Chapter 2013 - Combination battle formation (4)

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Chapter 2013: Combination battle formation (4)

In an instant, tens of thousands of demonic crows flew out of the myriad Beast Ring.

It was as if ten thousand arrows had been shot at the same time. It suddenly pounced toward the purple skeleton flying device that was charging toward them.

Black Qi rose from the 10000 devil crows and formed a huge wave that instantly enveloped the dozens of aircraft!

“What … What is that …”

Qi shisha had never seen such a terrifying scene before. He immediately exclaimed, ” “Fire! Everyone open fire! We can’t let the Black Tide get close to us!”

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh …”

As soon as Qi shisha finished his words, dozens of aircraft shot out terrifying laser beams at an extreme speed like a storm.

Seeing this, the witch of winter was relieved and said indifferently, ” “It’s really a crushing defeat! In the face of the speed of the Blacktide Ravens, the attacks of these aircraft are completely meaningless!”

“Woof! Buzzzzzz! Yi …”

Sure enough, the Black Tide Raven’s speed was extremely fast. It directly turned into a black shadow and easily dodged those attack lasers. Not even a single hair was injured.

Quot; heavens … What incredible speed … Quot;

Qi shisha cried out again, his voice trembling, ” Quot; all our attacks have missed … It’s impossible to stop the Blacktide from approaching … And we can’t escape with our speed … It’s over … We’re finished … Quot;

Qi Shi Sha’s judgment was completely correct. After just one wave of attacks, the Black Tide demon crows were already pressing down!

The huge black Tide had completely ‘swallowed’ dozens of aircraft!

Over 10,000 Blacktide Ravens surrounded the aircraft like a tide and began to use their sharp claws to launch close-range attacks!

One must know that the adult black Tide Ravens were only at the one fire god-refining realm, but their attacks could tear apart a one-star earth-god instrument!

Of course, this was related to their special abilities!

“Hiss … Hiss … Hiss …”

Wisps of black Qi were emitted from the Black Tide demon crow’s sharp claws!

This kind of black Qi was very special. Each strand was as thin as a strand of hair, but as hard as dark steel!

Thousands of wisps of black gas followed the sharp claws and brushed past the aircraft’s armor, leaving only a tiny damage each time!

However, there were more than 10000 devilish crows, and each of them attacked hundreds or thousands of times!

The damage caused would naturally be deeper and deeper! It was getting more and more serious!

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It was like an ant devouring an elephant. It used insignificant but massive injuries to completely disintegrate and tear a huge enemy apart!

“Collapse! Crash! Bang …”

It didn’t take long for the dozens of aircrafts to be destroyed one after another!

First, they were dismembered, and then they were torn into pieces!

The bounty hunters who were piloting the aircraft naturally couldn’t escape their fate. Their bodies were torn apart by the Black Tide Ravens and swallowed as food!

“Oh my God … Spare me … Spare me …”

Even the president of the bounty Guild, Qi shisha, was no different. His entire body was torn to pieces and devoured, not leaving even a trace.

As the Black Tide Ravens all returned, the entire space regained its calm.

It was as if the enemy had never appeared. Chen Xiaobei was not affected at all.

He returned to the aircraft.

Xuanyuan tuohai and the Lin Dong witch were both in a state of shock.

Chen Xiaobei did not have time to care about them. He went straight into the resting room and began his final preparations!

Compared to the dozens of aircraft, the real enemy was waiting for Chen Xiaobei on the asteroid behind the black fog!

The canopy that snatched the red envelope! Qin Wuxin, who was digesting the blood pool!

These two guys were a thousand times more dangerous than the dozens of aircraft earlier! Ten thousand times!

As long as Chen Xiaobei was prepared, all the danger could be resolved!

After all, Chen Xiaobei already knew the enemy’s trump card, but the enemy did not!

“Ten thousand beasts ring! The ten thousand Beast Battle formation Manual! [ Army-breaking Heavenly Sword battle formation ]! 10,000 Black Tide demon crows!”

Chen Xiaobei focused his attention and said, ” “I’m already prepared! As long as these four cards are combined, they can form a trump card that can completely defeat second senior brother!”

The first was the ten thousand beasts ring!

Chen Xiaobei calmed himself down and started to communicate with the spiritual beasts. He could now control the position of each spiritual beast in the ring!

This way, Chen Xiaobei could combine the ten thousand Beast Battle formation Manual and set up an incomplete formation in the space of the ring!

After that, he could combine it with the ‘Heavenly Sword Army shattering battle formation’ and complete the incomplete formation!

In this way, he could form a new battle formation that could be used by spirit beasts!

One must know that battle formations were originally customized for humans, and spirit beasts could not use them at all!

But as long as it was like this, using the [ ten thousand Beast Battle formation remnant ] to modify human battle formations, it could be used by spirit beasts!

Just like now, spirit beasts could not use the ‘Army-breaking Heavenly Sword battle formation’!

However, after the battle formation was modified, the spirit beasts could form a formation and unleash the special ability of the Army-breaking Heavenly Sword battle formation!

This way, Chen Xiaobei only needed to wear the ring and he would have an Army of ten thousand men!

As long as the corresponding battle formation was obtained, the spirit beasts could form a formation and display the special ability that originally only humans could use!

More importantly, the battle formation they formed was located within the space of the ten thousand Beast Ring, completely isolated from the outside world!

Unless the enemy defeated Chen Xiaobei and took the ring of all beasts, they would not be able to break the formation!

It was not an exaggeration to say that the myriad Beast Ring and the [ myriad Beast Battle formation remnant scroll ] were two extremely convenient cheats!

It would definitely be of greater use in the future!

“Alright! The formation has been completed!”

“Second senior brother borrowed a three-star earth-god level earth-element spirit-sealing talisman! And in my ten thousand Beast Battle formation, there happens to be a three-star earth-god level King of the demonic crows!”

Quot; this way, I won’t even need to use half a spiritual stone! I can just use the spiritual beast’s power to break second senior brother’s trump card! Quot; It’s so cool!”

“I’ll make a bold statement that I’ll capture second senior brother seven times! Once for the Qin family, twice for the devil earth, and one for today. That’s the fourth time!”

“I believe that as long as I persist, I will definitely be able to move second senior! It awakened his heart! Let him return to the old second brother!”

When everything was ready, Chen Xiaobei left the resting room and flew the aircraft at full speed to the asteroid.

In the middle of the small planet.

Outside the blood patriarch’s ruins.

Tian Peng was holding his phone and chatting with Shen Gongbao.

Shen Gongbao: ” I was in a meeting just now. I just saw your private message. What do you need? ”

Tian Peng,”no need, I’ve already gotten a trump card from tu xingsun!” He would definitely kill Chen Xiaobei today!

Shen Gongbao asked,”what did earth traveler sun give you?”

Tian Peng replied,”don’t worry, it’s just a fifth Earth Spirit sealing talisman!” Earth traveler sun knows that you don’t trust me, so you won’t give me a trump card that’s too strong!

[ as long as you can kill Chen Xiaobei, I will give you anything you want! ]

Tian Peng, Hmph! ‘When I cut Chen Xiaobei’s head off and get the Dragon’s edge and the chaos Blood Sword, you’ll have to give me the stars in the sky!’