Chapter 2019 - signing a blood contract

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Chapter 2019: Chapter 2020-signing a blood contract

“You? He can break the seal?”

Zi Yuan was slightly startled and said disdainfully,”from your voice, you should be a young man!” Even if you do, you won’t be able to break the seal of this treasure chest!”

Quot; you? ” Chen Xiaobei asked. Quot; from your voice, you sound younger than me. Are you really that weak? ”

Zi Yuan’s voice was tender like a little girl’s, but his temper was not small, ” “It’s just that this great aunt’s voice is tender! He was already over a million years old! He was a four-star earth-god! Don’t look down on me like that!”

Quot; you’re a million-year-old demonic spirit! Why are you still pretending to be young? aren’t you ashamed? ” Chen Xiaobei said.

“You … You dare to laugh at me!”

“If it wasn’t for this broken seal, I could turn you into a pool of blood in an instant!” Zi Yuan said angrily.

“Alright, I won’t argue with you!”

Quot; I really do have a way to break the seal, ” Chen Xiaobei said calmly. Quot; but you have to sign a primordial spirit blood contract with me first! This is the deal I want to make. It’s a win-win situation for you and me! You’d better seriously consider it!”

“I’m a four-star earth-god!” Zi Yuan said disdainfully. Even if I agree to this deal, can you take out the primordial spirit blood contract of a four-star earth-god?”

“Why can’t I?” Chen Xiaobei laughed.

“Are you really stupid or are you just pretending? A primordial soul blood contract can only be written with the blood of an earth level deity with a primordial soul!”

“If you want to sign a blood contract with me, you must first have a certain amount of four-star earth-god blood!” Zi Yuan said with disdain. Even if you had ten thousand more lives, you wouldn’t be able to withstand a slap from a four-star earth-god!”

Chen Xiaobei was not moved at all. He even laughed and said, ” “Hehe, little demon! Don’t be too full of yourself, you’ll be slapped in the face!”

“Face smacking? Just you?” Zi Yuan was disdainful and did not take Chen Xiaobei seriously.

“You should be able to release your primordial spirit, right?”

Chen Xiaobei smiled. Quot; think about it. The primordial spirit contract is right above the chest. You can sign it anytime! Quot;

Quot; how … How is this possible?! Quot;

Zi Yuan was stunned. He had just opened his primordial spirit domain when he was instantly stunned.”It’s really a four-star earth-god level primordial spirit blood contract … You … Who are you? I can’t believe I can get the blood of a four-star earth-god!”

“It doesn’t matter who I am!” Quot; what’s important is that you’ve already been slapped in the face! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said with a smile.

Quot; I … Quot; Zi Yuan felt ashamed and admitted in a low voice, ” “I have indeed underestimated you …”

“Then the deal I mentioned, are you going to do it or not?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“I … I haven’t thought about it …”

Zi Yuan hesitated,”although I long for freedom and to break free from the seal!” However, if I sign a primordial soul blood contract, I’ll be controlled by you and lose my freedom … To me, there’s not much difference …”

“I promise you that I will treat you like a friend!” Chen Xiaobei said. Other than occasionally asking you for help, I won’t limit your freedom or suppress your nature. You can live however you want!”

Zi Yuan did not believe him. He said coldly, ” you may say it now, but once the blood contract is signed, you will treat me like a slave. You will never treat me well again, let alone give me freedom! Quot;

“You’re thinking too much!” Chen Xiaobei released three spiritual beasts from his ring.

“Bro bei! Why did you call me out? Do you want to fight again?” A big black wolf was full of energy and battle intent. It was Sky Wolf.

Quot; bro bei … You’re disturbing my sweet dreams again … If there’s nothing good to eat, I’ll get angry … Quot; one of the Golden insects was Xiao ‘er.

“Chen Xiaobei! This King’s cultivation is extremely high! He was about to break through! What are you up to!” There was also a little white cat who was licking its paws angrily, trying to scratch Chen Xiaobei.

Chen Xiaobei ignored them and put them back into his ring. Quot; “Zi Yuan, did you sense it? The three of them are spirit beasts that have acknowledged me as their master through a spiritual connection!”

Quot; I can sense it … Quot; Zi Yuan said in surprise, ” Quot; the first two actually called you bro bei … It seems like you’re really good to them … Quot;

“Oh? You even understand the language of beasts?” Chen Xiaobei asked in surprise.

“I’ve already existed for over a million years and have seen countless demonic beasts, so I know a little about the language of beasts,” Zi Yuan said.

“Since you understand the language of beasts, you should know that I’m not lying to you!”

Nbsp; ” even if you sign a blood contract with me and acknowledge me as your master, I will still treat you like a friend. You can do whatever you want! Quot;

Zi Yuan thought for a moment and said,”why can that little white cat at the end call himself the king?” Very arrogant!”

“Don’t judge it by its appearance. It looks like a little white cat. It’s actually a heavenly frost jade lion!” Even in the heaven realm, it was still a Super Beast King! It’s arrogant by nature, so it calls itself the king. In fact, it has no ill intentions at all, and it’s very loyal to me!”

“Then can I be called great-aunt?” Zi Yuan asked weakly.

“I told you, I won’t suppress your nature!” Chen Xiaobei grinned. You can call yourself whatever you like! Of course, I won’t call you “great aunt.” I’ll only call you little Zi!”

Quot; mm, alright then … Quot; Zi Yuan finally agreed, ” “I’m willing to sign a primordial soul blood contract. I hope you can keep your promise! Let me be free!”

“To my friends, I never go back on my word, I will never lie!” Chen Xiaobei said.

In the next moment, the blood contract suddenly shone brightly.

At the center of the contract, a small demonic soul mark appeared.

This meant that Zi Yuan had already signed a primordial soul blood contract!

Chen Xiaobei used the blood contract Jade token to cast a spell.

The blood contract that was floating in the air turned into a ray of blood light and shot into Chen Xiaobei’s forehead.

This meant that Chen Xiaobei had also signed a blood contract!

From now on, Chen Xiaobei was Zi Yuan’s master!

Chen Xiaobei could communicate with Zi Yuan! At the same time, he could also control Zi Yuan’s life and death!

If necessary, Chen Xiaobei could use the power of the blood contract to kill Zi Yuan’s primordial spirit and destroy her cultivation!

From this, it could be seen that the primordial spirit blood contract was a very domineering existence!

As long as Chen Xiaobei wanted to, he could use the blood contract to threaten Zi Yuan and make him his slave! He was being abused at will!

But Chen Xiaobei would not do that!

Chen Xiaobei would keep his promise and treat Zi Yuan like a friend!

“Little Zi, get ready. I’ll help you break the seal now!” He said. Chen Xiaobei said.

Quot; you … Can you really do it … Quot; Zi Yuan couldn’t believe it. Quot; Quot; the seal on this treasure chest is a five-star earth-god level seal! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei’s lips curled into a confident smile. Quot; “It’s just a five-star, a piece of cake!”