Chapter 2020 - Zi Yuan's memories

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Chapter 2020: Zi Yuan’s memories

“You’re too arrogant!”

“A five-star earth-god level seal. You need at least a peak five-star earth-god instrument to break it!” Zi Yuan said in disbelief. Furthermore, your control must be extremely precise. If you use too much force, you might even kill me!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t use brute force to break the formation!” Chen Xiaobei shrugged and took out his spiritual bursting flames sword.

“How can you not use brute force?”

“The secret of the seal is only known to the person who placed it!” Zi Yuan questioned. If it was anyone else, they would have no choice but to use brute force to break the formation!”

“Just watch and see. If I say it’s possible, then it’s definitely possible!” Chen Xiaobei smiled and took out 100 high-grade spiritual stones.

A hundred high-grade pills were equivalent to ten billion low-grade pills!

After the explosion, 10 billion low-grade spiritual Qi gushed into the spiritual King Sword like a river.

“This … This is a five-star earth-god instrument! And you still say that you didn’t use brute force to break the seal!”

Quot; don’t do anything stupid! Quot; Zi Yuan said nervously. Quot; if you don’t control your power well, you’ll kill me as well! Quot;

Quot; I’ve put in so much effort to write the primordial spirit blood contract and take you in as my spirit demon. Why would I joke around with your life? ” I’m not an idiot!”

Quot; you … Quot; Zi Yuan was slightly stunned. Quot; what you said makes sense … You’ve worked so hard to subdue me, so you probably won’t trick me so easily … Quot;

“I really doubt if you’re a million-year-old demon.”

Quot; you’re not much different from a normal little girl! You’re not calm at all! And you’re so stupid! Quot;

“You’re the stupid one! I’m so smart!” Zi Yuan protested, unconvinced.

“Get ready! I’m going to show my real skills!” Chen Xiaobei grinned. He held the spiritual bursting flames King Sword in his left hand and released his spiritual energy to split the Army into two.

A part of its spirit connected with the sword and activated the five-star earth-god Power.

However, this powerful force did not burst out. Instead, it was fed back into the ten thousand beasts ring with another part of its spirituality!

Previously, the celestial Hound had said that as long as the ” ten thousand Beast Battle formation remnant scroll ” and ” Heavenly Sword Army breaking battle formation ” were combined, a three-star earth-god instrument could be used to suppress the core of the formation and directly break the fifth Earth Spirit sealing talisman.

At that time, there was already a three-star earth-god level Raven King in the myriad Beast Ring, so there was no need to use a three-star earth-god instrument.

Chen Xiaobei was using the five-star earth-god spiritual bursting flames sword to suppress the core of the formation.

In this way, the battle formation that was formed would have the power to break the seal of a five-star earth-god level.

Quot; break! Quot; Chen Xiaobei shouted again, and the heavenly Sword spirit slashed down, cutting through the treasure chest.

After that, the sword shadow disappeared completely, but the treasure chest remained in its original spot, completely unscathed, as if nothing had happened.

Quot; Oh my God!!! Quot;

In the next second, Zi Yuan’s surprised voice was heard, ” “The seal is broken! It was really broken! More importantly, he didn’t rely on brute force at all. This kind of mysterious power is simply too inconceivable!”

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As soon as he finished speaking, a purple spirit shadow rushed out of the treasure chest.

She was like a happy little spirit, dancing around Chen Xiaobei, extremely excited.

“You’ve been locked up for too long. You must be very happy to regain your freedom, right?” Chen Xiaobei asked with a smile.

“That’s for sure! Although I’m a million years old, I’ve spent more than half of my time locked up in the seal. It’s so boring!” Zi Yuan flew for a while before stopping in front of Chen Xiaobei.

A purple spiritual light flashed, and Chen Xiaobei was shocked.

In the spiritual light, a pocket-sized girl the size of an ordinary person’s palm appeared.

The young girl had a delicate face. Although she was small, her figure was perfect. One look and one could tell that she was a little beauty.

The purple spiritual mist gathered to form a beautiful chiffon dress, which matched her smooth and delicate skin. It was not just an ordinary eye-pleasing sight!

More importantly, there were two pairs of translucent wings on her back. When she flapped them, seven-colored light would flow around her.

“You … You really are a Little Vixen!” Chen Xiaobei’s eyes lit up. He could not help but think of the fairies in the fairy tales on earth.

“How is it? I look good, don’t I?”

“This look of mine was designed by sister Xiaoling!” Zi Yuan said proudly. I like it so much!”

“Xiaoling? Who is she?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

Zi Yuan’s expression was slightly startled. As she recalled the past, the smile on her face gradually disappeared.”Sister Xiaoling was the first friend I made when I first became a demon!”

“When you just became a demon? That must have been at least a few hundred thousand years ago, right?” “Your sister …” Chen Xiaobei frowned.

Quot; she’s already dead … Quot; Zi Yuan said in disappointment.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up your sad story.” Chen Xiaobei said in a low voice.

“I’m fine.” Zi Yuan shook his head and said,”sister Xiaoling is the best memory of my life!” Even if you didn’t mention it, I would still miss her!”

“Can you share it with me?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

Quot; yes! Quot; Zi Yuan nodded and said, ” at that time, my demonic soul had just formed. I had just begun to develop human consciousness and wisdom! Quot;

“Because I’m a venomous demon, everyone is afraid of me and keeps a distance from me! However, by chance, I met sister Xiaoling. She was only seven years old at that time and didn’t know that I was a fatal poison!”

“She treated me like a little fairy and befriended me. She taught me the human language and taught me the human world! It was also her who used a paintbrush to draw my current appearance!”

“The time I spent with her was the best time of my life! From now on, as long as I recall it, my heart will be filled with warmth!”

Zi Yuan pursed his lips, his eyes exuding a warm and happy smile.

“What happened after that?” Chen Xiaobei asked. Why did Xiaoling die? And why were you sealed?”

“It’s because of the five poison sacred sect!”

Zi Yuan’s face turned cold and he said angrily, ” “It was their followers who killed sister Xiaoling! I took revenge for sister Xiaoling, but I was sealed by their sect master!”

“So it’s like this!” Chen Xiaobei’s brows furrowed as he recalled the Legend of the Five Venoms order.

“Although I have been sealed for hundreds of thousands of years! But it was all worth it! I used my poison scheme to kill everyone from the five poison sacred sect!”

The corners of Zi Yuan’s mouth rose and he smiled gently, ” Quot; I’ve avenged myself. I’ve actually been very peaceful all these years when I was sealed! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei praised, ” “You have the ability! He valued friendship! He had courage! It’s my honor to know you!”

“Stop flattering me!” “Just tell me, what do you need my help with?” Zi Yuan’s eyebrows raised.