Chapter 2009 - Three-star earth-god Realm cultivator (4)

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Chapter 2009: Three-star earth-god Realm cultivator (4)

With that roar, the Black Tide, which had just slowed down, accelerated again. At the same time, it burst out with a stronger killing intent than before!

“What … What is going on?”

Lin Dong witch’s expression changed drastically, and she said in disbelief, ” Quot; these thousands of devil crows have clearly been appeased by the secret technique. Why did their devil nature suddenly erupt? ”

“Their King is here!”

Chen Xiaobei activated his golden gaze fiery eyes, which could see through the black Tide in front of him. Quot; “Behind this Black Tide is the king of the demonic crows, leading thousands of more powerful demonic crows! The former can only fight and not retreat!”

Quot; but … They’ve been soothed by the spell … Quot; the witch of winter was still confused.

Chen Xiaobei put away the infinite soul ring and said, ” “Tens of millions of years have passed, and the relationship between your limitless demon clan and the Black Tide demon Crow has become very thin! A secret technique can’t compare to the pressure of the devil Crow King!”

Lin Dong witch’s pupils contracted uncontrollably, and she said nervously, ” “You mean … These Black Tide demon crows have already submitted to their King … And are no longer submitting to our limitless demon race?”

“This is obvious!” “I’ve already perfectly used your clan’s Secret skill!” Chen Xiaobei said. It’s useless!”

The witch of winter gasped. Quot; “Run! Quickly run! The secret technique is ineffective, are you still going to stand here and wait for death?”

“Your clan’s Secret technique is ineffective, but I still have my own way!” Chen Xiaobei’s dark eyes glowed with a domineering light.

“Don’t force yourself! You’ll die …”

“The Black Tide demon crows in front of us are all in the one fire god-refining realm!” Lin Dong witch said nervously. The next wave would definitely be even stronger! Furthermore, there was still a terrifying King tier! You have no chance of winning this battle!”

“Shut up! We’ll just watch!” Chen Xiaobei’s aura had completely changed.

Lin Dong witch’s heart trembled as she felt a terrifying pressure surging into her heart like a tsunami!

It was as if he wanted to crush his state of mind and carve a terrifying shadow that could never be erased in the deepest part of his soul!

He would have to live in this shadow for the rest of his life, never to be free!

“What a terrifying pressure …”

Lin Dong demoness’s heart jumped. In her memory, even when limitless Saint Demon King was enraged, he didn’t have such a terrifying pressure.

The witch of the winter kept her mouth shut and stared at Chen Xiaobei with her Starry Eyes.

The demon race revered martial strength! He worshipped the strong!

Chen Xiaobei’s domineering aura had touched the heart of the witch of winter!

At least in terms of pressure, the witch of winter was convinced!

At the same time, Chen Xiaobei was already on the somersault cloud, charging straight at the Black Tide.

Quot; we’re dead … Quot; the witch of Winter’s Heart clenched. Her face was pale, and she was in despair.

Obviously, the winter Witch was only impressed by Chen Xiaobei’s aura, but she did not think much of his strength!

Chen Xiaobei charging straight into the dark tide of thousands of demonic crows was undoubtedly a suicidal move!

The black demonic Crow, which could even tear a one-star earth-god instrument apart, would tear Chen Xiaobei and the Wuji nine-floor Pagoda apart without mercy!

In her eyes, she and Chen Xiaobei were on the verge of death!

Chen Xiaobei threw out the blood God’s deity-killing painting when he saw the Black Tide approaching.

The blood-colored sea of fire descended, completely covering the first wave of thousands of Black Tide demonic crows.

Although these Black Tide demon crows were all at the level of God-refining, the blood God’s deity-killing painting had already reached the level of a two-star earth-god!

In the blood-colored sea of fire, no matter how many Black Tide demon crows there were, they would be completely imprisoned. They wouldn’t even be able to move a single finger!

Without hesitation, Chen Xiaobei controlled the somersault cloud and pierced through the sea of blood-red fire.

In an instant, Chen Xiaobei had left the thousands of demonic crows in the dust.

Chen Xiaobei did not even bother to look at her.

Seeing this, the witch of winter was dumbfounded. She could not believe her eyes.”You actually have a two-star earth-god instrument! Moreover, it was an earth-god instrument that could seal a large area! This … Is this where you’re so confident?”

“Rare and strange!” Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said, ” “The performance has only just begun!”

The winter Witch took a deep breath, and the way she looked at Chen Xiaobei changed completely.

A few seconds ago, the winter Witch was certain that she would die as Chen Xiaobei led her to the Black Tide of death!

A few seconds later, the first wave of the Black Tide was completely under Chen Xiaobei’s control without even hurting a single hair on his head!

Such a result had deeply shocked the Lin Dong witch.

However, Chen Xiaobei did not seem to care about the result and continued to make bold claims! The performance had just begun. Next, there were even more powerful and shocking techniques!

At the thought of this, the Lin Dong witch suddenly felt ashamed, and her face began to heat up.

Of course, the witch of winter was also looking forward to seeing Chen Xiaobei’s real performance!

The performance of the strong was the most pleasing enjoyment to the demon race!

At the same time, the ear-piercing howl of the king resounded again, revealing a violent aura.

It was obvious that The Raven King was furious!

It wanted to face the enemy personally and completely exterminate the invader!

It wanted to use its strongest combat power to defend its honor and pride as a King!

Quot; it’s coming … What a strong demonic Qi … Quot; Lin Dong witch’s beautiful eyes looked straight ahead, and she became nervous again.

A huge black Flame flew out of the second Black Tide!

He was like a shooting star, extremely fast! It was extremely powerful!

Wherever it passed, the thick black fog was torn apart! The floating boulder was smashed into pieces!

It was as if time and space had been penetrated, and nothing could stop that terrifying black meteor!

[ ding Yingying’s cultivation level: three-star earth-god level, lifespan: 8 million years, physique: 30 million, combat power: 30 million! (The strength of three tigers)

The netherspirit battlescouter detected the black meteor’s cultivation base and combat strength.

“The Raven King has already reached the three-star earth-god Realm! Thirty million combat power! That’s incredible!”

Chen Xiaobei was shocked, but he was not afraid. Quot; “To capture the bandits, first capture the king! As long as we can deal with this King, we can make all the Black Tide devilish crows submit to us!”

Quot; you … You can really deal with a three-star earth-god demonic beast? ” Lin Dong witch couldn’t believe it. She was extremely suspicious, but also extremely expectant.

“Heh, I have at least a hundred ways to deal with it!” Chen Xiaobei smiled confidently.

The demonic Crow King seemed to have heard Chen Xiaobei’s words. It felt like it had been provoked. It let out a third screech, bursting with a strong killing intent that sent chills down one’s spine!