Chapter 2016 - strong reversal

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Chapter 2016: Chapter 2017-strong reversal

“Senior … Senior canopy great country … Help …”

At this moment, Qin Wuxin let out a mournful wail. His voice was trembling, and he seemed to be extremely terrified.

At the side, the clay Bodhisattva took in a deep breath of cold air. His face was full of fear as he retreated.”Mu … Mu chenfeng … Don’t do anything stupid …”

He saw mu chenfeng holding the Qing Xuan heavenly incarnate and placing the sharp blade against Qin Wuxin’s throat.

At this moment, Qin Wuxin was at the final stage of digesting the blood ancestor’s blood. He could not move or fight back.

In this way, as long as mu chenfeng wanted to, he could cut off Qin Wuxin’s head with a single slash of the blade!

“Mu chenfeng! Are you crazy?!”

Tian Peng turned around and was stunned. His face changed and he roared, ” “Mu chenfeng! I order you! Immediately put Qing Xuan Tian che down!”

“Ha, what right do you have to order me around?” Mu chenfeng glanced at Tian Peng indifferently, his eyes filled with ridicule.

“You … What’s wrong with you!”

Tian Peng frowned and was puzzled.”Mu chenfeng! You are my loyal dog! 100% loyalty! Why are you treating me like this?”

Quot; hehe, I’ve finally seen what it means to be crushed by intelligence today! Quot; Mu chenfeng smiled indifferently and did not answer the question.

“What IQ crush? What are you talking about?” Tian Peng’s face was ashen and he didn’t understand.

“Your intelligence is being crushed by my master!” Mu chenfeng laughed. Your so-called perfect plan is just like a child’s play in front of my master. It’s so weak!”

“What? Your master? Aren’t I your master?” Tian Peng’s face was filled with shock.

“You? Go to the side!” Mu chenfeng shook his head and said with a face full of admiration,”My master is bro bei!”

“Bro bei?” Tian Peng’s expression froze and his face turned green, ” Quot; you mean Chen Xiaobei??? ”

“Right! My master is bro bei!”

Quot; if you want Qin Wuxin to live, you’d better listen to my master. Otherwise, I can cut off his head with a single move! Quot; mu chenfeng said calmly.

Tian Peng was dumbfounded. He looked at Chen Xiaobei and felt as if his worldview had been refreshed. He even started to question his life.

Tian Peng could not understand how his loyal dog became Chen Xiaobei’s loyal dog.

Chen Xiaobei saw through Tian Peng’s thoughts and said, ” “Second senior brother sent mu chenfeng to spy on me! However, I’ve already refined a high-grade heavenly dog biscuit and only gave one to Mu Chen! After that, he returned to your side and became a spy!”

Quot; reverse … Reverse spy??? ” Tian Peng was dumbfounded and his face turned green.

A few minutes ago, Tian Peng man thought that his plan was flawless and that he had a 10000% chance of killing Chen Xiaobei! He could use the Tribulation of the demonic Dragon and the chaos Blood Sword to negotiate with the heavenly Lord of the origin! He could achieve meteoric success! He could have a boundless future!

At this moment, Tian Peng would never have thought that all of this was just an illusion. It looked beautiful but in the end, there was nothing!

Chen Xiaobei had already seen through his plan and everything was in his hands! Chen Xiaobei could do whatever he wanted!

That’s right! This was the crushing of intelligence!

It was a crushing defeat without any suspense!

“Save me … Senior canopy great master, save me …”

Qin Wuxin wailed,’senior canopy! You must save me … I can help you turn everyone in the Qin family’s main city into your believers … Let them believe in you for generations … You must save me …”

Tian Peng was so embarrassed that he turned to Chen Xiaobei and asked, ” Quot; what do you want before you let Qin Wuxin go?! Quot;

It was obvious that Tian Peng thought highly of Qin Wuxin!

First of all, Qin Wuxin was talented and lucky. He had obtained the blood ancestor’s opportunity and had a bright future!

Secondly, as long as Qin Wuxin became the head of the Qin family, he would be able to bring a large number of disciples to the canopy great country!

More importantly, Qin Wuxin hated Chen Xiaobei! Moreover, the blood ancestor’s ability to be immune to all poisons made the heavenly dog biscuit ineffective against Qin Wuxin!

This way, Qin Wuxin would never become Chen Xiaobei’s man! They would always be Chen Xiaobei’s mortal enemy!

Because of the above reasons, the canopy great country had made up its mind to protect Qin Wuxin at all costs!

“I have two requests!”

“First, the remaining blood of the blood patriarch in the blood pool belongs to me!” Chen Xiaobei said.

Quot; this … Quot; Tian Peng fell into deep thought.

“Can you change your request?”

Qin Wuxin wailed unwillingly,’if I can’t digest all of the blood ancestor’s blood, I won’t be able to reach the four-star earth-god level! Furthermore, I will not be able to use at least two of the nine abilities!”

“Do you have the right to bargain with me?”

“Qin Wuxin, you need to get this straight!” Chen Xiaobei said. You are my enemy! An enemy that would not rest until one of them died! If it wasn’t for second senior brother, do you think you would still be alive?”

Quot; hiss … Quot; Qin Wuxin sucked in a breath of cold air. Like a duck that had been grabbed by the neck, he quacked and went completely silent.

“Good! The rest of the blood is all yours!” Tian Peng had no choice but to compromise.

Tian Peng took out a storage bracelet and collected the remaining blood in the pool. He then threw the bracelet to Chen Xiaobei.

Chen Xiaobei took the bracelet and confirmed it. Quot; “My second request is to give me an immortal pill! It’s the kind of elixir that can help Qin Wuxin recover completely after I pierced his heart!”

“I don’t have any more of this!” Tian Peng shook his head.

Quot; if you don’t have it, you can ask Shen gongpao for it. Second Shixiong was able to get it last time. I’m sure he can get it this time too! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said.

“Do you think immortal pills are like candy?”

“The last two times I asked Shen Gongbao for immortal pills, I almost tore my face apart!” Tian Peng said angrily. This time, he won’t give it to me so easily!”

“Alright, then I won’t make things difficult for second senior! If you don’t have any immortal pills, then forget it!” Chen Xiaobei shrugged and smiled. Quot; “Mu chenfeng! Kill Qin Wuxin!”

“Yes, sir!” Mu chenfeng’s eyes were filled with killing intent.

Tian Peng was shocked and quickly stopped him, ” “Chen Xiaobei! You’re ruthless! Just wait! I’ll tell Shen Gongbao!”

“No problem!” “I’m very patient with second senior brother!” Chen Xiaobei grinned.

Tian Peng stopped talking and took out his phone. He entered the Three Realms red envelope group and started to chat with Shen Gongbao.

[canopy: @ Shen Gongbao, you there?]

Shen Gongbao,”here, here, here!” Of course it was! I’ve been waiting for your good news! Was Chen Xiaobei dead? Did he get the Dragon’s edge and the chaos Blood Sword? (Can’t wait)

Tian Peng,”No… My plan … Failed …”