Chapter 2030 - Bold idea

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Chapter 2030: Bold idea

The Super little sect master of the Kongtong Sect had sent out 33 ‘heaven-immortal artifacts’!

I’ve sent 66 earth-god instruments to you!

The invincible Alliance leader sent out 166 ‘flying machines’!

[ the audience has sent out 66 low-grade spirit stones! ]

All of a sudden, the audience began to give out gifts like crazy.

A vast amount of gift messages popped up on the screen like a storm.

This speed was ten times faster than the red envelope snatching speed in the Three Realms red envelope group!

Even the dami 17 interstellar phone in Chen Xiaobei’s hand was still burning. It felt like it was being overloaded!

One could imagine that almost all of the hundreds of millions of viewers were sending out small gifts like crazy.

These little gifts were not real.

Instead, they were the codenames of the ‘virtual gifts’.

A ‘heaven-immortal instrument’ was worth 100 million low-grade spirit stones, an ‘earth-immortal instrument’ was worth 10 million low-grade spirit stones, and a ‘flying device’ was worth one million low-grade spirit stones.

The audience only needed to go to the Chambers of Commerce in various places and top up the corresponding number of spirit stones. After that, he could buy ‘virtual gifts’ to tip the host on the ‘old Wang livestream’ platform.

After the last livestream, many Chambers of Commerce took the initiative to approach Qincheng entertainment, which was behind ‘old Wang livestreaming’, to discuss cooperation.

This time, the audience had obviously topped up a large number of spirit stones, and the number of gifts was more than ten times more than the last time!

Chen Xiaobei estimated that the gifts he had received this time would be close to a trillion low-grade spiritual stones!

If there were live streams like this all the time, Chen Xiaobei could become as rich as a country!

Chen Xiaobei suddenly had a bold idea!

Wouldn’t that mean that he could break the heavenly immortal level seal? Release Ying Zheng directly?

If he succeeded, he would be able to bring Ying Zheng’s soul back to the Three Realms and five elements!

The list of Yin ghosts would be completed by the winter solstice!

Once Chen Xiaobei changed Ying Zheng’s cultivation to an earth-god, he would be able to bring Ying Zheng to the earth-god Realm!

After that, he would be able to use Ying Zheng’s merit points to exchange for more earth Immortals!

Of course, this was just Chen Xiaobei’s idea. It would be very, very difficult to realize it!

To say nothing of anything else, the amount of spirit stones needed to activate the earth escape immortal Gu was at least one trillion low-grade spirit stones! That was 100 million upper spiritual stones!

Chen Xiaobei only had 100000 high-grade spiritual stones!

He was 108000 miles away from 10000000 upper spiritual stones!

Of course, other than earning spiritual stones, Chen Xiaobei could also find a large spiritual vein that had no owner! Using the spirit energy of the spirit vein to activate the earth escape immortal Gu’s heaven immortal power.

However, most of the spiritual veins in apocalypse Starfield already had owners!

If he could find a large spiritual vein without an owner, Chen Xiaobei would have moved bei Xuan faction there!

Other than that, snatching a large spiritual vein from the enemy’s hands was also a good idea, but Chen Xiaobei would not do that.

That was because the draining of a spirit vein would have a huge impact on the water and earth!

There were innocent people living in the enemy’s territory!

If he drained the spirit vein, it would severely damage the living environment of the people, and Chen Xiaobei would feel guilty!

It would also destroy Chen Xiaobei’s yin virtue and destiny!

The heavenly Dao punished evil and promoted good. If one did evil, they would definitely have bad consequences!

It was for this reason that earning spirit stones and searching for spirit veins had become extremely difficult!

By the time Chen Xiaobei had gathered enough spiritual Qi, the winter solstice would have passed!

“You little brat! Why are you in a daze!”

At this time, the demon roared angrily, ” “You have saved all the children as sacrifices! The live broadcast was for everyone to see! You’ve made this Lord lose face! You actually dare to be in a daze! Aren’t you afraid that I’ll crush you to death?”

“Heh, if you really wanted to kill me, you would have done so long ago!” Quot; you’re right! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said calmly. Quot; since you’re letting me live, that means I still have some value! Quot;

“You’re right! I still want you to continue your live broadcast!”

Chen Xiaobei was not afraid. Instead, his eyes were shining.”Yeah! I almost forgot! You can activate the great formation of the limitless demon!”

“Are you crazy? Why are you so excited?” The demon was stunned, his head full of question marks.

Chen Xiaobei smiled but did not say anything. His heart was about to explode with excitement.

During the secret meeting earlier, the sixth Apostle had made a report!

The content was that he had already taken three medium-sized spiritual veins and plundered three medium-sized Treasuries. He had gathered enough spiritual Qi and could activate the infinite sky demon formation at any time!

This meant that as long as Chen Xiaobei killed the sixth Apostle, he would be able to obtain a massive amount of spiritual Qi!

This way, Chen Xiaobei’s plan would have a basis for action!

The plan to liberate Ying Zheng was only one step away!

Chen Xiaobei could not help but think of an old song from earth, ” no guns, no cannons, the enemy will build them for us! Quot;

Without a doubt, Chen Xiaobei had everything planned out!

The sixth Apostle was dead, and all the spiritual Qi He had worked so hard to gather would go to Chen Xiaobei!

Quot; no spiritual pulse! No spiritual Qi! Give us the enemy! Quot; Chen Xiaobei almost shouted.

“You little brat! Are you scared silly? Why are you laughing?”

The demon’s brows furrowed and he angrily shouted,”get out of here!” I want you to personally broadcast the scene of a billion people being slaughtered! Then, I’ll tear you into pieces! Grind his bones and scatter his ashes!”

“Yes, let’s go. I can’t wait to broadcast your ‘formation’!” Chen Xiaobei smiled evilly. Everything was under his control.

After that, Chen Xiaobei, surrounded by the 14 sky demon apostles, followed the demon to the excavation area.

Quot; boom boom boom … Boom boom boom … Quot;

At this moment, a special formation that the fifth Apostle had reported to him was currently in the digging area, using its special ability to push downwards!

This array had reached the level of a five-star earth-god, and its special ability was very strong. It could dig and push down at an extremely fast speed.

“Foolish humans! Did you see that? The limitless demon formation buried underground will soon be excavated!”

The demon looked at the camera and said viciously, ” “I only need a drop of Wuji Saint Demon king’s blood, as well as the spiritual energy that I’ve already prepared, to completely wipe out the one billion humans in the underground demon Kingdom! Tremble! Despair! Hahaha …”

The audience was shocked.