Chapter 2029 - complete victory

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Chapter 2029: Chapter 2031-complete victory

“Hahaha … We thought you, Chen Zhufeng, had some powerful preparations! I didn’t expect it to be this little bug?”

“Chen Zhufeng! Are you trying to be funny? The 14 of us together are enough to crush this little bug and make it guard the temple. Only you can think of that!”

“Chen Zhufeng! If this is your last resort, then you can kneel down and accept your death! You can’t change anything!”

The 14 sky demon apostles laughed. Not only were they not afraid of Xiao ‘er, but they were also mocking him and Chen Xiaobei.

Bro bei! Are you kidding me? How could the little golden worm fight against fourteen people alone?

Bro bei! How could you make such a low-level mistake? The little Golden Bug could not protect the children at all!

Bro bei … You’ve been wise for a lifetime, but you’ve been foolish for a moment! One wrong move and he would lose the whole game …

The audience’s hearts were also clenched. They thought that Xiao ‘er was going to die. They thought that Chen Xiaobei had made a mistake in his plan! And it was a stupid low-level mistake!

The demon grinned and waved his hand, giving the order to kill.

The 14 sky demon apostles also shouted one after another. Their murderous aura was like a volcano, erupting violently!

But! In the next moment! It was as if everyone had been hit by a petrifying spell as they were completely frozen on the spot!

A crisp sound was heard!

It was Nangong kuirong’s five-star earth-god level long sword!

He actually! It was bitten in two by the second-year student!

Quot; this … This is f * cking … Quot; the demon Lord was dumbfounded.

Quot; F … F * ck … Quot; the 14 apostles were dumbfounded.

On the live broadcast screen, the text had completely disappeared. One could imagine through their cell phones that the hundreds of millions of viewers were all dumbfounded!

However, what happened next made everyone’s world view collapse!

“Crack! Kachaa! Kachacha …”

Xiao ‘er, this little glutton, was gnawing on the two pieces of the broken sword as if he were a carrot.

The five-star earth-god grade metal was crunchy in his mouth.

The waiter was eating happily, but everyone who saw this scene felt as if their hearts had been hit by a nuclear explosion that was 100000 times stronger!

People couldn’t believe their eyes, thinking that this was an absurd dream!

However, when people realized that this wasn’t a dream, their three views were instantly shattered. They even began to doubt their lives!

Quot; a five-star earth-god instrument … The best magical equipment in apocalypse Starfield … And it was eaten by that little bug … Quot;

The honor demon stammered with a face full of confusion.

Quot; that’s terrifying … What the hell is that little bug … It can even eat a five-star earth-god instrument … What can it not eat … Quot;

The 14 heavenly demon apostles were all terrified. Not only did they not dare to attack, but they also retreated.

Earth-god instruments were very precious!

The earth-god instruments in their hands were all three-star to five-star, which were as rare as Phoenix Feathers and Qilin horns in apocalypse Starfield!

They were all afraid that their earth-god instruments would be eaten by the waiter!

In apocalypse Starfield, every earth-god instrument of this level destroyed meant one less!

If it was really eaten by the waiter, it was almost impossible to get a new one!

Such a loss was something that the 14 heavenly demon apostles could not bear!

After all, they were living in a world where the strong preyed on the weak and the strong were respected!

The loss of an earth-god instrument of this level was enough to make a Force’s status plummet, or even completely decline!

At that moment, the 14 heavenly demon apostles were all terrified! They were all afraid of Xiao ‘er from the bottom of their hearts!

“BOOM!” Buzz … Buzz! Buzzzzzz! Yi …”

At that moment, a large hole suddenly appeared on the roof of the temple!

The demonic Crow King tore the roof apart and took the lead to rush into the air. He released his Zhen Yuan to protect a large area around him!

Immediately after, tens of thousands of Black Tide demon crows, carrying 8100 children, also rushed into the sky!

“Terrible! They got away!”

The 14 sky demon apostles screamed as if they had been struck by lightning.

The fear in their hearts caused them to be dazed for a moment!

And in this short period of time, the Blacktide Raven had already used its extremely fast speed to bring the children up to a height of a thousand meters.

Oh my God! Bro bei’s plan was a success!

The little golden worm was so cool and arrogant! The little Golden Bug was mighty, domineering, and invincible!

The Black Tide demon crows also made a contribution! He had completely escaped the attack range of these Devils! The children were safe!

Wanwan’s 8100 children were all saved! I’ll be bro bei’s fan for the rest of my life!

I’ve been turned into a fan by the little golden worm! From now on, I’ll be bro bei and the little Golden bug’s die-hard fan!

I’m-fan of the Black Tide demon crows! I’m a big fan of bro bei and the crows!

Wufu won this battle too beautifully! Satisfying! Vent! Cool!

“Foolish humans! Don’t be happy too early!”

At this moment, the demon shouted in disdain, ” “This is the underground devil Kingdom! Those crows can’t go to the sky!”

As soon as he said that, all the audience members became nervous.

Yingluo, yes! The devil nation was located underground! It’s not the sky above us, but the earth’s crust!”

I’ve heard that the demonic sect’s territory is surrounded by the demonic spirit heart-burning poison. The Black Tide and devil crows can’t hurt the sky, nor can they break out of the poisonous gas!

Yingluo-no way! So, we haven’t won yet?

“Who said we didn’t win?”

Chen Xiaobei grinned, a talisman already in his hand.

With a low growl, the talisman instantly ignited!

In an instant, it was as if the god of wind had descended!

With Chen Xiaobei as the center, a strong wind started to blow. It was as if thousands of horses and soldiers were charging up from the ground into the sky!

A Divine Wind rose, and a vast and unparalleled power rushed toward the east! Like a dragon, it suddenly tore the space apart!

At the same time, The Raven King led tens of thousands of Black Tide Ravens and followed the wind Dragon to the East!

The wind was extremely strong, and all the poisonous gas was dispersed wherever it passed!

The Blacktide Raven used the wind to rush out of the demonic sect’s area that was shrouded in poisonous gas without any hindrance!

“This … This is also f * cking possible …”

The honor demon was completely dumbfounded. He was pleased with himself for less than half a minute before he was slapped in the face by reality.

Chen Xiaobei was the winner of this battle! A complete victory!

Yingluo is amazing! My bro bei! The children were completely safe now!

Brothers! I’ve received news! Nbsp; the heavenly wings race’s little princess and heaven dominating faction’s Punishment Hall elder had already arranged for a space carrier to pick up the children! This was all part of bro bei’s plan!

The little princess of the heavenly wings race? I know! That’s the kind Princess of our heavenly wings race, menglu!

The elder of the punishment Hall of heaven dominating faction was the impartial and incorruptible Yuchi Hanshan!

Bro bei is a God! By arranging for these two to receive them, the children would definitely be able to be safely sent back to their families!

Brothers! Do you still remember our promise? It was time to give bro bei a wave of violent damage!

Wanwan’s gifts were flooding in! Until it blew up!