Chapter 2010 - I'll take you for a walk (1)

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Chapter 2010: I’ll take you for a walk (1)

Quot; Chen … Brother Xiaobei … Quot;

Lin Dong witch was very nervous and said in a trembling voice, ” “Do you really have the confidence to deal with the devil Crow King? It had already reached the three-star earth-god level. With its talent and superpower, it was enough to crush humans of the same level! If you’re not confident, then run …”

“It seems that you still have no confidence in me!”

Quot; I’ve already told you that there are at least a hundred ways to deal with that Big Crow! You don’t have to worry at all! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said.

“It would be a wonder if I’m not worried …”

The witch of winter bit her lips and said, ” “You’re too boastful. Even a three-year-old child wouldn’t believe you!”

Chen Xiaobei took out his spiritual King Sword and said, ” “Are you still worried?”

“This … This is the flame burst Spirit King Sword! The Natal demonic sword of the Spirit Flame King is in your hands!”

The witch of winter was shocked, and she said impatiently, ” “Hurry up! Hurry up and attack! Directly kill the devil Crow King! After that, we can use the secret technique to subdue the other devil crows!”

“I’m not making a move!”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said, ” “I only drew my sword to make you feel at ease! I don’t want to kill the devil Crow King. I want to subdue it and make it willingly become my spirit beast!”

Quot; you … What nonsense are you talking about?! Quot;

The witch of winter was dumbfounded and exclaimed, ” “The Blacktide Raven is an ancient mutated demon beast. Its demonic nature and wild nature are extremely strong! Even my clan’s Secret technique is ineffective, how can a human like you possibly subdue the devil Crow King?”

“Still the same words!” “Shut up!” Chen Xiaobei said. We’ll just watch!”

Quot; I … Quot; Lin Dong witch’s heart skipped a beat. She could feel Chen Xiaobei’s overbearing aura once again. She could not help but shut her mouth and stare at Chen Xiaobei.

Demons were like this. If you were polite to them, they would think that you were easy to bully and would not put you in their eyes!

If you were domineering and unyielding to him, and could display a matching strength, he would instead worship you from the bottom of his heart! I respect you!

The witch of the winter had always looked down on Chen Xiaobei and had no confidence in him!

The only way for Chen Xiaobei to gain respect and trust was to show off his extraordinary strength!

Apart from cultivation, a strong foundation was also a part of one’s strength!

The Raven King was already in front of him.

Its blade-like wings created a terrifying Hurricane. The black demonic Qi that it emitted turned into a tornado that wreaked havoc in the space.

The power of a three-star earth-god was fully displayed by the king of demonic crows!

A cold and merciless killing intent was released from his body, as if it would crush Chen Xiaobei to death in the next moment!

Chen Xiaobei was not afraid at all. With a thought, he made the spiritual sword of spiritual King blazarite emit the power of a five-star earth-god.

The demonic Crow King took a deep breath and flapped its wings forward.

The thunderous momentum just a moment ago forced it to use all its strength to barely stop.

After braking, the devil Crow King still let out a series of strange cries of fear.

Of course, the witch of winter could not understand the meaning of those cries.

Only Chen Xiaobei could understand that the strange cry was a cry of surprise, ” What the f * ck! How did that human get his hands on a five-star earth-god instrument? It was too terrifying! I can’t win! Escape! All devil crows, run!

“You want to escape? It won’t be that easy!”

Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and said in the beast language, ” “If you dare to step back, I’ll immediately draw my sword and kill you!”

Quot; you … You … You can actually speak the language of beasts!? Quot; The devil Crow King was dumbfounded and stood rooted to the ground. He didn’t dare to fight or escape, and he was extremely embarrassed.

Lin Dong witch was even more confused. She did not know what Chen Xiaobei was talking about. Could it be bird language?

“Who … Who are you? Quot; we have no grudges, just let me go … Quot; the devil Crow King said in a low voice with a serious look.

“You make it sound so easy!” Chen Xiaobei laughed. If I didn’t take out my spiritual bursting flames King Sword, I’m afraid I would have been stuffed in your teeth!”

Quot; I … Quot; the demonic Crow King was at a loss for words, and uneasily said, ” “What’s your purpose? I … I can compensate you!”

“My goal is to subdue you!”

“As long as you open your mouth and eat this biscuit, I can spare your life!”

“Biscuits? What’s that?”

“I don’t want to be subdued by you!” The demonic Crow King said warily. She didn’t want to eat any biscuits! I’m willing to pay a price in exchange for my freedom!”

Chen Xiaobei said domineeringly, ” “From the moment you tried to kill me, your life no longer belongs to you! Either surrender or die! You’re not qualified to negotiate with me!”

Quot; this … Quot; the demonic Crow King’s expression froze, and his blue eyes revealed a strong sense of conflict.

“A sword or a biscuit? You only have three seconds to consider!” Chen Xiaobei’s eyes were cold and his attitude was overbearing.

“I … I … I can’t afford to offend you! But I can afford to hide!” The demonic Crow King was extremely unwilling. It suddenly flapped its wings and flew back rapidly.

He was surrounded by black fog and a large number of floating boulders!

To the demonic Crow King, as long as it could get out of Chen Xiaobei’s sight, it would be safe!

“It wants to escape! Hurry up! Quickly kill it! Otherwise, you won’t have the chance!” The witch of Lin Dong saw that the situation was not good and quickly exclaimed.

Quot; I told you to watch the performance. It’s only starting now! Quot; Chen Xiaobei waved his hand.

A pink ball of light was thrown into the air!

In the next moment, a dazzling scene burst out in the dark space.

The small pink ball of light was like a giant firework, releasing a sky full of sparks. It was gorgeous and resplendent, and even the starry sky was dyed pink.

Quot; what … What is this … Quot; the witch of winter was shocked and murmured, ” “It’s so beautiful …”

Then, countless pink Magpies rushed out of the pink sparks.

This wasn’t a real Magpie, but a Phantom of a Magpie formed by the spiritual light!

The spiritual light Magpies were uncountable, and they came one after another, directly pulling out a wide and solid pink Magpie bridge in the darkness!

This was the Magpie bridge’s spiritual light, the earth-god instrument that Chen Xiaobei had snatched from the cowherd’s Red envelope during the Chinese Valentine’s Day!

The real bridge of Magpies could connect two planets, allowing the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl to meet!

The earth-god instrument, the Magpie bridge spirit light, also had the special ability of ‘connection’!

In an instant, the bridge of Magpies ‘spiritual light had crossed hundreds of meters, one end connecting Chen Xiaobei and the other end connecting the demonic Crow King!

Quot; what … What the hell is this … Quot; the demonic Crow King was extremely nervous. It flapped its wings and charged around in the darkness, trying to break the connection between the spiritual lights of the Magpie bridge.

However, no matter how hard it tried, it couldn’t break away from the connection!

“Winter? Come back to your senses, don’t just stand there!” Chen Xiaobei smiled and said, ” “Big brother will take you to walk the dog! Oh no! It’s walking the bird!”