Chapter 2023 - Taking off the mask

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Chapter 2023: Taking off the mask

Quot; the 8100 children have been gathered! Quot;

The demon sat on a throne made of Black Gold and said with a deep voice, ” “According to the order, tell me if you have prepared the things I have arranged for you!”

Everyone agreed in unison.

Chen Xiaobei’s heart tightened. Everyone was taking turns to say it, what should he do when it was his turn?

“The first Apostle reports to the demon!”

At this moment, an old man wearing a green mask said in an extremely hoarse voice, ” Quot; all the aristocrats in the Azure Dragon region have been evacuated. All the slaves are gathered in the excavation area! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei was shocked. He did not expect that other than Jiang Zhaoyan, the Jiang family of Green Dragon had a spy in the demonic sect!

Of course, this person could also be a new spy chosen by the honor demon after Jiang Zhaoyan’s death!

After all, the demonic sect’s shocking conspiracy was closely related to the apocalyptic aristocrats in the four continents!

As long as this plot succeeded, the aristocrats would be able to gain a large number of believers, just like they had tens of millions of years ago. The fate of the four major families would continue to be troubled and prosper forever!

Naturally, there would be many people in the Jiang family of Green Dragon who would be willing to serve the demonic sect!

By the same logic, every heavenly demon Apostle present had a corresponding top force behind them. In this conspiracy, they would more or less get a share of the loot.

Because of this, their conscience was blinded by benefits and they helped the demonic sect unscrupulously.

“Second Apostle, report to demon commander!”

A man wearing a red mask said in a sharp voice, ” Quot; all the aristocrats in the Vermillion Bird area, evacuate! All the slaves, stay! Quot;

Then, without any suspense, people from The White Tiger Imperial City and the Black Tortoise Imperial City also made the same report!

In this way, all the aristocrats in the four regions controlled by the four imperial cities were withdrawn, and all the slaves were kept!

Chen Xiaobei knew all of this!

The total number of slaves reached a shocking eight hundred million!

However, the demon’s next statement was something that Chen Xiaobei had not expected!

The honor demon nodded and said with satisfaction,”eight hundred million slaves, plus two hundred million people from over ten thousand forces, big and small!” Once the limitless demon formation is activated, we can kill them all!”

Chen Xiaobei’s heart skipped a beat.

The first information they received was that the demonic sect was going to kill eight hundred million slaves.

He had never expected that the demonic sect would want to kill all the people from the other forces except the aristocrats!

After all, there were more than 10000 factions in devil earth.

These forces, big and small, were spread all over the four continents of apocalypse Starfield.

If killing 800 million slaves was to throw the entire apocalypse Starfield into panic!

Killing the people of these tens of thousands of forces would make everyone in apocalypse Starfield angry and hateful!

In this way, the entire apocalypse Starfield, from the top wealthy families to the small forces to the ordinary people, everyone would be eager to see the demonic tribe exterminated!

At this time, the mastermind behind the conspiracy could step forward and put on a good show of ‘eliminating demons and protecting the Dao’!

After that, the trillions of people in apocalypse Starfield would regard the mastermind as their Savior and offer their most devout faith!

Chen Xiaobei clenched his teeth. He could not let this happen!

The lives of 8100 children! The lives of a billion adults! The faith of a trillion citizens!

All of this was because of Chen Xiaobei!

“Continue with your report.”

The Asmodian looked at the other apostles and said, ” “Have you all prepared what I asked you to?”

“Fifth Apostle, report to the honor demon!”

A man wearing a bronze mask said, ” Quot; a five-star earth-god level excavation formation has been set up in the excavation area. As long as you give the order, we can excavate the infinite sky demon formation in half an hour! Quot;

“The sixth Apostle, report to the honor demon!”

Quot; yes! Quot; the sixth Apostle said in a deep voice, ” I have already taken out three medium-sized spiritual veins and plundered three medium-sized Treasuries. I have finally gathered enough spiritual Qi and can activate the infinite sky demon formation at any time! Quot;

“The seventh Apostle, report to the demon!”

The seventh Apostle continued,”I’ve already taken care of all the top news media in apocalypse Starfield!” When the formation is activated, the news that ‘the demonic tribe killed one billion humans’ will be spread to every corner of apocalypse Starfield!”

The eighth Apostle replied,”I’ve taken care of all the top internet media!” The news of ‘demons killing a billion humans’ will spread all over the internet!”

The ninth Apostle continued,”your subordinate has taken care of all the mobile phone operators!” In apocalypse Starfield, anyone who uses a mobile phone will receive a text message that ‘the demonic tribe has killed one billion humans’! ”

The tenth Apostle laughed. Quot; once the news spreads, the people I’ve arranged will start to stir up the People’s hearts. They will create panic and create chaos. They will do it as fast as possible so that all the people will hope for the arrival of the Savior from the bottom of their hearts! Quot;

“Very good! Very good! I didn’t choose the wrong person when I chose you as my heavenly demon apostles!”

Hearing this, the demon laughed out loud and said excitedly, ” “You’re all big shots in apocalypse Starfield! Once all of this is settled, our plan will be smooth and unimpeded! Hahaha …”

As soon as he said that, the surrounding apostles started to flatter him.

“The success of this plan is all thanks to Sir devil Emperor’s wisdom!”

“Yup! It’s all thanks to Lord devil Emperor’s perfect plan, a strategic plan that determined victory from a thousand li away!”

“Isn’t that so! Lord devil Emperor was the commander who had contributed the most! We’re just Small Soldiers who act according to the plan!”

“Now that everything is ready, we just need to wait for Lord devil Emperor’s order and we can pick the fruit of victory!”

“Lord devil Emperor, please give the order! We can’t wait any longer!”

“Sir devil Emperor, please give the order … Please give the order …”

The meeting room was filled with joy. From the demon Lord to the apostles, everyone was immersed in the joy of victory.

In their eyes, the great conspiracy to overturn apocalypse Starfield was perfect, and the victory was already set in stone.

“Good! Pass me the sky demon order!”

The demon was excited. He raised one hand and shouted, ” “The heavenly Devil project! Officially open …”

Chen Xiaobei interrupted the demon’s order.

In an instant, everyone’s eyes were on Chen Xiaobei.

“Which Apostle are you? Why did you interrupt my order?” The demon’s tone turned cold. He was very unhappy.

Chen Xiaobei slowly took off his mask and smiled. Quot; “Society, your bro bei!