means that heavenly Lord Yuanshi, dipamkara Daoist, South Pole immortal Weng, Yun Zhongzi, and the twelve golden Immortals can all be excluded! ]

Xiao Tianquan thought,”after the elimination, among the remaining people, Lei Zhenzi and tu xingsun are the most likely!”

Chen Xiaobei thought,’so, I just need to check on the two of them!’

The Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal-I’ll investigate this! I’ll give you an answer in half an hour!

Chen Xiaobei: I thought you weren’t here! I didn’t expect that you would be able to help me so much the moment you opened your mouth!

The Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal: ” there’s no need to say much between brothers. It’s enough as long as you can stand up at the critical moment! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei: You’re my brother! (Touched)

The Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal-I’m leaving! (Cool)

Chen Xiaobei, you’re leaving? You haven’t said how you’re going to investigate? (Worried)

Celestial Hound: ” don’t worry, God Chen. The great sage has always been Swift and decisive. I believe he’ll find out the truth soon! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei: ” that’s easy for you to say! But it’s not easy to do! Quot;

Celestial Hound,”it’s not easy for us, but it’s easy for the great sage!”

Chen Xiaobei: What would Monkey King do?

Xiao Tianquan thought,”just catch Lei Zhenzi and earth traveler sun and beat them up!” (Evil smile)

Chen Xiaobei: ” this … This works too? ”