Chapter 2026 - Gold worm waiter

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Chapter 2026: Gold worm waiter

Quot; what’s going on?! Quot;

The demon, the 15 apostles, thousands of cultists and hundreds of millions of spectators were all shocked.

They had no idea what was happening over there!

In everyone’s eyes, the people locked up in the temple were all weak children. They couldn’t do any serious damage to a demonic sect leader.

They only heard the leader’s miserable wailing.

He covered his head with both hands and kept stepping back. His whole body was trembling because of the pain. Cold sweat was pouring down like rain!

The moment the leader retreated out of the temple, his head exploded.

It was like a watermelon being smashed by a heavy hammer!

Skulls exploded on the ground, and blood and brain matter splattered in all directions. The headless body swayed and fell heavily to the ground.

“My God … Leader … Why is leader dead …”

Other than Chen Xiaobei, everyone else gasped in disbelief.

Thousands of demon followers were scared out of their wits. They retreated one after another, not daring to approach the gate of the temple.

The audience watching the live broadcast cheered.

Bro bei! How did the enemy die? You didn’t even make a move, how did he die?

Qinqin streamer is awesome! He killed people invisibly! He was so handsome!

Bro bei! It was insanely cool! Mighty, domineering, and invincible!

“Hmph! It was simply laughable! It’s just a stinky bug, what can it do?”

The crowd cheered, but the demon snorted in disdain. His eyes fell on the sky above the temple.

Hearing this, everyone’s eyes turned to look and they all found the key to the problem.

“There really is a vicious insect!”

Because everyone was quite far away, it was hard to notice without looking carefully.

At the place where the leader had fallen, a small Golden Bug was flapping its cicada wings in the air.

“That little bug’s body is covered in blood! It’s the one that exploded the leader’s head!”

“What powerful spiritual fluctuations! And there were also true essence fluctuations! That little bug has already reached the spirit-refining stage!”

“Heavens! Since when did devil Earth Star area have such a terrifying insect?”

Thousands of demon sect disciples cried out in alarm, not daring to approach.

Even though they had the advantage in numbers, their cultivation base was only at the celestial phenomenon and ethereal cultivation. Compared to the God-Ascension cultivation base, they were miles apart!

If they couldn’t form a battle formation to attack and defend together, these thousands of people wouldn’t be a match for the Golden Bug!

“A mere early God-refinement realm cultivator! There was nothing to fear! I’ll go destroy it!”

Nangong kuirong had sharp eyes. He could tell the little golden worm’s cultivation level and immediately volunteered to fight.

After all, he had just been slapped, and Nangong kuirong wanted to take this opportunity to save some face.

The demon said coldly,”look carefully first!” That little bug seemed to be holding onto something! I’m afraid there’s another mystery!”

Nangong kuirong was stunned and looked carefully.

The others also observed carefully and immediately made a discovery.”That little bug seems to be holding a ring! If one didn’t look closely, they would think that it was the stomach of the little bug!”

The demon was smart. He immediately looked at Chen Xiaobei and asked coldly, ” “Chen Zhufeng! You were the one who put that little bug in there?”

“That’s not a little bug! That’s the twelve wings Golden Cicada!”

Chen Xiaobei chuckled and taunted, ” “Didn’t you say that you wanted to broadcast despair live? Don’t tell me he has already slipped away?”

“Bah! It only had a pair of cicada wings! Where did this twelve-winged come from?”

The honor demon said disdainfully,”I don’t believe that a little bug at the early stage of spirit Ascension can cause any big waves!” Nangong kuirong, take some men and exterminate that little bug!”

Nangong Kurong smiled disdainfully and said, ” “There’s no need to bring anyone else, this subordinate will be more than enough!”

“Don’t underestimate the enemy!” The demon’s eyes narrowed as he warned in a deep voice.

Obviously, the honor demon was very smart and cautious. He noticed the ring Xiao ‘er was holding and sensed the dangerous Qi.

However, everything was being broadcasted live!

The honor demon couldn’t let the audience think that he was a coward, so he had to send Nangong Kurong to fight.

“All of you, don’t get your spirits up!”

Nangong Kurong walked forward and glanced at the thousands of demon sect disciples. He shouted, ” “Isn’t that just a little bug? Look at how scared you are! Come with me and take away all the children as sacrifices!”

The thousands of demonic sect disciples were instantly filled with confidence.

They all knew that Nangong Kurong was a one-star earth level deity!

More importantly, Nangong kuirong was holding a five-star earth-god level sword!

The spirit Qi had already filled the sword, and it could activate the power of a five-star earth-god at any time!

In everyone’s eyes, no matter how strong the waiter was, he was no match for Nangong Kurong.

Obviously, except for the honor demon, Nangong Kurong and the rest of the people from the demonic sect didn’t take the waiter seriously. They were all sure that they would win this battle!

At the same time, the audience in the live streaming room broke out in a cold sweat for Xiao ‘er.

Bro bei! Is that little Golden Bug your spirit beast or not? Quickly let it escape! Otherwise, it would die!

Yingluo-yes! Bro bei! Nbsp; Nangong Kurong was heaven dominating sect’s first Supreme elder! He was a one-star earth-god! He even had a five-star earth-god instrument! The little Golden Bug couldn’t win!

Yingluo, that little Golden Bug, was also stupid! He was only at the early stage of God-Ascension cultivation. Did he not know fear?

“Brothers, don’t worry!”

Chen Xiaobei was not worried at all. He smiled and said, ” “Not only is my waiter not stupid, he’s also very smart! A good show is about to start!”

As soon as he said that, the number of words that popped up on the screen decreased greatly.

All the followers stopped typing and stared at Xiao ‘er with full attention, looking forward to the little Golden bug’s performance.

“Little bug! Show me what you’ve got!”

Nangong Kurong stopped ten meters in front of the waiter and laughed arrogantly, ” Quot; if you don’t have any special skills, I can crush you 10000 times with one finger! Quot;

“Idiot! You’re about to die, yet you still dare to act tough!”

The waiter rolled his eyes at Nangong Kurong in disdain and shouted, ” “Bro bei, bro bei! Quickly cut off your spiritual connection! I’m going to kill this idiot!”

Obviously, other than Chen Xiaobei, no one else could understand Xiao ‘er’s buzzing.

“Little bug! Are you looking down on me by not running or defending?”

Nangong kuirong was very impatient and directly struck out his palm!

His palm was enhanced with the power of a one-star earth-god! It was equivalent to the strength of a Tiger!

The destructive power of this palm was equivalent to a full-force attack of a giant barbaric Tiger!

Just like what Nangong kuirong had said, if the waiter didn’t have a special trump card, this attack was enough to kill the waiter 10000 times!

However, Chen Xiaobei had already calculated everything and completed his plan! How could the waiter not have a trump card?

“The Black Tide! Surge!”

The waiter let out a low growl and shot out ten thousand arrows from the ring in his arms!