Chapter 2022 - The demon's true appearance

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Chapter 2022: The demon’s true appearance

The leader immediately knelt on the ground and wailed, ” “Lord Apostle, please show mercy! Please spare this lowly one’s life … These children are extremely important. Even one less would be the end of this lowly one …”

“Who said I was going to take these children away?”

Quot; I’m telling you to open the door. I’m just going in to take a look and leave immediately. I won’t touch any of the children as sacrifices! Quot;

“R-really?” “You’re really not going to touch the offering?” the leader asked, trembling.

“Nonsense! If I touch the sacrifice, not only will you die, I won’t live either!”

Quot; I’m in a hurry to go to a meeting! Don’t waste my time! Open the door! Quot; Chen said impatiently.

The leader thought to himself that if Chen Xiaobei really dared to do anything, he would just push the blame on Chen Xiaobei.

Soon, the gate of the temple was opened.

“You wait at the door!” Quot; let’s go! Quot; Chen Xiaobei ordered and walked in.

Quot; yes … Quot; the leader’s brows furrowed, but he didn’t dare disobey.

However, the environment here was extremely bad. The space was dark and damp, and the ground was bone-piercingly cold. Almost all the children had caught a severe cold, and some even had a high fever and fainted.

The children who had been captured earlier were already on the verge of death due to the lack of food and water.

Chen Xiaobei’s anger reached its boiling point. He was like a volcano that could erupt at any moment.

These children were all under the age of seven!

The demonic sect was actually going to do such a heartless thing to the purest, most innocent, and kindest children!

Anyone with a conscience, let alone Chen Xiaobei, would be enraged by this!

8,100 children! Cut his flesh! Blood!

If such a thing really happened, it would be enough to anger the heavens and earth! Both man and God were enraged!

Of course, since Chen Xiaobei was already here, he would not let such a thing happen!

“I’m going to keep all these children, not a single one less!”

Chen Xiaobei made up his mind.

However, they couldn’t save these children yet. Otherwise, the operation would be exposed and the follow-up plan wouldn’t be able to proceed.

Chen Xiaobei’s goal was not only to save all the children, but also to reverse the demonic sect’s entire conspiracy.

Because of that, Chen Xiaobei could only suppress his anger and complete the final plan.

Chen Xiaobei walked to a dark corner of the temple, took out his phone and took a video.

The dami 17 interstellar phone had an extremely high camera resolution.

In the dark, the camera quickly scanned the entire scene, but it could still capture everything in the temple clearly.

Even the faces of the children could be seen clearly.

After that, Chen Xiaobei secretly released Xiao ‘er from the dark corner and left a secret weapon behind.

Chen Xiaobei walked out of the temple and said, ” “I’m done checking. If you’re still worried, you can go in and count!”

The leader smiled. Quot; the Apostle went in for less than half a minute and came out empty-handed. It’s impossible for him to take any offerings with him. I was too suspicious just now! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei nodded and said, ” Quot; in that case, lock the door and guard it carefully. The demon’s order should be issued soon! Quot;

“Yes, sir!” The leader quickly locked the temple and guarded it carefully with thousands of demon sect members.

On the other hand, Chen Xiaobei was rushing to the sky Soul Hall.

Nbsp; at this moment, the entire Sky Soul Hall was on high alert. Other than the sky demon apostles, no one was allowed to enter.

One could imagine that the demonic sect’s shocking scheme was about to be finalized in the dizzying Hall.

Chen Xiaobei showed the sky demon Apostle token to the front of the hall and walked in without a hitch.

After all, the heavenly demon apostles were important spies sent out!

The identity of every Apostle was Top Secret!

Other than the demon himself, no one knew the true identity of these top spies!

That was why Chen Xiaobei could still wear the mask and no one would suspect or question him!

In fact, when Chen Xiaobei entered the meeting room, he saw that everyone was wearing a mask!

Moreover, all of them sounded weird, hiding their real voices!

This was to hide their true identity!

In this meeting room, they were all heavenly demon apostles!

However, once they went outside, they were all famous big shots, even big shots of the righteous path!

Once their identities were exposed, the entire apocalypse Starfield would be in chaos, even to the point of being overturned!

“Lord devil Emperor has arrived!”

At this moment, a loud shout came from outside the conference room.

The dozen or so heavenly demon apostles in the meeting room stood up in unison and looked at the door respectfully.

Chen Xiaobei looked over as well and activated his golden gaze fiery eyes and netherspirit battlescouter.

He was waiting to see the true face of this demon commander.

A man in a black and gold battle robe and a black jade mask walked in with a majestic gait.

“We pay our respects to Lord devil Emperor!”

In the conference room, everyone shouted in unison and bowed in unison.

Chen Xiaobei, on the other hand, was shocked. He hesitated for a moment before he quickly learned to bow.

Who dared to think about it!

It was not a human face under the demon’s mask!

It was the face of a devil!

His face was green, fangs were sharp, and his blood-red eyes were ferocious. Just his face alone was enough to scare a child to tears!

Chen Xiaobei continued to use his golden gaze fiery eyes to see through the black and gold battle robe. The body under the black and gold battle robe was even more terrifying!

His muscles were exposed, his bones were exposed, his blood vessels were as thick as fingers, and his tail was wrapped around his waist, with a dagger-like inverted stab!

Chen Xiaobei immediately thought of the demonic tribe.

However, there was a huge difference between this demon and the limitless demon race.

More ferocious! It was even stranger! It was more dangerous!

It should be a demon race of a higher level than the Wuji race!

Of course, other than its race, Chen Xiaobei had also killed it.

[ ding Qianqian’s cultivation level: five-star earth-god level, lifespan: 10,010,000 years, physique: 50 million! (The strength of five tigers)

One must know that a five-star earth-god instrument was almost the strongest existence under the earth-god Realm!

As for the earth-god Body, because of the advantage of the vital essence in the sea of Qi dantian, it could suppress earth-god instruments of the same level!

In other words, this evil demon was almost invincible under the earth-god Realm!

Even Chen Xiaobei did not have the confidence to fight this demon head on!

“All of you, sit! He had to hurry! To avoid any more variables!”

The demon waved his hand. His tone and actions were very human.

Everyone took their seats.

A shocking conspiracy had begun!