Chapter 2028 - killing

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Chapter 2028: Chapter 2028-killing

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh …”

At the demon’s command, the 14 sky demon apostles activated their earth-god instruments.

The treasure light was dazzling and the terrifying true essence fluctuation shook the entire space. Fourteen powerful Dharma images were formed rapidly.

Each of these earth-god instruments was at least three-star to five-star, and the Dharma images they conjured varied from dozens to hundreds of meters.

The 14 earth level deities were powerful and terrifying, as if a different world had opened up and 14 powerful earth level deities had descended!

The huge temple suddenly looked very small in front of the fourteen earth-god Dharma laksanas.

As long as the fourteen earth-god Dharma laksanas made their move, the entire temple, including everyone inside, would be completely wiped out!

Whether it was the children or the tens of thousands of demonic crows, there was no doubt that they would survive!

Wanwan was finished! This time, it was completely over! The children were dead! Those blue-eyed crows are also dead!

Wufu’s true despair had arrived! Even bro bei could not save those children!

You can’t blame bro bei for this! The enemy’s strength was too terrifying!

Yingluo was right! If these 14 Devils joined forces, they would be able to sweep through the entire apocalypse Starfield! Not only could bro bei not do it, no one could stop them!

Yingluo’s children! Have a safe journey! Bro bei! Have a safe journey! We will definitely avenge you!

It was obvious that the battle in front of them had once again sent the audience into despair.

It was not because the audience had underestimated Chen Xiaobei, but because they knew that the enemy was extremely powerful!

In the entire apocalypse Starfield, no one could stop these 14 earth-god Dharma laksanas!

Because of this, the hearts of the audience had already determined that the children could not be saved! Chen Xiaobei would also die!

“My brothers! Don’t panic!”

Chen Xiaobei was calm as ever. He smiled and said, ” “I’ll bet with you that those 14 idiots won’t dare to make a move! And all the children will be fine!”

Yingluo, how is this possible? Those 14 Devils already had the advantage, so why didn’t they dare to make a move?

How could the children be fine when the bi ‘an temple was already surrounded?

Bro bei! How can you still be in the mood to joke at a time like this?

I believe in bro bei! From the start of the livestream until now, it seemed like bro bei had been bragging all the time. However, all his bragging had come true one after another!

Good! I’ll bet with bro bei! If the enemy really did not dare to make a move! I’ll immediately give you a ‘heaven-immortal artifact’! If the children are saved, I’ll immediately give you ten ‘heaven-immortal artifacts’!

Yingluo-yes! Today’s livestream was too intense and exciting! We were so engrossed in watching that we forgot to send gifts to bro bei!

[ I’m urging bro bei to risk his life for a live broadcast! ] We can’t be stingy! If the children can really be saved, we’ll definitely send them gifts like crazy!

Yingluo was right! After the matter was done, there would definitely be a crazy amount of farming! Let’s give bro bei a taste of his violent damage output!

Yingluo was right! He would play even if he had to eat dirt and chop off his hands! Even if he had to go bankrupt!

Bro bei! It’s all up to you!

Chen Xiaobei’s words reignited the despairing audience.

Even though the audience could not imagine how Chen Xiaobei’s idea would come true.

However, the audience worshipped Chen Xiaobei! Believe in Chen Xiaobei! As long as it was something Chen Xiaobei said, they would believe it!

Chen Xiaobei had not disappointed them!

“We’ve been talking for so long. Look, do those 14 idiots dare to attack?”

Chen Xiaobei smiled and spoke calmly, as if everything was under his control.

The 14 giant earth-god Dharma laksanas were only condensed in the space and did not launch an attack!

What’s going on with Yingluo? Did those Devils really not attack?

Yingluo, isn’t this too strange?

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Bro bei! Please explain!

“Because the children were with the demonic crows!” Once the enemy made a move, they would kill the children by mistake! If the child died, it could not be used as a sacrifice! The enemy’s follow-up plans will not be able to proceed!”

What the f * ck! Bro bei’s prediction was godlike!

With this, the enemy really didn’t dare to make a move!

The question was-how was she going to Save the Children? We can’t keep this stalemate going!

At this time, the demon said in disdain, ” “As long as I give the order, the entire temple will be razed to the ground! You want to save her? Unless the sun rises from the North!”

“Those children are your offerings!” Chen Xiaobei said. Are you willing to kill me?”

Quot; that’s right. I spent a lot of manpower and resources to capture these children. It’s a pity to kill them for nothing! Quot;

“But that doesn’t mean I have no other choice!” The demon said.

“Do you have any other choice?”

Chen Xiaobei asked, ” “Could it be that you have Wuji Saint Demon king’s blood in your hands?”

The demon nodded and grinned,”I have nine drops of Wuji Saint Demon king’s blood in my hands!” He could directly activate the great formation of the limitless demon! The reason why I captured these children as sacrifices was because I didn’t want to waste the limitless Saint Demon king’s blood!”

“Extremely sinister!” Quot; you … Quot; Chen Xiaobei was enraged. Quot; in your eyes, the lives of 8100 children are not as precious as a drop of demonic blood? ”

“Nonsense! The lives of your human race! What’s the difference between them and pigs, dogs, and ants?”

“8100 lives are just appetizers to me!” The honor demon said disdainfully.

“You’re simply vicious and evil!” Chen Xiaobei was furious.

“Oh, thanks for the compliment!”

Instead of getting angry, the demon laughed and ordered,”attack!” Kill all those human children and Those Damn Crows!”

Quot; yes! Quot; the 14 heavenly demon apostles agreed in unison. Since the child was no longer of any use to them, they could kill him without any hesitation!

Bro bei! Your scheme is not working! The great devil didn’t want children as sacrifices anymore!

Bro bei! What should he do now? The children were going to die! Your Blacktide Raven is going to die!

Everything would be over if the 14 Dharma laksana crushed down …

“Why are you panicking!”

“As the saying goes, the devil is one foot higher, but the Dao is ten feet higher!” The enemy will do something desperate, so I’m naturally prepared!”

As soon as he said that, all the audience members stopped typing and paid close attention to the battle.

The demon commander and the 14 heavenly demon apostles also widened their eyes.

After all, Nangong Kurong and thousands of demon sect disciples had already died. No one dared to underestimate Chen Xiaobei’s ‘preparation’!

At this moment, the waiter, who had been silent all this time, suddenly raised the five-star earth-god level long sword left by Nangong Kurong and flew into the air.

“What’s wrong? That little bug wants to use the earth-god instrument to fight back?”

The demon said disdainfully,”I saw it clearly!” We have two five-star earth-god instruments here! Five four-star earth-god instruments! Seven three-star earth-god instruments! What else can that little bug do?”