Chapter 2031 - non-existent

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Chapter 2031: Chapter 2032-non-existent

A single strike from heaven immortal bi an was enough to suppress the entire underground devil nation! The 800 million slaves and 200 million members of the major forces would only die!

The livestream had been going on for so long, so the one billion people should have received the news and begun to evacuate, right?

It’s too late for Wufu to start retreating now! One billion people will be evacuated from the underground devil Kingdom through 10000 exits, and 100000 people will pass through each exit! It would take at least three to five days for them to completely evacuate!

If that’s the case, wouldn’t the one billion people die without a doubt?

There were-total of one billion people in Xuanji! This was a terrifying disaster!

Yingying was too cruel! I don’t dare to look anymore!

The audience became excited and worried about the crisis they were facing. They were worried about the one billion people who were about to be killed.

“Right! Just like this! Continue to wail! I like the way you look when you’re afraid and desperate! It wouldn’t be long before the real highlight would be staged! I’m looking forward to seeing you guys wet your pants! Hahaha …”

Quot; haha! Quot; the demon laughed excitedly. Quot; I’m going to let Chen Zhufeng do a live broadcast! Quot; The blood of one billion people would flow into a River! The corpses of one billion people would be piled up into a mountain range! “Ah!” Just thinking about it makes me feel so good that I can’t stand it!”

Yingluo-don’t! My father is still in the devil Kingdom! He was already very old and was supposed to retire this year! Don’t kill him …

My two brothers are also in the devil Kingdom! I dream of going on an adventure with them when I become an adult! I don’t want them to die …

Wanwan, my uncles, the elders of the family, almost all of them are there! If they are gone … Our clan will be completely finished …

Bro bei! Please think of a way! Save our family

Bro bei! I beg you … You are our only hope now …

The audience’s hearts were all clenched. The demon’s words had made everyone fall into deep fear!

However, this time, they did not give up. Instead, they turned to Chen Xiaobei for help!

After the series of crisis and reversal just now, the people were now worshiping Chen Xiaobei from the bottom of their hearts! A devout faith in Chen Xiaobei!

As long as Chen Xiaobei was here, there was still hope in their hearts!

Bro bei! I’m a slave from Vermillion bird’s thirty-third area! Now, my co-workers and I are watching your live broadcast! We don’t have time to retreat, but we believe that bro bei will not give up. We still have hope!

Bro bei! I’m a guard in the Seventh District of the Azure Dragon. My comrades and I are watching the live broadcast! Today, you’ve let us witness too many miracles! We believe that you can continue to counterattack!

Bro bei! I’m a free Explorer wandering in the devil Kingdom! A group of teammates and I are also watching the live broadcast! You’ve risked your life for this livestream, and you’ve already gambled your life for us! No matter what the result is, you are our hero!

Yingluo was right! Bro bei! It doesn’t matter if you can stop the activation of the array! You’re the super hero of our one billion people!

If Yingluo wins, let’s go wild together! If we lose, we’ll bear it together! Even if we have to risk our lives, we’ll still be extremely honored!

At this moment, other than the ordinary audience, a large number of people from the devil nation were also speaking on the screen.

This part of the audience was the one billion people who were facing the threat of death!

These one billion people were in this place, so their understanding of the devil nation and the devil cult, as well as the feeling of impending death, were much deeper than the ordinary audience!

This meant that the one billion people would worship and believe in Chen Xiaobei more than the ordinary audience! It came from the deepest part of his soul!

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It was not an exaggeration to say that other than the trillions of spiritual stones, Chen Xiaobei would also gain a huge number of followers!

It was still hard to determine how many believers he would be able to increase in the end!

However, it could at least increase the population by one billion!

The netherspirit battlescouter had already started to show him the information about the increase in believers, but Chen Xiaobei did not have the time to check it.

“Hahaha … Ignorant human! At this point, you still want Chen Zhufeng to save you? You’re simply stupid!”

The honor demon laughed disdainfully,”the infinite sky demon formation that I want to activate can unleash the power of a sky immortal!” Divine immortal tier! Chen Zhufeng was just an ant in front of the array! Why should I save you?”

As soon as he said that, the 13 sky demon apostles around him laughed hideously.

“These lowly commoners are really too stupid! Chen Zhufeng’s own life was in the hands of the demon Lord! You still want to save people? Keep dreaming!”

Quot; the fifth Apostle will personally head down to the pit to take charge of the excavation. Looking at the time, within three to five minutes, the formation will be dug out! Quot;

“Sixth Apostle, prepare sufficient spiritual energy! Lord devil Emperor has the blood of the limitless Saint Devil King! Chen Zhufeng can’t stop us from activating the formation!”

Quot; as soon as the formation shows its power, the one billion people will all die without a doubt! Quot;

It was obvious that the 13 sky demon apostles were very confident in this operation.

Their gazes were all on the digging pit. Once the fifth Apostle came up, it would be time to activate the formation!

“Chen Zhufeng! Why aren’t you saying anything?”

“More than a billion people have placed their hopes on you,” the demon grinned hideously,”and you’re just going to stand there and do nothing? Even if you’ve already accepted your fate, shouldn’t you at least say something? Don’t forget! You’re live streaming!”

“Do you really want me to say something?” Chen Xiaobei was not moved at all. He even wanted to laugh.

“You’re on the verge of death, but you still have a chance to speak. You should cherish it!”

Quot; if you kneel down, kowtow to me, and swear your loyalty to me, ” the honor demon said with a vicious smile, ” maybe I will be in a better mood, and I will spare your cheap life. I will make you a dog under my feet! Quot;

Obviously, in the demon’s eyes, he had already won without a doubt! So, they started to mock Chen Xiaobei without restraint!

The demon wanted Chen Xiaobei to surrender on a live broadcast! On the live broadcast, he was kneeling and begging for mercy!

This was like a slap to Chen Xiaobei’s face! It was a slap to the face of the entire human race! It made the human race fear the demonic sect from the bottom of their hearts!

Unfortunately, the demon Lord’s plan did not work out in front of Chen Xiaobei!

“Beg for mercy? It doesn’t exist!”

Chen Xiaobei smiled at the camera and said, ” “My brothers! Put your heart at ease! This stupid demon is tricking you! There’s no formation underground!”

There was no array in the Suan ni? We’ve all been fooled?

Yingluo, that devil, said it so clearly that it didn’t seem like he was talking nonsense!

I believe in bro bei! Bro bei is the truth!

The honor demon laughed in disdain. Quot; I don’t even bother to argue. The formation will be revealed soon. Facts speak louder than words! Quot;

“Sir demon commander …”

At this moment, the fifth Apostle rushed out of the hole and ran over. He said in a trembling voice,”There’s … No formation underground …”

“What?” The demon was stunned.