Chapter 2011 - Subdue all of them (2)

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Chapter 2011: Subdue all of them (2)

The demonic Crow King was running for its life in front, but no matter how fast or far it flew, it couldn’t break the connection of the Magpie bridge.

Chen Xiaobei controlled the somersault cloud and followed behind them at a steady pace, as if he was walking a dog on a leash.

Quot; this … This works too … Quot; the witch of winter was stunned.

Half a minute ago, the winter demoness was still questioning Chen Xiaobei, worried that he would not be able to defeat the demonic Crow King.

But now, the demonic Crow King was in Chen Xiaobei’s hands. Even if it used all its strength, it could not escape from Chen Xiaobei’s grasp.

The huge contrast between reality and imagination caused a million times critical damage to the heart of the witch of winter.

Her pretty face was red and hot.

The witch of the winter tribe felt that she was like a childish little girl who didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth!

He had not even figured out how strong Chen Xiaobei’s Foundation was and he was already looking down on Chen Xiaobei!

Now that he thought about it, it was really childish and laughable!

“Xiaobei Gege … Who are you?” The way the witch of winter looked at Chen Xiaobei slowly changed, and now, there was a hint of respect in her eyes.

Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and asked, ” “Why did you suddenly become so gentle and obedient? You won’t be conquered by me just like this, right? It’s not challenging at all!”

Quot; what … What conquer … Quot; the witch of winter pursed her lips and said, ” “I’m asking you a serious question! Don’t change the topic!”

Chen Xiaobei smirked and said, ” “I don’t want to answer you! I want you to be filled with curiosity about me! You can’t see through me no matter what! I’ll make you anxious!”

Quot; I … Quot; the winter Witch was instantly speechless. Her curiosity was piqued, but she could not get an answer.

That feeling was truly unbearable!

Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and chuckled to himself. It would not take long for him to train the witch of the winter to be obedient.

At that moment, the demonic Crow King stopped running and flew back.

“Eh? Why aren’t you running anymore?” Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and asked.

“I want to escape! But do you think I can escape?” The demonic Crow King wanted to cry but had no tears.”Give me your biscuits! I’ll eat it!”

“You’ve thought it through?” Chen Xiaobei took out a piece of high-grade heavenly dog biscuit.

The Raven King said helplessly,”fight, I can’t beat you!” Escape, I Can’t Escape from You! You’ve already won anyway, I don’t have a choice …”

“It seems that you’re not stupid!”

Quot; don’t worry! Quot; Chen Xiaobei smiled. Quot; you’ll be mine after you eat my biscuits! Quot; I won’t mistreat you!”

“What about my clansmen? How do you plan to deal with them?” The devil Crow King asked in a deep voice.

“I will treat everyone equally!”

“All the Black Tide demonic crows will become my spiritual beasts!” I promise to give them a cultivation environment countless times better than here!”

“Good! I hope you can keep your promise!” The demonic Crow King flew towards Chen Xiaobei with its mouth wide open.

Chen Xiaobei threw the high-grade heavenly dog biscuit into the demonic Crow king’s mouth.

Very quickly, the demonic Crow King had completed its master recognition and became Chen Xiaobei’s new loyal dog.

“Heavens! Xiaobei Gege! What did you feed the devil Crow King? Why would it be so respectful to you? This is unbelievable …”

The witch of winter could not understand the language of the beasts, and she was stunned by the scene before her. She could not believe her eyes.

“There’s something even more incredible!” Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and gave the demonic Crow King a look.

The demonic Crow King immediately let out a sharp cry, as if it was giving an order.

Whoosh … Whoosh … Whoosh …

In just a dozen seconds, tens of thousands of Black Tide Ravens flew over from all directions.

The black flames continued to rise, like a Black Tide that was about to engulf the entire space.

Quot; what … What is this … Quot; the witch of winter had always been afraid of the Black Tide, which represented slaughter.

The scene in front of her had a strong impact on the heart of the Lin Dong witch.

“I want to subdue the Blacktide!” Chen Xiaobei smiled and raised his left hand.

Quot; how … How is this possible?! Quot; Lin Dong demoness was even more shocked. Her beautiful eyes, which were like stars, were wide open, full of infinite shock.

Even the secret arts of the limitless demon race were unable to subdue the Black Tide. How could a normal human youth like Chen Xiaobei do it?

Lin Dong witch couldn’t believe it.

Without explaining, Chen Xiaobei activated the ten thousand Beast Ring on his left hand.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh …”

In the next moment, tens of thousands of black demon crows shot towards Chen Xiaobei like arrows.

“Xiaobei Gege! Be careful!” The witch of winter cried out.

However, the Black Tide Ravens didn’t launch any attacks. When they rushed into the range of the spirit light of the ten thousand Beast Ring, they would disappear without a trace!

“What … What is going on?” Lin Dong witch was dumbfounded and shocked. Quot; Quot; the Blacktide Ravens are all in Xiaobei’s ring … Quot;

A moment later, the terrifying Black Tide that represented slaughter had completely entered the ring. Chen Xiaobei was not hurt at all.

The last black demonic Crow even held the blood God’s deity-killing painting and presented it to Chen Xiaobei before entering the ring.

Quot; I’ve already subdued the demonic Crow King and the black Massacre tide! Quot; Chen Xiaobei grinned. Quot; I’ve already subdued them! Quot; Everything will be smooth sailing from now on!”

Quot; how … How is this possible?! Quot; The witch of winter was completely dumbfounded.

No matter how hard he thought about it, he could not figure out how these ancient demonic beasts could be tamed by Chen Xiaobei. This didn’t make sense!

“Little witch of winter! Do you admire me now?” Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and smiled.

Quot; I … Quot; the witch of winter was still in shock. She was so shocked that she could not speak.

Chen Xiaobei’s phone rang. It was from Xuanyuan tuohai.

As soon as the call connected, Xuanyuan taohai’s terrified cry for help could be heard. Quot; “Master! Help! I … I’m surrounded …”

“What’s the matter? Speak slowly! Don’t be anxious!” Chen Xiaobei put away all his treasures.

He even kept his somersault cloud and jumped onto the back of the devil Crow King.

After all, The Raven King was a three-star earth-god, so it was much faster than the somersault cloud.

Even though Chen Xiaobei said that he was not in a hurry, he was actually very worried about his disciple.

The demonic Crow King understood tacitly and increased its speed to the extreme, suddenly rushing towards the place where it came from.

On the phone, Xuanyuan taohai said sorrowfully, ” Quot; I’ve been waiting for you in the aircraft, master. Suddenly, dozens of aircraft surrounded me … The other party shouted that they wanted to take your life … Quot;

“Ah? Only a few dozen?”

“Which idiot?” Chen Xiaobei sighed. You dare to kill me with such a small army? You’re simply courting death!”