Chapter 2027 - Life and death rescue

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Chapter 2027: Life and death rescue

“Woof! Buzzzzzz! Yi …”

In an instant, tens of thousands of black shadows charged out of the ring.

It was obvious that the waiter was holding the ten thousand beasts ring!

Chen Xiaobei had temporarily cut off the spiritual connection so that Xiao ‘er could control the ring and release tens of thousands of demonic crows!

Of course! He also released the devil Crow King!

The demonic Crow King was a three-star earth-god, so its speed was extremely fast.

When he suddenly charged out, he was like a Black bolt of lightning, so fast that it was difficult to see with the naked eye!

“Oh my God … What … What the hell is that? How could he have the strength of three tigers!”

Nangong Kurong’s face changed dramatically. His pupils contracted uncontrollably and he screamed in fear.

One must know that Nangong kuirong was only a one-star earth-god, and his combat strength was only as strong as a Tiger!

An adult giant barbaric Tiger had 10 million combat power and 10 million physical strength! This was the difference between each minor level of the primordial soul realm!

As the saying goes, when an essence spirit is derived to become an earth immortal, the first minor realm will have Nine Heavens!

When one reached the primordial soul realm and became an earthly immortal, it would be more and more difficult to cultivate!

Every minor realm that was raised was as difficult as defying the heavens!

Moreover, he wanted to defy the nine Heavens! Only then would he be able to advance a small realm!

One could only imagine how difficult it was!

Of course, the cost and gain of cultivation were always proportional!

Although the process was extremely difficult, as long as he successfully broke through, it was equivalent to standing proudly above the nine Heavens! Everything that was lower than his realm would be as small and fragile as an ant!

At this moment, Nangong Kurong was just an ant in the eyes of the king of demonic crows! A speck of dust!

The distance was extremely close! The attack was sudden! Crushing power! The devil Raven King had all the advantages!

The point was that Nangong kuirong had underestimated his enemy. When he found the king of demonic crows, he had no time to use his five-star earth-god instrument!

In the blink of an eye, the demonic Crow King’s Blade-like wings slashed across Nangong Kurong’s throat!

The head rolled onto the ground, and blood gushed out like a fountain!

Nbsp; he was the Grand Elder of heaven dominating faction! He was a one-star earth-god! Just like that, he was killed in an instant!

“Oh my God … He’s dead … Nangong Kurong is dead …”

Seeing the scene in front of them, the thousands of demon sect disciples were all shocked by the level of nuclear explosion!

As if they had been hit by a petrifying spell, they were completely frozen on the spot. Their pupils contracted uncontrollably, and their bodies trembled violently. Their feet could not move even half a step.

At the same time, the hundreds of millions of people watching the live broadcast were all stunned. Not even half a message appeared on the screen!

To the people of apocalypse Starfield, heaven dominating sect was the most powerful force!

Nbsp; as the only Grand Elder of heaven dominating sect, Nangong Kurong’s seniority was even higher than the current sect leader!

In the eyes of ordinary people, Nangong Kurong was definitely a god-like existence! Supreme! Holy Majesty! It was extremely powerful!

However! Right at this moment!

Nangong Kurong, who was like a god in everyone’s heart, instantly fell from the altar and directly fell into hell!

Instant kill! Instant kill!

If they didn’t see it with their own eyes, no one would believe that it was true!

Just when everyone was extremely shocked, the tens of thousands of Black Tide demon crows weren’t idle!

They were staring with their blue eyes! It waved its sharp claws! It flapped its blade-like wings! He directly pounced into the crowd!

“Ah … Ah … Help! These strange birds were so strong! Every single one of them was at the early stage of God-Ascension! Help! We don’t want to die!”

Only to hear, among thousands of devil cultists, screams and wails erupted one after another.

As the black demonic Qi surged like a tide, human heads rolled on the ground, broken corpses covered the ground, and blood formed a River!

Thousands of demon sect disciples were like harvested straw, falling in pools of blood!

In less than ten seconds, tens of thousands of Black Tide demon crows had finished their harvest, completely wiping out thousands of demon sect disciples!

Oh my God! These blue-eyed crows were simply too powerful!

Bro bei! Are these blue-eyed crows also your spirit beasts? It was simply overwhelming!

They wiped out thousands of people in just ten seconds! Such combat power was even more terrifying than a fully armed Army!

Those demons from the demonic sect have done many evil things! He died very well! I’ll give the host 32 likes!

He urged bro bei to get rid of evil for the people! 666!

Bro bei! You really didn’t let us down! 66666……

Seeing that all the demonic cultists outside the temple had been annihilated, the audience who were watching the live broadcast instantly became excited.

On the screen, dense text popped up!

Everyone was praising Chen Xiaobei, and the atmosphere was extremely lively!

“Chen Zhufeng! You’re too sinister!”

At this time, the demon roared in anger. His eyes under the mask were so angry that they were about to smoke.

Quot; you’re a despicable, shameless, and cunning demon! How dare you say that someone else is evil? ” Chen Xiaobei laughed. Your skin is even thicker than that of the devil earth continent!”

Well done, bro bei! The devil earth continent was tens of thousands of meters thick! This demon was super thick-skinned!

Our bro bei is not a cunning person! He was clearly quick-witted! This demon was obviously jealous of bro bei’s talent!

Qianqian was the leader of the demonic sect! He actually had no sense of shame! One could imagine that the entire demonic sect was full of shameless things!

He’s a rubbish devil! Thick-skinned fried chicken!

The honor demon was so angry that he almost vomited blood. He gritted his teeth and roared, ” “Chen Zhufeng! Don’t think that you’re so great just because you killed Nangong Kurong and a few thousand of his minions! You still can’t get out of my Five Finger Mountain!”

Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and laughed, ” Only the one who has the last laugh will know the answer!”

“Is that so? Then I’ll make you cry now! Let all the stupid humans who are watching the live broadcast cry together!”

The demon Lord waved his hand and roared,”attack!” Kill those damned Black Crows! Then, bring out all the children as sacrifices! The massacre would continue! The despair will continue!”

The remaining 14 apostles clenched their earth-god instruments tightly and prepared to attack the Blacktide Ravens.

Xuxu is in trouble! These powerful Devils were about to make a move!

The earth-god instruments in the hands of Qianqian and the others were all at least three-star! Any one of them could take on the devil Crow King!

If Yingying and the others attacked together, the tens of thousands of blue-eyed crows would probably be wiped out!

If the blue-eyed crows were all dead, the children in the temple would lose their protection!

Yingluo, we’ve only just seen a glimmer of hope! Was he going to fall into despair?

Chen Xiaobei shouted.

All the Black Tide demon crows flew back and rushed into the temple.

“Shit! Everyone! Make your move immediately!”

Quot; no! Quot; the demon suddenly roared. Quot; Chen Zhufeng is going to use these crows to save all the children! Quot;