Chapter 2008 - King of the Blacktide (3)

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Chapter 2008: King of the Blacktide (3)

In the black mist, the atmosphere of the asteroid had already left the universe.

That was why Chen Xiaobei could use the somersault cloud to fly.

“Heavens! You actually have a two-star earth-god level flying Dharma Treasure! It’s simply unbelievable!”

The witch of winter exclaimed, ” “Flying magic weapons are extremely rare! Even in the earth-god Realm, it’s not something ordinary people can have!”

“Have you started to worship me?” Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and teased the witch as he studied the map.

“Admire your head!” The witch of winter said nervously,’What time is it? You’re still joking! If the secret technique is ineffective against the Black Tide devilish crows, we will all die!”

“We won’t die!” Quot; I’m fine! Quot; Chen Xiaobei shrugged. Quot; I’ll do it my own way! Quot;

The winter Witch didn’t believe him at all,’the Black Tide Raven is an ancient mutated demon beast! Their wild nature was hard to tame! Aside from us limitless demons, no one else can tame them!”

“Why don’t we make another bet?” Chen Xiaobei raised his brows and laughed evilly, ” “The bet is the same as before. The loser will do three things for the other party unconditionally!”

Quot; this … Quot; the witch of winter was stunned, and she said warily, ” “You really have a way?”

“Of course it’s true!” Chen Xiaobei nodded with a confident smile.

“What do you have in mind?” The witch of winter asked in disbelief.

“It’s simple!” Quot; hehe! Quot; Chen Xiaobei grinned and said, ” just catch the Blacktide devilish crows and beat them up! Quot;

Quot; you … Quot; the witch of winter was speechless. She was so angry that she almost died.”You want to catch the Black Tide devilish crows with your cultivation? It was pure daydreaming! You’re courting death, but you have to drag me down with you! You’re simply too hateful!”

“After talking for so long, how strong is the Black Tide demon Crow?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“The cultivation of an adult black Tide demon Crow is the same as you, at the one fire god-refining realm! Coupled with the innate abilities of magical beasts, they can defeat humans of the same level!”

Quot; there are at least 10000 Black Tide Ravens here, ” the witch of winter said disdainfully. Quot; you don’t even have a chance of winning! Quot;

“I have an earth-god instrument! There aren’t any Black Tide Ravens, right?” Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and asked.

“You want to subdue them? Not to kill them! What’s the use of an earth-god instrument!” The witch of winter said in a deep voice.

Suddenly, Chen Xiaobei raised a finger in front of his mouth and said, ” “They’re here!”

The witch of winter was slightly startled, and her expression suddenly became nervous. Quot; Quot; it’s them … It’s really them … The ‘Black Tide’ that represents slaughter is coming … If the secret technique is ineffective … We will die without a doubt … Quot;

Chen Xiaobei summoned the infinite soul ring from his palm and said, ” “I’ll try the secret technique of your limitless demon race first! If I can’t, I’ll have to rely on myself!”

“Have you memorized the incantations of the secret technique? Do you understand the main points of the spell?” The witch of winter frowned and said worriedly, ” “You’ve only learned it once. If you make a mistake … We’re really done for …”

It was obvious that the witch’s demonic soul was too weak to use her secret skill. He could only rely on Chen Xiaobei to cast it.

However, the winter Witch was worried that Chen Xiaobei would not be able to master the secret skill.

Before she could finish her sentence, Chen Xiaobei had already started to chant an ancient demonic spell.

“Your pronunciation is accurate! His tone was steady! His aura is thick!”

Lin Dong witch’s beautiful eyes widened as she said in disbelief, ” “Is this really Chen Zhufeng’s first time chanting these spells? His comprehension is too strong …”

Although there weren’t many incantations, they were all pronouncing ancient demonic sounds that were difficult to learn. It was impossible for an ordinary person to recite them with such eloquence and emotion on their first try.

To the witch’s surprise, Chen Xiaobei was channeling his ethereal force into the infinite soul ring in a specific way.

This process was supposed to be the difficult part of the secret technique! Because if the incantation and Zhen Yuan didn’t work together, the special ability of the secret technique couldn’t be used!

However! This was the most difficult part, but Chen Xiaobei had mastered it flawlessly!

In a short while, the spell was officially completed!

The infinite soul ring turned golden, and its light flickered like a beast waiting to pounce. Chen Xiaobei could summon it and charge at the Black Tide!

Seeing this, even the witch of winter could not help but exclaim, ” “Chen Zhufeng’s spell casting is perfect! Even if the Saint Demon King came personally, he wouldn’t be able to do so much! Chen Zhufeng’s comprehension is unbelievable …”

Quot; I’m not! Quot; Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and laughed, ” say that you admire me! Quot; Don’t be shy!”

“Stop it! Quot; you thick-skinned fellow … Quot; before the witch of winter could finish her sentence, she suddenly exclaimed, ” “Hurry up! Quickly use your special abilities! The Blacktide has appeared!”

“I’ve noticed it long ago!” Quot; I’m fine! Quot; Chen Xiaobei smiled. Quot; get them to fly closer! Quot;

Quot; that’s too dangerous … Quot; the witch of winter bit her lip, extremely nervous.

A wave-like sound came from the front.

Looking in the direction of the sound, they saw a wave of ink-black water rushing towards them at an extremely fast speed.

As they got closer and closer, they could gradually see that the black wave was formed by thousands of crows as large as Falcons!

This was no ordinary Crow!

They had blue eyes! It had claws as sharp as Black Gold! And its feathers were as sharp as blades!

The strangest thing was that they were emitting black demonic Qi! It was like a burning black Flame that wavered in space!

The black flames of thousands of devil crows gathered together and advanced at an extremely fast speed. At first glance, it looked like a monstrous wave!

Once enveloped by this wave, even a huge space carrier would be completely crushed, leaving nothing behind!

This was how the Blacktide got its name!

“I finally saw it clearly! As expected, it’s an extraordinary magical beast!” Chen Xiaobei raised the infinite soul ring high.

“Woah! Buzzzzzz! Buzzzzzz! Yi …”

In the next moment, countless golden lights shot out from the infinite soul ring like thousands of arrows.

The target of these golden lights was the Black Tide that was coming at them!

The golden light had the special ability of a secret spell and could communicate with the Black Tide Raven’s spirit.

From the bottom of their hearts, they would feel a sense of intimacy with the limitless demon race, thus restraining their demonic nature and accepting their subjugation.

As expected! After being hit by the golden light, the speed of the Black Tide clearly slowed down, and the strong killing intent was also greatly reduced!

“I’ve succeeded!” The witch of winter cheered excitedly.

Chen Xiaobei shook his head. He did not succeed! Their King is here!”

At this moment, behind the black Tide, there was a sudden burst of an ear-piercing whistle.

The witch of winter’s expression changed drastically.