Chapter 2012 - This isn't a battle (3)

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Chapter 2012: This isn’t a battle (3)

At the entrance of the black fog region.

Dozens of flying devices with purple skull patterns surrounded the flying device that Xuanyuan tuohai was on.

The leading purple skeleton aircraft was using a megaphone to roar.

“Chen Zhufeng! You cowardly turtle! Don’t think that you’ll be fine if you don’t say anything! Young master Jiu Xiao said he wanted to capture you alive! However, if you refuse to surrender! We don’t mind launching an attack and letting you die without a burial ground!”

The roar was very powerful. It was either to capture Chen Xiaobei alive or to kill him.

“Who … Who are you … Why did you capture my master …”

Xuanyuan tuohai also found a megaphone and followed Chen Xiaobei’s instructions to stall for time.

“You guys can’t escape anyway, so I’m not afraid to tell you the truth!”

“I’m the president of violet ghost bounty Guild!” The enemy leader declared arrogantly. Qi shisha! We’ve already received a bounty mission to capture Chen Zhufeng alive! I discovered his tracks today and followed him all the way here!”

“Bounty Guild? A bounty mission?” “Who issued the bounty mission?” Xuanyuan tuohai asked in surprise. Does he have any grudges with my master?”

“According to the rules, we bounty hunters can’t reveal our employer’s identity!”

Quot; of course not! Quot; Qi shisha said. Quot; however, the employer’s identity is extremely prominent. As long as I say his name, Chen Zhufeng will be scared to death! Make Chen Zhufeng surrender!”

Quot; who … Who’s so powerful … Quot; Xuanyuan tuohai couldn’t believe it. “You … You tell me! I don’t believe that my shizun would be afraid!”

“Hmph! You listen well!”

Qi shisha snorted and said arrogantly, ” “The person who issued the bounty mission is the eldest grandson of the Helian family in the Azure Dragon continent! Nbsp; heaven dominating faction’s core disciple! The young man who was ranked seventh on the minor heavenly fate ranking! Helian jiuxiao!”

“Who is it? Helian jiuxiao?”

Xuanyuan tuohai was puzzled,”I’ve never heard master say that he knew Helian jiuxiao!” Is there any misunderstanding?”

“There’s no misunderstanding!” “The truth is, young master jiuxiao doesn’t know Chen Zhufeng either!” Qi shisha said.

“Then why did he want to capture my master alive?” Xuanyuan taohai’s brows furrowed tightly. He wanted to say ‘crazy’, but he didn’t say it out loud.

Quot; it’s all because Chen Zhufeng and Helian tulong are too close! Quot; Qi shisha said coldly.

“Helian tulong and Helian jiuxiao should be brothers, right?” Xuanyuan taohai asked in surprise. Why are you making things difficult for my master?”

“Because the Helian family is preparing to choose their next successor! Young master Jiu Xiao’s biggest competitor is Helian tulong!”

Qi shisha said, ” Chen Zhufeng is doing a livestream. It’s too popular! Quot; Therefore, young master Jiu Xiao had to capture Chen Zhufeng alive! If Chen Zhufeng was willing to surrender, young master Jiu Xiao would definitely put him in an important position! If Chen Zhufeng doesn’t know what’s good for him, he’ll be dead!”

Quot; this … Quot; Xuanyuan taohai frowned and said, ” Quot; so, my master has already been involved in the battle for the heir of a wealthy family because of a live broadcast? ”

“It’s good that you understand!”

“The Helian family is one of the most powerful families in the Azure Dragon continent!” Qi shisha laughed hideously. Young master Jiu Xiao was the eldest grandson! In terms of cultivation! In terms of status! In terms of experience! He had completely suppressed Helian tulong! As long as Chen Zhufeng isn’t stupid, he should know who he should work for!”

“I think you’re mistaken! I won’t work for anyone!”

At this moment, a calm voice came from afar!

His voice was enhanced by his vital essence, and it penetrated every aircraft and entered everyone’s ears clearly!

“Master! My master is back!” Xuanyuan taohai was instantly excited.

“It’s Chen Zhufeng!” Qi shisha also exclaimed. Why was there only sound! Where was he? Why can’t I see him?”

Chen Xiaobei was standing on the demonic Crow King’s back, flying towards the scene at top speed.

The speed of a three-star earth-god was so fast that Qi shisha could not see it clearly with his naked eye. Even the radar of the aircraft could not lock onto it.

It was only when the demonic Crow King stopped that everyone noticed Chen Xiaobei.

“Over there! It’s over there …”

Qi shisha was shocked,’what is that thing Chen Zhufeng is stepping on? It was as if he had appeared out of thin air! Did I just see a ghost?”

“A coward like you dares to come and catch me?” Quot; get out of my sight! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said. Quot; you won’t die if you don’t do it! Quot;

“You! Don’t be so arrogant!”

Qi shisha composed himself and shouted angrily, ” “When I was dominating the Green Dragon continent, you were still playing with mud somewhere!”

Chen Xiaobei’s eyes were cold. Quot; “So, you’re insistent on seeking death?”

“I have young master Jiu Xiao as my backer!” Qi shisha said angrily. Think about it carefully, was I the one who sought death? Or are you courting death?”

As soon as he said that, the witch of winter said softly, ” “Xiaobei Gege! When I was underground, I heard Yin ghosts mention the Helian family more than once! This force was extremely powerful! It’s better if you don’t offend them!”

“Heh, I’m not targeting the Helian family!” Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said, ” Quot; in my eyes, all the forces below the earth-god Realm are trash! Quot;

Quot; this … Quot; the witch of winter was stunned and speechless.

Qi shisha roared,”little bastard!” You’re too f * cking pretentious! If word of this gets out, you won’t be able to survive even if you have 80000 lives!”

“I’m just speaking the truth. You can try!” Chen Xiaobei’s tone was calm, but it exuded a domineering air of control!

He was supercilious! He had no fear!

Qi shisha was furious and said with killing intent, ” “Young master Jiu Xiao wanted to capture you alive! Since you don’t want the face I’ve given you, then you can just die!”

“Woof! Buzzzzzz! Yi …”

The dozens of aircrafts around him turned around and charged toward Chen Xiaobei.

“Xiaobei Gege! You don’t have to start a war with them!”

Seeing this, the witch of winter quickly advised, ” “Just give in a little and sit down and talk to Helian jiuxiao. It’s better than making a big enemy of him! It’s too dangerous to have an enemy of this level!”

“Talk? Helian jiuxiao is not worthy to talk to me!” Chen Xiaobei said.

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“Aren’t you working for Helian tulong?” the witch of winter frowned. Why is Helian jiuxiao not worthy?”

Quot; Helian tulong? ”

Chen Xiaobei laughed, ” he’s just my dog! He works for me, but I still think he’s too weak!”

Quot; how … How is this possible?! Quot; Lin Dong witch was instantly dumbfounded, and her worldview was refreshed. She asked, ” “So you really want to fight?”

“This isn’t a battle!”

Chen Xiaobei raised his left hand and flicked his fingers. Quot; “It’s crushing!”