Chapter 2032 - one stands by one

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Chapter 2032: Chapter 2033-one stands by one

Quot; we’ve already dug to the designated depth … But we didn’t find any formation … Quot;

The fifth Apostle swallowed his saliva and his heart was filled with anxiety.

“Keep digging! The formation must be there! It’s impossible that he’s not here! You must dig it out for this seat!”

The demon was extremely frustrated. One second he was still acting tough, and the next second he was slapped in the face. He was simply depressed!

Quot; the people below are still excavating … But … Quot; the fifth Apostle stopped talking.

“But what?” The demon Lord shouted angrily.

The fifth Apostle said in fear, ” “However, our men reported that they found many small potholes that looked like formation cores! They suspect that the runes used to suppress the formation core have been stolen …”

The demon was furious. Quot; this formation has been buried underground for thousands of years! How could it be stolen?! Quot;

Quot; I also find it unbelievable … Quot; the fifth Apostle said, ” Quot; but, those holes are all at the predetermined depth, and they are arranged in a very regular pattern. I’m afraid … They really are the eye of the formation … Quot;

“No! I don’t believe it!”

The demon roared angrily,”dig!” Continue digging! If you can’t dig out the formation, you and your people will die underground!”

Quot; Sir devil Emperor, please spare my life … I really can’t dig it out … I have no choice … Quot; the fifth Apostle knelt down and kowtowed desperately.

Quot; you … Quot; the honor demon was so angry that he was trembling. His face under the mask was dark.

On the other side, Chen Xiaobei laughed excitedly. Quot; “My brothers! Stop sending gifts! You guys are too polite! Too much! Enough! It’s really enough!”

Bro bei was so awesome! That silly demon is really tricking us! I’m dying of laughter! An earth-god instrument!

Facts speak louder than words. Bro bei had won again! He had to reward them handsomely-six ‘heaven-immortal artifacts’!

Please save my family-bro bei! I will never forget your great kindness!” 66 earth-god instruments! Please accept it, bro bei!

Yingluo was saved! The one billion people in the devil Kingdom have been saved! It’s a pity that we can’t top up. The other brothers who are watching the live broadcast, help us Top up more!

All of a sudden, the gift-giving frenzy exploded again.

Without a doubt, the formation’s ‘disappearance’ had completely put everyone’s hearts at ease.

The People’s admiration, respect, and gratitude for Chen Xiaobei were all turned into small gifts that were enthusiastically thrown at Chen Xiaobei.

Of course, Chen Xiaobei did not really care about the small gifts!

That was because the real important gains were all in the information provided by the netherspirit battlescouter!

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

[ new followers: 1.2 billion! ] The total number of believers was 4.2 billion! (Only ‘100 million’ as the unit, the rest of the numbers are not calculated in detail.)

“The effect of the live broadcast is simply too good!”

Chen Xiaobei thought to himself,’a live broadcast, let the news spread as fast as possible! Among the 1.2 billion new believers, there are one billion humans from the devil Kingdom and one hundred million who were the initial audience!”

“The other 100 million should be new viewers who were attracted to the live stream room as the news spread! Of course, it’s also possible that they’re not the audience, but just ordinary people who know the news by word of mouth!”

[ the number of believers has reached the standard. You may choose-heavenly Dao reward! ] (You can choose 12 rewards for Level 1,6 for Level 2, and 4 for Level 3!)

“My current cultivation Halo is at the second level! Level 3 required 300 million believers to be able to choose again! 1.2 billion new believers can only choose four times!”

Quot; wait a little longer! Quot; Chen Xiaobei thought to himself. Quot; when the news spreads to a wider area, there will definitely be more believers! Quot;

“There are billions of people in apocalypse Starfield! Even if only a small portion of them become my followers, it’s still a huge number!”

“When the number of believers stabilizes, I’ll choose the heavenly Dao’s reward! This way, I can maximize the effects of my cultivation!”

Chen Xiaobei was overjoyed at the thought of this. He was also looking forward to seeing how many followers he would have in the end!

Right at this moment, the honor demon slapped the fifth Apostle and sent him flying. He roared, ” “Trash! If you can’t dig out the formation, what use do I have for you?”

The fifth Apostle spurted out his teeth and blood all over the ground. He said pitifully, ” Quot; I don’t know what’s going on either … The location and depth of the excavation were all instructed by Sir demon venerable … Quot;

“You mean? You want to blame me for commanding wrongly?” The demon was extremely furious. A strong killing intent exploded like a tsunami.

“No, no, no! This subordinate definitely did not mean that!”

The fifth Apostle shook his head desperately and said, ” “This is all Chen Zhufeng’s fault! If it wasn’t for this kid’s interference! Lord devil Emperor’s perfect plan can’t fail!”

“Chen Zhufeng? That’s right! Chen Zhufeng’s still here!”

The demon narrowed his eyes and glared at Chen Xiaobei. Quot; “My plan has failed completely! Do you know what kind of torture you will face?”

“I don’t know.” Chen Xiaobei shrugged nonchalantly.

“You’ve ruined the plan that I’ve been preparing for hundreds of years! I’ve never been so angry before!”

The demon gritted his teeth and said, ” “I’m going to pull out your tendons! I’ll skin you! I’ll eat your meat! Gnaw on your bones! Drink every drop of your blood! Refine your soul! I’ll make your soul scatter and never reincarnate!

“Clang! Clang! Clang …”

The 14 sky demon apostles took out their earth-god instruments again, ready to attack Chen Xiaobei!

Xuxu is in trouble! Bro bei had saved everyone! He was still in a dead end!

The great demon bi-an was-five-star earth-god! The fourteen little devils around him were not ordinary people either! This was really a dead end!

Is bro bei going to die? Don’t! I don’t want bro bei to die! He is our hero!

Bro bei … You’ve saved everyone but yourself … Why are you so stupid?

Bro bei, please don’t die … Wuwuwu …

The audience’s hearts tightened again. They could not see any chance of winning the battle in front of them.

The thought of Chen Xiaobei’s death made everyone’s heart ache.

“My brothers! Calm down!”

Chen Xiaobei replied nonchalantly, ” “These silly demons can’t kill me! On the contrary, I only need to say a word and they will be dead immediately!”

As soon as he said that, everyone was shocked and didn’t dare to believe it!

The demon and the 14 sky demon apostles laughed in disdain.”Chen Zhufeng! Are you scared silly? Why are you starting to talk nonsense?”

Quot; heh! I, Chen Zhufeng, never go back on my word! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and said, ” “Pour!”

“F * cking retard! Who Do You Think You Are? Do you think we will collapse just because you say so … Uh … Uh ah …”

In the next moment, the demon commander and the 14 sky demon apostles fell to the ground one after another.

Hundreds of millions of viewers were instantly dumbfounded.