Chapter 2024 - destroying the conspiracy

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Chapter 2024: Chapter 2024-destroying the conspiracy

Quot; you … Who are you!? Quot;

The demon immediately stood up from the throne nervously.

The ten or so sky demon apostles around them also stood up and stared at Chen Xiaobei with murderous intent.

“Reporting to the demon Lord!”

At this moment, one of the apostles said, ” Quot; this kid is Chen Zhufeng! Quot;

Quot; Chen Zhufeng? ” the demon was shocked. Quot; he … He’s the Chen Zhufeng who killed tenhon ishiqi and Zhaoyan Jiang? ”

The Apostle said,”not only that, he even let the spiritual Flame King go and took the explosive flame spiritual King Sword!” He almost ruined our big plan!”

“Nangong Kurong! You’re quite concerned about me!” Quot; what?! Quot; Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and said, ” you know everything about me?! Quot;

Quot; you … How did you know it was me … Quot; the Apostle from earlier was shocked and became nervous.

Obviously, Chen Xiaobei had the Golden gaze fiery eyes!

Nbsp; with one look, he could tell that this sky demon Apostle was heaven dominating faction’s Grand Elder, Nangong Kurong!

Of course, Chen Xiaobei would not explain. Instead, he sneered, ” “Not only do I know that you are Nangong Kurong, but I also know that you are Nangong Kurong. I also know that the demon you’re loyal to is not human!”

“You little brat! You’re looking for death!”

Hearing this, the honor demon was enraged. Like a provoked beast, he released a terrifying killing intent and pressure.

“Don’t be so excited!” Quot; hehe … Quot; Chen Xiaobei grinned. Quot; the show is just about to start. It won’t be fun if you kill me! Quot;

“No matter what kind of show there is?” “Today, you’re going to die!” The demon said disdainfully.

“Clang! Clang! Clang …”

As soon as he said that, the surrounding heavenly demon apostles all drew out their earth-god instruments.

Once the demon gave the order, they would all gang up on Chen Xiaobei and kill him!

Don’t underestimate these people!

Each of them had a high status, and the earth-god instruments in their hands were all at least three-star. The people from the Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, and white Tiger imperial cities even had five-star earth-god instruments!

There was no doubt that if they surrounded Chen Xiaobei, he would not be able to fight them with his current trump card.

However, Chen Xiaobei did not show any fear. Instead, he smiled and asked, ” “Why do you have to kill me? Am I that scary to you?”

“You’ve been here since the meeting started!” The demon roared. You already know all our secrets! If I don’t kill you, those secrets will be leaked! Our plan will be ruined!”

“Hehe.” Quot; what? ” Chen Xiaobei grinned. Quot; if the world already knows about your secret, would you still kill me? ”

“What? What the hell are you talking about?”

“This is the highest conference room of the sky Soul Hall!” The demon said with disdain. No secret could escape from this door! How could the whole world know about it?”

“Nangong Kurong, haven’t you always been very concerned about me?” I have another identity that you should be very clear about!”

“What … What identity?”

Nangong kuirong was dumbfounded and said in surprise, ” “What does your identity have to do with whether the secret is known to the world or not?”

Chen Xiaobei shook his head in disdain and reached out his hand from under the cloak.

Everyone’s eyes were on Chen Xiaobei’s hand.

He saw that the other hand was holding a cell phone!

The screen of the phone showed the meeting room, and a line of text popped up.

Each line of text had a corresponding user name.

The Azure Dragon, the scholar in Azure-was inhumane! He was too inhumane! Recently, children had been lost in various places! He didn’t expect that he was actually captured by the demonic sect as a sacrifice!

The Vermilion Bird Golden Saber young master was crazy! The demonic sect actually wanted to kill a billion people! Just thinking about it makes my scalp go numb!

The most terrifying thing about The White Tiger Jade Tower’s Palace Master, Lao Ai, was that all the Tribulation aristocrats in the four capital cities were secretly colluding with the demonic sect! This world was simply too dark!

Xuanwu, the melon-eating crowd, and the Grand Elder of heaven dominating faction! He was actually working for the demonic sect! Nbsp; heaven covering sect was the leader of the righteous path! My three views have been shattered! I don’t believe in justice anymore!

Azure Dragon Zhangsan, do you want to die? There was still justice in this world! Bro bei is justice!

Zhuque Li Si was right! Bro bei had risked his life to sneak into the demonic sect! Give us a live broadcast of the demonic sect’s conspiracy! Otherwise, we would still be in the dark!

White Tiger Wang Mazi, yes! If not for bro bei! The people behind the scenes would become the Saviors of the world!

Black Tortoise Wang Erma was right! Bro bei is justice! He is our beacon of light! He is our eyes! He is our hope!

I’ll never regret being a fan of bro bei!

Lines of text appeared on the screen of the mobile phone rapidly like a storm!

From the usernames, it was obvious that people from all continents in apocalypse Starfield were watching the livestream!

Moreover, from the density of the text and the dazzling speed of the refresh, it could be roughly estimated that the number of people watching this live broadcast had probably exceeded 100 million!

Although not the entire apocalypse Starfield was watching, it was only a matter of time before the whole world knew about it!

The honor demon became nervous. He grabbed Nangong Kurong’s collar and roared, ” “Tell me! What the hell is going on?”

“This … This is a live broadcast …”

Nangong kuirong gasped, and his pupils contracted uncontrollably. Quot; Chen Zhufeng also has another identity. He’s a popular streamer on ‘old Wang livestream’. .. Quot;

Quot; live broadcast??? ”

The demon was so angry that his eyes were about to spit fire, ” “In other words, everything that happened just now has already been known to the world?”

Quot; y-yes … Quot; Nangong Kurong swallowed his saliva and said, ” “The person on the screen … Is the person watching the live broadcast …”

The honor demon was so angry that he slapped Nangong Kurong’s face.

Nangong kuirong was sent flying. The mask on his face was directly shattered, and half of his face was swollen like a pig’s face. When he opened his mouth, blood and broken teeth were flowing out.

“Trash! You bunch of trash!”

The demon flew into a rage out of humiliation and roared at everyone around him, ” “I’ve been preparing for hundreds of years for this plan! Countless blood and sweat! Endless energy! Countless financial resources! The massive investment is now all in vain!”

The surrounding crowd felt as if they had been struck by lightning. They all shivered and gasped.

It was clear that the lives of every single Apostle were in the hands of the demon!

The plan had failed, the efforts had gone to waste, and the demon was extremely furious. It was very likely that he would take everyone’s lives!

“Chen Zhufeng! Good job!”

The demon gritted his teeth and said,”you’ve completely ruined my plan!” I’m convinced! However, the price you have to pay is death! The 8,000 children would definitely die! The one billion humans will die!”