Chapter 2025 - The demon's revenge

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Chapter 2025: The demon’s revenge

No! Don’t kill bro bei! You damned devil!

The evil bi ‘an! If you dare to kill bro bei! My family and I will declare war on you! They wouldn’t rest until one of them died!

F-ck you-you f-cking demon! If you have anything, come at me! Don’t touch my bro bei!

Before Chen Xiaobei could say anything, his friends who were watching the live stream exploded.

Without a doubt, Chen Xiaobei had become the hero in their hearts! It had even become their belief!

They scolded the demon Lord for Chen Xiaobei! He declared war on the demon Lord! She did not even mind dying for Chen Xiaobei!

It could be seen that in this world, there were still more kind people!

Seeing this, Chen Xiaobei’s heart was filled with warmth but he was not afraid. He smiled at the camera and said, ” “My brothers! Don’t worry, your bro bei will not die!”

Upon hearing this, the demon suddenly roared,”I am a five-star earth-god!” There were three five-star earth-god instruments around him! Five four-star earth-god instruments! Seven three-star earth-god instruments! You won’t die? This Lord will follow your surname!”

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh …”

The fifteen sky demon apostles activated their spiritual energy and ignited their earth-god instruments, ready to attack Chen Xiaobei at any time!

Qingqing is finished! Bro bei is dead! The enemy’s strength was too terrifying!

Yingying … Bro bei is really working too hard! In order to destroy the demonic sect’s plot, he was willing to risk his life!

Bro bei was using his life to broadcast!

Bro bei! Have a safe journey! I will definitely avenge you!

Bro bei will forever be remembered … Bro bei’s name will be passed down for centuries … Bro bei will always live in our hearts …

On the screen, there was another wave of frenzied spam. Almost everyone believed that Chen Xiaobei was dead for sure.

After all, the combat power that the enemy had displayed was already terrifyingly strong!

Even though everyone worshipped and believed in Chen Xiaobei, they could not believe that Chen Xiaobei could escape from such a deadly situation!

This was absolutely impossible!

“I didn’t expect this! You guys worship Chen Zhufeng so much!”

The demon squinted at the words on the screen and said, ” Quot; since my plan has been completely destroyed, I will let all of you have a taste of despair! Quot;

Yingluo, what are you doing! Don’t kill my bro bei!

Please don’t kill bro bei!

“Hehe, don’t worry! You guys value Chen Zhufeng so much! I can’t bear to kill him so easily!”

Quot; no! Quot; the demon said viciously, ” I want Chen Zhufeng to continue his live broadcast! Quot; A live broadcast of 8100 young boys and girls being cut and bled! The livestream of the infinite demon formation was activated! A live broadcast of one billion humans dying in a river of blood! A mountain of corpses!”

“Finally! I’ll be putting on the best show of this live broadcast!”

The demon stared at the camera ferociously and said, ” “I want you to see Chen Zhufeng being tortured! To see him suffer a fate worse than death! Watch him get cut into pieces!”

“From a living person to a skeleton! His meat would be fed to the dogs! His bones will be crushed into dust!”

“I want all of you to taste the taste of despair! I want you to remember the consequences of being my enemy forever!”

“I promise! Today’s live broadcast will be unforgettable for all of you! Hahaha …”

The demon suddenly burst into laughter.

These extremely sinister remarks made the friends who were watching the live broadcast cry out in panic.

Xuxu is in trouble! This demon was furious! His scheme had failed! He wanted to make others suffer!

Qianqian, this demon, will definitely torture bro bei! I don’t even dare to look!

It’s not just bro bei! And those poor children and one billion innocent adults, they would die a terrible death!

Bro bei just sent me a video of the temple. I’ve already seen it. My own flesh and blood is in it!

My father and brothers are among the one billion Lords in Xuanji!

We clearly know that-massacre is about to break out, but we are completely powerless! This feeling was probably despair …

Bro bei is going to die! The children must die! His father, uncle, and brother would all die! However, we can only watch and can’t do anything! This! It was despair!

Yingluo-No… I don’t want them to die … I’d rather the one who dies is me …

Looking at the people wailing, the honor demon laughed even more crazily, ” “Wail! Scream! Cry! Seeing you all in so much pain, this Lord’s heart finally feels much better!”

“Idiot! Don’t laugh!”

Chen Xiaobei said impatiently, ” “Didn’t you want to do a live broadcast? Hurry up! I’m very busy!”

“Numbing! You’re not scared silly, are you? You’re on the verge of death and you’re still urging me to hurry up?”

“Since you’re so determined to die, I’ll naturally fulfill your wish!” The honor demon said disdainfully. Let’s go! From now on, we’ll broadcast despair!”

Then, the demon walked out of the meeting room.

Chen Xiaobei was not afraid at all. He took his phone and followed her.

The 15 sky demon apostles held their earth-god instruments tightly and formed a circle around Chen Xiaobei, not giving him a chance to escape.

Soon, the group arrived at the temple where the children were imprisoned!

“Everyone, open your eyes wide and watch! This is the place where the 8100 children are imprisoned!”

The demon said viciously to the camera, ” “Those little brats will be caught soon! In front of the camera, one by one, their flesh was cut and their blood was drained! One by one, they died without an intact corpse! This is the first good show I’m going to show you! Hahaha …”

As soon as he said that, the audience wailed on the screen.

A total of 8100 innocent and pure children under the age of seven were about to die!

The hearts of all the audience members were filled with anger, unwillingness, and hatred, but they were powerless to stop it!

Extreme despair spread to everyone’s heart. That feeling was worse than death!

“A disciple of the sky Soul Hall! Hear my order!”

The demon Lord shouted and looked forward!

“We pay our respects to Lord devil Emperor!”

Outside the temple, thousands of demon disciples had gathered, kneeling on one knee, waiting for the demon’s orders.

Quot; open the temple and bring all the offerings to the array altar. We’ll offer blood to the heavenly demon! Quot; The honor demon shouted and gave a clear order.

Thousands of demonic cultists received the order and gathered at the entrance of the temple.

The disciple Leader opened the door and was the first to enter.

Bro bei! Move the camera away! We can’t bear to watch anymore!

Yingluo, yes … This kind of brutal massacre … We really don’t have the courage to see it …

Bro bei! Don’t stream anymore! Many people would not be able to take it!

The audience wailed again.

It was obvious that despair had crushed his mental state and disintegrated their courage. They had become weak and cowardly!

“Everyone, open your eyes wide and look carefully!”

“Bro bei, I won’t let you down!” Chen Xiaobei said with a smile.

At this moment, the leader of the followers screamed and retreated from the temple. He covered his head with his hands and looked like he was in extreme pain!