Chapter 2017 - sealing kindness

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Chapter 2017: Chapter 2018-sealing kindness

[ my plan failed … I didn’t kill Chen Xiaobei … ]

Shen Gongbao,”f * ck!” Didn’t you say that there was a 10000% chance of success? Didn’t you say that Chen Xiaobei was going to die?

Tian Peng,”I … I didn’t expect this …”

Shen Gongbao, you idiot! Idiot! Stupid! You made me happy for nothing!

[ canopy, I promise I will kill Chen Xiaobei next time! ] This was really an accident!

Shen Gongbao replied,”bah!” Come to think of it, this is your fourth failure! As the saying goes,’nothing more than three times’! I’ve already lost my patience with you!

Tian Peng,”then what do you want?” Send someone else to replace me?

Shen Gongbao,”do you think I don’t dare to?”

“Of course you dare!” Tian Peng replied. However, you might not have the ability to do so! Last time, in order to let me retain the strength of a peak four-star earth-god, you have paid a great price!

“This time, you won’t be able to send someone as strong as me!” If they only sent one or two weaklings down, what was the point?

Shen Gongbao, canopy! You’re too full of yourself! Do you think I can’t do it without you?

[ Tian Peng: I don’t know about the future but right now, you can only work with me! ] No one can help you kill Chen Xiaobei without me!

Shen Gongbao laughed,”hehe, you really think too highly of yourself!” The winter solstice was coming! I can summon three earth level deities from the list of ghosts! By then, I will have plenty of ways to kill Chen Xiaobei!

Tian Peng,”what!?” You can summon three earth level deities?

Shen Gongbao,”that’s right!” We’ve discussed in the meeting today that those with enough merit can each summon three earth level deities from the list of ghosts! At that time, you’ll have no value to me!

[ canopy great beast: three each? ] You can summon! Chen Xiaobei could do it too! By then, your people will still be no match for Chen Xiaobei!

Shen Gongbao said,”heh, I’m afraid you’ve lost too much. You’ve lost so much that you’re confused!” There were only two people in the tribe of severity-Prime Tongtian and Chen Xiaobei! It could only summon six earth level deities at most!

Shen Gongbao said,”there are more than 100 people in the clan of enlightenment who have a huge amount of merit!” We can summon nearly a thousand earth level deities! You tell me! What does Chen Xiaobei have to fight me?

Shen gongpao,”besides, Chen Xiaobei only has 70 million merit points so far. That’s not even enough to get him an earth God!” What right does he have to fight with me!

[ Tian Peng, it seems like you’re really ready to abandon me! ]

Shen gongpao: ” the winter solstice is in a few days. If you can kill Chen Xiaobei, then you’re lucky! Quot; If you can not kill Chen Xiaobei, you will be replaced by a new person!

“You’re threatening me!” Tian Peng said.

Shen Gongbao replied,”heh, whatever you say!” Anyway, you’ll completely lose your value when the winter solstice arrives. I can ignore you completely!

Tian Peng, Are you sure?

Shen Gongbao replied,”Oh, of course I’m sure!” To me, things that have no value are all trash!

Tian Peng: Since you’ve said such harsh words! Then don’t blame me for choosing a life and death struggle!

Shen Gongbao asked,”what do you mean?” What do you want to do?

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“First of all, you asked me to retain my strength as a four-star earth-god and sent me down to the mortal world. This is against the laws of the Three Realms!”

“Second, you want me to kill Chen Xiaobei!” This was equivalent to touching the reverse scale of sect leader Tongtian!

[ Tian Peng: third, you’ve privately given out a lot of red packets, breaking the rules set by the heavenly Lord Yuanshi! ]

Shen Gongbao,”you … What do you mean?!” (Nervous)

“Very simple!” Tian Peng replied. I’ll go to sect leader Tongtian and tell him all your crimes. I’m willing to be a witness against you!

Shen Gongbao, are you crazy? This way, you and I will both fall into a land of eternal damnation! (Extremely nervous)

Tian Peng,”hehe, I’ve already said that I’m going to fight you to the death. Do you not understand?”

Shen Gongbao,”crazy!” You must be crazy!

Tian Peng,”ha, I haven’t even said anything crazier!” I’m afraid you’ll be scared to death if I tell you!

Shen Gongbao,”don’t … Don’t lie to me!” I’ve only committed the three crimes you mentioned! What could be crazier?

Tian Peng,”looks like you won’t shed tears until you see your coffin!” I’m going to make it clear today! Last time, Chen Xiaobei triggered my kindness! I know everything you’ve done!

Shen Gongbao,”what … What good intention … I … I don’t understand what you’re talking about!”

[ canopy: all things have yin and yang! ] There were good and evil in the world! Fairy Chang ‘E’s matter has indeed made me very unhappy! But it’s not enough to make me go crazy and swear to kill Chen Xiaobei!

[ Shen Gongbao, it’s you who used the ‘evil technique of the foreign tribe’ to seal my good thoughts and stimulate all my evil thoughts! ] That’s how I am now! I only have evil thoughts!

[ canopy: because there are only evil thoughts! ] So, I became ruthless and unscrupulous! Even if Chen Xiaobei was good to me, I still wanted to kill him!

[ as long as I tell sect leader Tongtian everything! ] I can also pin all my crimes on you, Shen Gongbao! I’m innocent, I’m under your control, that’s why I did evil!

[ canopy: of course, the most important thing is that you, Shen Gongbao, have used the ‘evil technique of the foreign tribe’! ] This was a taboo in the heavenly realm! It was also a taboo for daofathers!

[ Tian Peng: once this matter is exposed, you, Shen Gongbao, will die! ] Even the heavenly Lord Yuanshi and the clan of enlightenment were involved! If Dao ancestor is angry, the clan of enlightenment will be The Biggest Loser in this infinite calamity!

Shen Gongbao,”don’t … Don’t say it anymore … I beg you, don’t say it anymore …” [ trembling with fear ] this matter must not be exposed! As long as you keep it a secret, I’ll agree to any of your conditions!

Tian Peng,”you’re lucky!” The current me is still in the hands of the evil spirit! I have great ambitions and desires! That’s why I don’t want kindness to be unsealed! Kindness will only limit my achievements!

Shen Gongbao,”good, good, good!” As long as you don’t understand Feng shannian! As long as you keep it a secret! I will do my best to help you realize your ambition! To satisfy your desires!

Tian Peng,”okay, give me a healing elixir first!” If I want anything in the future, I’ll come to you again!

Shen Gongbao replied,”no problem!” I’ll give you the immortal pill now!

Soon, Shen Gongbao sent a healing elixir to Tian Peng.

Without hesitation, Tian Peng took out the elixir and threw it to Chen Xiaobei. Quot; “Chen Xiaobei! This is the immortal pill you wanted! Release him!”

Mu chenfeng, the clay Bodhisattva, and Qin Wuxin were all stunned by the scene before them.

Just now, Tian Peng didn’t have an immortal pill, but after chatting on his phone, he took out an immortal pill!

In the eyes of those who didn’t know the inside story, this scene was simply like seeing a ghost. It was extremely unbelievable!

The clay Bodhisattva had eaten dog food before, so he didn’t think too deeply about it.

Qin Wuxin narrowed his eyes and stared at Tian Peng’s phone.

Tian Peng was looking at Chen Xiaobei and did not notice Qin Wuxin’s expression.

Chen Xiaobei saw Qin Wuxin’s greedy expression and said, ” “Mu chenfeng, Pierce his heart!”