Chapter 2021 - -returning to devil earth

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Chapter 2021: Chapter 2021-returning to devil earth

Quot; I’ll be carrying out an extremely important operation later, and you’ll play an important role! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei looked at Zi Yuan seriously and said, ” “Whether I can live or not, to a large extent, depends on your performance!”

Zi Yuan smiled and said,”I didn’t expect that I’m so important to you!” Tell me, what do you want me to do?”

Quot; I’ve also heard a little about the legends of the five poison sacred sect! Quot; Quot; what? ” Chen Xiaobei asked, ” can you still use the poison that you used to kill their entire sect? ”

“As long as the poison’s grade is lower than my cultivation base, I can imitate it after eating it once!” Zi Yuan said confidently. Furthermore, it could be used forever in the future! If you want to use it now, I can release the poison right away!”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry!”

Quot; I also want to make sure that this poison is colorless and odorless. Even a poison master wouldn’t be able to detect it! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said.

“Do you even need to ask?”

“Back then, the five poison sacred sect was one of the top poison sects in apocalypse Starfield,” Zi Yuan said.”Everyone in the sect was an expert in using poison! In the end, they were all completely poisoned to death by me without knowing it!”

“Very good! As long as I’m not discovered, my plan is already half-complete!”

Quot; what’s wrong? ” Chen Xiaobei asked again, ” does this poison take time to activate? ” Can you control the timing of the attack?”

“It’s a delayed attack! Furthermore, it can control time!” “Back then, in order to ensure that the poison would spread throughout the five poison sacred religion and kill everyone, I had specially delayed the poison’s flare-up by a few dozen days!” Zi Yuan said.

“In the past few dozen days, everyone from The Five Venoms sacred cult has been infected with the poison without them knowing! It was only on the tenth day after I was sealed that the poison completely erupted!”

Quot; the sudden poison didn’t give them any chance to save themselves. In just three minutes, everyone from the five poison sacred sect was dead! Quot;

At this point, Zi Yuan couldn’t help but raise his delicate little chin, full of pride for his masterpiece back then.

“Very good!” “With this poison, my plan will not fail!” Chen Xiaobei said excitedly. However, could the delay be shortened? It’s too long to take dozens of days for it to act up!”

“I’m in complete control of the time when the poison takes effect!” Zi Yuan said. It doesn’t matter if it’s fast or slow, it’s all up to my thoughts!”

“It’s perfect!” “Let’s go!” Chen Xiaobei grinned. Let’s go back to devil earth together! Everything that follows will be in my control!”

Chen Xiaobei returned to the blood Emperor Starfield and then teleported back to the Qin family’s main city.

Chen Xiaobei entered bei Xuan faction’s room, used the returning bracelet, and returned to the devil earth.

“What the hell is this place? The environment is terrible!”

Zi Yuan was a demon, so he could not enter the ring. He was like a little purple butterfly, flying around Chen Xiaobei.

“This is the legendary devil earth continent!”

Quot; don’t worry! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said, ” every step you take will be filled with danger. You have to hide yourself and not let anyone see you! Quot;

“What are you afraid of?”

“I’m a four-star earth-god level poisonous demon!” Zi Yuan said proudly. Humans of the same level are no match for me. If anyone dares to stop us, I’ll just kill them!”

“You are my secret weapon!” Chen Xiaobei said. He could only act at a critical moment! If we expose ourselves to the enemy early on, they will be on their guard, and my plan will be ruined!”

“Am I really the secret weapon? Am I really that important?” “Alright, I’ll go into hiding now!” Zi Yuan laughed proudly. At the critical moment, we’ll deal the enemy a fatal blow!”

With a thought, Zi Yuan’s fairy-like form turned into a cloud of purple smoke and hid under Chen Xiaobei’s Black cloak.

Obviously, Zi Yuan’s current body was the spiritual body of a Demon Soul, which could change freely.

In fact, her girlish voice and elf form were all influenced by her childhood friend, Xiaoling, and she had deliberately changed into this form.

If the first person Zi Yuan met was an evil person, she might have transformed into a terrifying demon.

At the beginning of life, people were good by nature.

At the beginning of a demon’s life, their nature was not bad. The key was to see what kind of influence they were under after they developed consciousness and wisdom.

Chen Xiaobei was glad.

Fortunately, the person Zi Yuan first met was the seven-year-old girl, Xiaoling.

Because of this, Zi Yuan was also like a young girl now. Sometimes he was naive, sometimes he was silly and cute, but the main point was that he was very easy to coax.

When Chen Xiaobei complimented her as his ‘secret weapon’, she was so happy that she hid away.

Of course, Chen Xiaobei did not lie to her. Every step after this could affect the direction of the entire plan, so he had to be careful.

Chen Xiaobei had been wearing the Nightstalker outfit and the mask, but he did not hide himself.

With the sky demon Apostle token in his hand, Chen Xiaobei walked into the demonic sect’s control area.

Chen Xiaobei had been here once before, so he was very familiar with the area. With the sky demon Apostle token in his hand, no one dared to block his way. He reached the eerie temple where the children were held.

At this time, thousands of demon sect disciples had gathered outside the temple, all of them in high spirits, rubbing their fists.

One look and he knew that there would be a big move today.

Chen Xiaobei walked over and used the wonderful sound perception to make his voice hoarse, ” “What are you all doing here?”

“You didn’t know?” One of the demonic sect leaders looked at Chen Xiaobei in surprise.

“You’ll answer whatever I ask! You’re not qualified to ask about other things!” Chen Xiaobei’s tone was cold and overbearing, and he instantly intimidated the other party.

After all, those who held the sky demon Apostle token were the highest level spies in the demonic sect!

Because of his high status and the fact that he was involved in secret operations, no one in the demonic sect could question the heavenly demon Apostle except for the demon commander!

Even the heavenly demon apostles were not allowed to ask each other questions!

“Lord Apostle, please calm down. I didn’t mean to offend you!”

The leader quickly replied respectfully, ” Quot; 8100 boys and girls have been gathered. We’re all gathered here, and we’ll bring all the children to the sacrificial altar at your command. We’ll cut their flesh and drain their blood to activate the killing formation … Quot;

“You’ve already gathered all of them?” Chen Xiaobei’s heart skipped a beat.

“Yes … I’ve gathered all of them …”

The leader swallowed his saliva and said awkwardly, ” Quot; as soon as the children were gathered, the demon Supreme ordered all the heavenly demon apostles to gather for a secret meeting to finalize the final action plan! Quot;

“Open the door!” Chen Xiaobei said.

“Ah?” The leader was stunned and said in surprise, ” “You’re not joking, right? Without the demon’s order, how would I dare to open the door?”

Chen Xiaobei raised the sky demon Apostle token and said, ” “Open the door, or die!”