Chapter 2014 - walking into a trap

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Chapter 2014: Chapter 2015-walking into a trap

Shen Gongbao,”it seems that you are very confident this time!” (Curious)

Tian Peng replied,”of course!” I’ve already known Chen Xiaobei’s movements! However, he had no idea that I had already prepared a trump card to deal with him! (Confident)

Shen Gongbao,”we have a good chance of winning!” (Excited) I’m looking forward to your good news!

Tian Peng,”there will definitely be good news!” You’d better think about how you can satisfy my request!

[ Tian Peng: if you say so, then I have nothing to worry about! ]

Shen Gongbao,”of course!” Heavenly Lord Yuanshi, the representative of the heavenly Dao, ruled the Three Realms and was the head of the Three Pure Ones! Even if you have a huge appetite, he can still make you satisfied!

Shen Gongbao replied,”of course!” The prerequisite was that you had to kill Chen Xiaobei and get the Dragon’s edge and the chaos Blood Sword!

Tian Peng,”don’t worry!” This time, I will definitely not fail! There was absolutely no reason to miss!

Shen Gongbao,”then I’ll wait for the good news!” (Laugh)

Chen Xiaobei had successfully reached the asteroid where the blood pool was located.

Going to the blood pool alone, Chen Xiaobei only needed to take care of himself. The risk was greatly reduced. It could even be said that everything was under control.

Quot; the environment of this asteroid is really good! Quot;

As Chen Xiaobei advanced, he observed his surroundings. Quot; Quot; because of the existence of the Blacktide Ravens, no one has set foot here for tens of millions of years! Quot;

Quot; it’s a pure natural environment with beautiful mountains and clear waters. The climate is pleasant, and most importantly, it’s aloof from worldly affairs. It’s simply a paradise! Quot;

Quot; it’s a pity that the spirit Qi here is so thin. There doesn’t seem to be a spirit vein here. Otherwise, I’d really move bei Xuan faction here! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei had always wanted to have his own territory, to move out of the Qin family’s main city in bei Xuan faction and be completely independent.

It was not that the Qin family’s main city was bad, but Chen Xiaobei did not want bei Xuan faction to hide under the wings of some powerful faction.

All Chen Xiaobei wanted was for bei Xuan faction to stand at the top of apocalypse Starfield.

Only by being independent could one have autonomy! Only by being independent could one become stronger!

Because of that, Chen Xiaobei had been looking for a suitable place to house the entire bei Xuan faction.

Originally, this small planet that no one had set foot on was like a paradise, and Chen Xiaobei liked it very much.

Unfortunately, there was a fatal flaw here, and that was the lack of spirit veins!

Without a spirit vein, the spirit Qi would be extremely thin!

To cultivators, without sufficient spiritual energy, no matter how beautiful the scenery was, it would be meaningless.

Therefore, Chen Xiaobei had to give up on the idea of moving bei Xuan faction over. Instead, he sped up and rushed to the center of the asteroid!

The blood pool of the blood patriarch was in the middle of the asteroid.

From afar, Chen Xiaobei could see a Lonely Mountain.

In sharp contrast to the surrounding beautiful scenery, this mountain peak was bare, without even a blade of grass!

The peak of the mountain shone with a blood-red light. From a distance, it looked like a torch that was holding up the sky. It was very eye-catching and special.

“The blood pool is at the peak! There’s only one last step left, and my entire plan will succeed!”

Chen Xiaobei summoned the somersault cloud and rushed to the top of the mountain.

There was a Heavenly Lake that was about to dry up in the middle!

The pool of blood that was originally full had already been digested to the point where only a little bit was left!

This was Qin Wuxin’s masterpiece!

Qin Wuxin had been cultivating in seclusion by the blood pool recently.

With the secret technique of the canopy sect, Qin Wuxin’s speed of digesting the blood ancestor’s blood was greatly increased. He was only a little bit away from success!

Once he had digested all the blood of the blood ancestor, Qin Wuxin would be able to obtain all the inheritance of the blood ancestor.

By then, Qin Wuxin would not only become a four-star earth-god, but he would also obtain the nine blood ancestor’s abilities that only the blood ancestor could control!

In this way, Qin Wuxin would be a huge threat to Chen Xiaobei! He would become a life and death enemy that was no less dangerous than Tian Peng!

At the same time, Tian Peng, the clay Buddha, and mu chenfeng were standing guard beside Qin Wuxin.

He wanted to protect Qin Wuxin so that he could successfully complete the last step and complete the transformation in essence.

“Clay Bodhisattva, do you have confidence in your plan? Why isn’t Chen Zhufeng here yet?”

Tian Peng squinted his eyes and looked around, hoping that Chen Xiaobei would show up as soon as possible.

Obviously, what the clay Bodhisattva said was true.

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Last time, Tian Peng used an immortal pill to not only save the clay Bodhisattva’s life but also made the clay Bodhisattva’s weak body very healthy.

However, because the clay Bodhisattva had been constantly trying to predict Chen Xiaobei’s future, he was once again punished by the heavens.

As a result, the clay Bodhisattva’s healthy body became weak again!

Although it sounded a little mysterious, it was actually real!

Quot; master … Are you sure you can kill Chen Zhufeng this time? ” Mu chenfeng pretended to be concerned as he probed.

Tian Peng said carefully,”nonsense!” This time, if Chen Xiaobei dares to come, I have a ten thousand percent chance of killing him!”

Mu chenfeng’s expression did not change, but he was deeply worried for Chen Xiaobei. She even wanted to find a chance to tell Chen Xiaobei not to come.

“Second senior! We meet again!”

But Chen Xiaobei had already reached the peak of the mountain on the somersault cloud.

“Chen Xiaobei! You really came!”

Tian Peng squinted his eyes and grinned,”I’ve prepared a big gift for you today!” I’m sure you’ll like it!”

“I’m not used to second senior being so nice to me!” Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and asked, ” “Where’s the big gift?”

Tian Peng waved his hand and released a talisman. Quot; Quot; seal!!! Quot;

With a roar, the talisman exploded with a yellow light that criss-crossed like an inescapable net.

This was a three-star earth-god level talisman, and the speed of its power explosion was even faster than the somersault cloud!

The spiritual light net instantly wrapped around Chen Xiaobei and even the somersault cloud!

“Hahaha! Success! I’ve finally succeeded!”

Tian Peng was instantly excited, ” “Chen Xiaobei! Today! It’ll be the day of your death!”